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Bases, Bases, Everywhere... Except in the Pentagon’s Report


Bases, Bases, Everywhere... Except in the Pentagon’s Report

Nick Turse

The U.S. military is finally withdrawing (or not) from its base at al-Tanf.


Of course the Blue Wave progressives are putting shutting down the US imperial military machine high on their agenda…or maybe not. Go to Anayal Pressley’s campaign page, for example. She has an incredible working-class biography. Her domestic positions are unassailable.

Then there’s this: a foreign policy that waxes poetic about NATO, re-establish U.S. “compassionate leadership” in the world, treat Israel and Palestine “equally”, not mention Africomm etc. How can progressives stay sane and manage this schizophrenic position?

PS: Nick Turse is a national treasure.


If that quote is not the definition of an American military dictatorship; then I do not know what is!


We still can’t acknowledge that the Cold War is over, and that we’ve got no compelling interest to have so damned many troops stationed in so damned many countries.

Getting out of Syria (assuming we actually do so…) is an excellent first step. 1 country down, 162 to go.


There’s nothing to see here, move along now…


Which Bolton, Mr. I never met a war I didn’t like, is already backtracking on.


Who serves whom? Does the Pentagon and the arms industry serve Congress and the President, or does Congress and the President serve the Pentagon and the military? I think it is not at all far-fetched and conspiracy nutty to think that any President who dares to seriously challenge the war machine and the Pentagon, does so at the risk of his/her life. Of course, the odds of such a pacifist successfully trudging their way through our cesspool of a political system all the way to the White House is zilch. Upwards of 30 potential candidates running for president in 2020 and you can bet that any one of them who doesn’t wave the flag and kiss the feet of our military will get quickly weeded out as being “soft” on defense … or worse.


Ultimately, I think both Congress and the Pentagon serve the defense industry. Once again, it’s the old adage – Follow the money. And, of course, as usual, the money’s route is somewhat circular. The Pentagon demands it, Congress appropriates, the defense industry receives it, Congress gets its share in “campaign contributions” from the defense industry (i.e. what a rational person would call “bribes”), and the circle begins again. Welcome to the Merry-Go-Round of defense spending and unending war and violence.

Add to that the nefarious strategy of making sure there are lots of military facilities and spending in every Congressional district and you have a formula especially difficult to undo – all those jobs, after all, have to be protected at all cost.


True, enough. It always comes down to the money.


Hence the qualifier Rocky…

When it comes to reversing military expansion, I believe it when I see it (but the optimist in me always hopes for the best)