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'Bathroom Bills' Don't Help Women at All


'Bathroom Bills' Don't Help Women at All

Jill Richardson

The time has come for me to play my Woman Card.

A male Republican politician in my state of Wisconsin has introduced a “bathroom bill” like the one passed in North Carolina, which requires transgender people to use the bathroom of the gender they were assigned at birth.


So basic courtesy is anathema to your definition of self?


What a misogynist post.

Did you even read the article?

Obviously, the FACT that so many women are assaulted is of no consequence to you. Your reality stops at your personal body armor, right? Empathy need not apply.


The moron is here to trivialize the article.

Ms. Richardson started out with the toilet seat item to gradually work in the things that REALLY matter. But genius sans empathy couldn't read that far in. Unless his job, of course (and I say "of course" because these types of glib dismissals ALWAYS show up when any article discusses gender-based violence or any form of gender-based inequality) is to divert commentary from the items mentioned by Ms. Richardson.


Where do these psychotics get the notion that the natural state of toilet seats is up?

It beggars belief.


"I have to admit I often leave the seat up intentionally in public restrooms, and will now pick up the pace. We do not owe you the favor"

How disappointing to hear your opinion on a progressive blog, Matt Grantham.