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‘Bathroom Bills’ Are Attacks on the Humanity of Transgender People


‘Bathroom Bills’ Are Attacks on the Humanity of Transgender People

Sonali Kolhatkar

Right-wing extremists have a new way to foist their repulsive beliefs on us. After suffering a humiliating defeat in the Supreme Court in their battle against same-sex marriage, they have hit upon a formula designed to lure gullible Americans into believing that transgender people are sexual predators lurking in restrooms, eager to prey on the opposite sex. They have declared their first victory in North Carolina, where a wide-ranging so-called bathroom bill, HB2, was passed by the Republican-dominated Legislature during a special session and speedily signed into law by Republican Gov.


Red States are a complete nut house. Biologically 1 in 300 people have both male and female tissue in them. Where are they supposed to go? Both places?/Neither place? Maybe they need a lawyer with them to make the call?

Can't use the bathroom if your body is different/ looks dark or something???? I thought we solved this bullchit fifty some years ago with the end of segregation!

I've got a solution for conservative, transphobic Red states. Just boycott using the bathroom altogether so they don't risk breaking the bathroom law. Let's all just piss/chit on the windows of the state house instead. I can think of no other solution to a tyrannical, unreasonable government that passes numb-skull legislation like this!

In SE Asia nobody cares who uses what. Women frequently clean and attend the men's room while you're using it. Nobody cares! You're lucky just to have a place to go at all!

Meanwhile, back in the United Police States, courts are filling up persecuting people for just being human!

Glad I left!


You really think this girl should use the men's room because she hasn't had gender confirmation surgery yet?

Or this dude should use the women's room?

Believe me, this is a formula for disaster.


Gullible Americans tend to believe many things. When their kid is molested in a public bathroom by an 8X convicted trans-pedophile at the museum 'he' is employed, then there are the few fringe lunactics, not necessarily from red states, who do perhaps go overboard and offend some of those who just can't decide what they want to be when they grow up.

What will the LGBTXYZ do when there is no longer anything for them to blame?


So what is the difference between "Right-wing extremists and Left-wing extremists?"

Perhaps Sonali Kolhatkar cares to expand upon her bias.


The VAST majority - AND, statistically highest population percentage - of sexual predators, are straight men.

Don't let reality get in the way of your bias.


If the person in the top photo who has a penis enters a women's multi-stall restroom, walks into a stall, closes the door and pees sitting down, how will a "straight" women in the next stall know that the person in the next stall has a penis? It's not clear to me that there is a problem. Likewise, if a person dressed as a man, but has a vagina, enters a men's multi-stall restroom, enters a stall, closes the door and pees sitting down, will the men standing at the urinal know? Will they care? I can see that the biggest problem is the former. Is seems to me that since the frequency of trans persons is low, single commode rooms also containing a urinal--or a unisex--- room should solve the problem. Am I missing something?


For Trans Men top surgery is easy and inexpensive compared to bottom surgery. Also bottom surgery for Trans Men does not have great results compared to the corollary surgery for Trans Women. But top surgery has an immediate impact on appearance matching gender identity while bottom surgery is hidden and private. Finally the standards of care require time living in the target gender for bottom surgery and no time for top surgery. So most Trans Men do top surgery first. Years before bottom if they do bottom at all.