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Basically 'Locked In' for Hottest Year, September 2016 Warmest on Record: NASA


Basically 'Locked In' for Hottest Year, September 2016 Warmest on Record: NASA

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Last month was the hottest September on record, which means 2016 is all but locked into being the hottest year on record, according to new NASA statistics released Tuesday.

"With data now available through September, 2016 annual record (~1.25ºC above late 19th [century]) seems locked in," tweeted Dr. Gavin Schmidt, director of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies.


As long as we continue to burn fossil fuels the temperature will keep rising.
Has anyone ever done a study showing the temperature required for the human body to burst into flames? We must be getting close to that point in some of the hotter spots on earth.
Nationalizing the fossil fuel industry is an imperative.



MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — A decision from U.S. District Court will require the Environmental Protection Agency to evaluate how government regulations will impact the coal industry’s workforce.

Murray Energy Corporation applauded Tuesday’s decision by U.S. District Court for the Northern District of West Virginia Judge John Preston Bailey.

In a statement, Robert Murray, Murray Energy President and CEO, said, “This is a great day for coal miners in the United States and for all citizens who rely on low cost electricity in America.”

Bailey’s order gives the EPA 14 days to come up with a plan and implementation schedule that would determine the potential job losses caused by agency regulations.

Murray Energy Corporation filed suit accusing the agency of ignoring Section 321 (a) of the 1971 Clean Air Act that requires such an assessment.

“This is just one of several actions that we have undertaken to protect the livelihoods of coal miners and their families and to preserve low-cost electricity in our Country,” said Gary M. Broadbent, Assistant General Counsel and Media Director for Murray Energy. “We have been successful in obtaining a nationwide stay of the so-called Clean Power Plan, and we are vigorously pursuing all six of our lawsuits against the Obama EPA.”


... appointed by George W Bush in 2007.


Everybody, except maybe the coal miners themselves, knows that coal mining jobs are going to disappear.
Just like they did in England 20 years ago.
The Judge has tasked the EPA with finding out how people many will lose their jobs and how fast the end will come.
These people have to be retrained or relocated.
We can't have them wandering the streets making trouble because they're unhappy with the size of their welfare check.


I assume your remark was satire....

Of course the purpose of the lawsuits is to stop any effective action to address global warming.


No, it was Hillary! (snark)


Click the image, or right click to open in new tab ..

CO2 readings at Mauna Loa began in 1958. For the first ten years or so scientists observed what appeared to be a linear increase in the CO2 concentration. At the time the CO2 concentration was increasing by less than one part per million (ppm) per year, as you can see from the graph by examining the first decade. From 1958 to the 68 it increases from about 316 to 324, or eight ppm in 10 years.

If that were true, that ppm of CO2 was rising linearly by less than one ppm per year, the current ppm of CO2 (58 years after 1958) would be less than (316 + 58 =) 374 ppm. But it's not, it's just over 400 ppm now.

So the rate of increase is not linear. It's exponential - the rate of increase is increasing year after year, like compounding interest. You can see that the graph has a slight upward bend, and that upward bend is gradually increasing over time.

Actually, by the late 60s or early 70s scientists had already abandoned their original idea that the rate of increase was linear, and began ringing the alarm bells about global warming.

Recent research has revealed this exponential rate of increase began in the early 1800s, as the industrial revolution picked up steam.


The British coal mines closed because Thatcher shut them down out of pure spite. Nothing to do with Anthropogenic Global Heating. After the mines had been closed, the UK began importing coal from Poland.


Maybe humanity doesn't deserve to live on this planet especially when many of us would have no problem burning all of the available coal in the ground.


The temperature is surely not nearly hot enough given all of the climate change denying still going on. It's hard to be extremely concerned about the planet while feeling very cynical about humanity at the same time.



But as I had intended to type until I realized that Imhotep was being sarcastic, if the the three big coal barons pushing these lawsuits - Bill Murray, Chris Cline and Kevin Crutchfield, really did care about coal miners they wouldn't be such union-haters and against new regulations to stop black lung. I suspect that they really don't care about electric ratepayers either... Their real concern is the "socialistic global warming hoax".

And it is not just about their money either - many big businessmen are such fanatical so-called "libertarian" ideological extremists and have such a hate of what they call "socialism" that they they will expend far more of their company resources (mostly on lawyers) fighting regulations than they would have spent complying with the regulations. I've seen it myself a goodly number of times on my job in a govt. agency.


The One Percent won't burst into flames. They have massive air-conditioning and estates at high altitudes. But what they don't seem to realize is that many of the organisms they depend on to make clean water and grow food will.

This article is deceptive in that this year, we are actually in 2016 about 1.6 degrees C above baseline. At 2 degrees above baseline, all the wheat supply dies off.

Global Famine is coming.


Unfortunately, the temperature rise is just gradual enough on the amnesiac human scale so that it is easy for them to forget what "normal" is. For example a couple years ago, even some pretty old western PA natives went on about how "bitter cold" the winter was. It was actually among the top 30 or so warmest out of 130 years of records. We even broke 3 or 4 daily records for warmth.


In fact it's precisely what exponential means.

Now, you may have an equivalent definition, but I assure you I know what I'm talking about. I taught exponential functions to undergraduates while earning my master's degree in math.

If you have another definition I'll do my best to show you that your definition is equivalent to mine, or explain why yours is wrong.


You are correct MM.

Just so you know: Mattie is an uneducated clerk in a grocery store, by his own admission. Double check his change, is all I can say.


In other words, since the rate of growth increases in proportion to the function's current value, and the function's current value is increasing, the rate of increase is increasing at an increasing rate.

Precisely what I said!

And congratulations on owning a grocery store & two other businesses. That takes a lot of work. I know, I've worked several retail jobs.


I stand corrected. It's Matti (no "e".) And today, he claims to own the store and other businesses. Can't wait for his claims tomorrow. The shoe shine stand will morph into an apparel chain.

He never went to college, yet proceeds to lecture us on how perfectly safe nuclear power and Fukushima radiation are using great ridicule and zero science. So after witnessing that, any other claims he makes are very suspect. Cutting and pasting wikipedia does not justify his long-standing ridicule of the Left and of climate science.


This hurricane season we saw a Pacific typhoon blossom from 50 mph winds to 200 mph in only 48 hours. More heat has consequences.


The added CO2 brings with it warmth and more natural fires so the CO2 increases even if fossil fuel use stopped dead. We have to spend a bundle to reverse the increase like $12 per ton to sequester 2 trillion tons of carbon real soon! The agreements about 2 degree increase etc. is addressing a symptom not the cause. As much as we don't like it we may have to genetically alter trees and seaweed to grow very rapidly or this place will look like Venus real soon.