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Baseless Calls to Expand Surveillance Fit Familiar, Cynical Pattern


Baseless Calls to Expand Surveillance Fit Familiar, Cynical Pattern

Cindy Cohn

Like clockwork, cynical calls to expand mass surveillance practices—by continuing the domestic telephone records collection and restricting access to strong encryption—came immediately following the Paris attacks. These calls came before the smoke had even cleared, much less before a serious investigation completed.


Taking a cue from the intriguing film, "Minority Report" with its emphasis on "pre-crime," the collection of so much data on so many persons could arguably be used retro-actively.

Suppose, for instance, that TPP and TIPP pass and those committed to defending the Environment along with those committed to Food Safety (and thus natural enemies to Monsanto and its ilk) are treated as enemies to the corporate state? It would be quite natural for State Automatons to sift through all this data in search of any documented "evidence" proving the prisoners' complicity in acts that would undermine corporate profits.

There is a reason for Privacy and Free Speech being enshrined into law.

Also, in addition to the Paris attacks whose timing is rather suspect, none of the following were prevented by the multi-billion dollar "making us safe" Homeland Security Surveillance State:

  1. Sandyhook
  2. Boston Marathon
  3. Massacre at the Black church by a right wing supremacist
  4. VARIETY of shootouts at movie theaters, banks, post offices, etc.

This gargantuan spy-net is a crock of shittola... and its REAL purpose is collecting the goods on GOOD citizens and any future inconvenient truth tellers.

History's witness makes clear that it's these individuals who pose the greatest threat to Deep State (dark) powers.

And one more thing: If militarism ended wars and solved human crises, it would lose its own raison d'etre.

Similarly, the surveillance state would lose all funding if periodic "terrorist" events didn't invariably show up to justify that apparatus' investment.


Unfortunately according to a poll I saw on MSNBC the majority of Americans agree with increased surveillance in order to "keep them safe". Facts don't matter, only appearances.