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Baton Rouge: "Put Those Damn Weapons Down!"


Baton Rouge: "Put Those Damn Weapons Down!"

Bill Quigley

"Put those damn weapons down. I'm not going to tell you again, goddamn it. Get those goddamn weapons down." That was the first command of one of Louisiana’s most revered figures, General Russell Honore, when he arrived in New Orleans in 2005 to direct the military recovery after Hurricane Katrina. The General’s directions have not been followed in Baton Rouge.


Cowardly fucking cowards bringing Disney's version of Afghanistan to a town near you.


I gotta say I really support BLM efforts to be free from all the repression from the world's big drug and gun dealers who put soldiers of war on the street to oppress. So I guess I really must be thankful that I was born white and I will not have to stand unarmed in front of this naked force. I would not be arrested on private property for blocking traffic and other bankrupt legal policies. Whew thank god I am white and free from this all.

Oh wait! What the heck? The people in these photos in this article are white. They supported BLM. Hey that's me. I think I just peed a little bit. We are all in their gun sights.


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When exactly did We The People give up the right to assemble peacably and petition the Government for a redress of grievances?


American citizens engaged in oppressing their fellow citizens. I think this is the most heartbreaking aspect--that they are so gladly hopping on the bandwagon.


What becomes inevitable when firepower weapons and machismo merge together?

Those DOD affiliated weapons manufacturers and Carlyle (trade in armaments) salesmen made big weapon sales to Saudi Arabia. But what's a macho prince to do with weapons just sitting around? Better find a pretext for using them.

After all, wasn't that the precedent set when the U.S. MIC determined the times were ripe for a war of Aggression aimed at numerous Middle East nations?

It works the same way when U.S. domestic police departments purchase (or are given) all sorts of military hardware and other gear.

Lots of those macho guys are ITCHING to use the stuff! So they, too, will find pretexts for their deployment.

The real Tragicomedy is seen in the juxtaposition between unarmed PEACEFUL protestors and those "officers of the peace" not only dressed, but psychologically PUMPED UP for battle.

The truth is, there ARE already urban protocols where police are trained to view residents AS the enemy.

Sinclair Lewis was right. Not only could it happen here, IT is in beginning stages.


While I agree that the unleashed police state CAN target anyone, the FACT is that the Black Community is hit far harder and more frequently.

I take a comment like yours as kin to Trump insisting that "All Lives Matter."

It comes off as thinly veiled racism and/or an apologia to the inherently RACIST status quo... particularly as enacted by many urban police departments.


When did the Slaves agree to slavery?

When did the Palestinians agree to foreign occupation?

When did Latino families agree to being ruptured and members sent back over the border?

When did Environmentalists in South and Central America consent to being murdered for opposing dams and deforestation?

When did women consent to being consigned to 2nd class status?

When did the public consent to seeing the Big Banks bailed out?

As you should know, those on the projection end of Power call the shots... or is it your view that the person holding a gun to someone's head carries just as much decision-making weight as the person without the gun?


I wonder where the ACLU will be in pursuing civil suits against the officers, the police department and the city of Baton Rouge. If we cannot get criminal justice then we should make it as expensive as possible for the perpetrators. Also, where is the "Justice" Department in pursuing suits for the violations of citizen's civil rights? Where is Obama, our first "black" president, in condemning such a misuse of force? Flags are at half-mast for the officers in Dallas, but peaceful protest in Baton Rouge is in front of the barrel of a gun with silence from above. I guess that some American citizens are worthy of protection, others, not so much. American exceptionalism at its finest.


The first Black President's final domestic legacy will be the destruction of the Black Lives Matter movement. I suspect that the city mayors and police commissioners, after they get their marching orders, simply have the attitude of "Let em sue, the taxpayers foot the bill anyway, what do I care."



"Any time we have policemen pointing weapons at American citizens, they need to go through retraining."

The "training" cops are getting apparently emphasizes violence and brutality as the first option, so the "training" must be radically changed. Add violence-promoting steroid use by many cops with inexcusable murders of people of color, and the fact that almost NO cop is convicted of murder or any crime, and the people's patience is fast running out!

The "training" of US cops by Israeli military/police in "crowd control" makes us all Palestinians. The brutal and/or illegal repression of citizens rights to protest police killings/murders is NOT acceptable and all we get from politicians and the WH is smarmy support for cops and soothing words while people are getting arrested and soon worse.......what that says is nothing will change!


I can see that you would take my comment "as a kin to Trump" but my point is that we all live in a heavily armed police state. We are all under surveillance all the time. And yes it does play out on racist lines with black and brown persons greatly effected.

None the less, the guns are pointed at all of us. It matters not if one is black or white when growing up and finding no jobs or chance for a better life they join the military and pay the price for doing so. NAFTA absolutely destroyed many jobs and many of those jobs were good jobs supporting black families but all those who lost jobs no matter their color were effected and probably have not recovered.

As my comment started with I support BLM which I do and have since I marched in civil rights protests in the 60's and stand with all that fight against the oppression of our people by the one percent. Some may look at this as a race issue. I do not. I see all of us in trouble while some carry more of the burden.


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"Retrain" them?

They're doing the job they're meant to do, in the manner those they truly "serve and protect" wish to have them do it.

Or have I misinterpreted the purpose of "policing" since the slave patrols?


I hope you are right and agree with your ideas but watch what happens. The repression will be harsh and directed by Homeland Security just as was the repression of Occupy. My heart is with BLM in any case.




1] The First Amendment states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” U.S. Const. Amend. I (emphasis added), available at http://www.archives.gov/exhibits/charters/bill_of_rights_transcript.html.

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It's despicable that we have all this evidence of malfeasance and bad judgment, and countless experts' opinions and testimony that the situation in Baton Rouge is illegal and deadly . . . and yet where are the DOJ and the ACLU? It would seem that except for the predictable political rituals, there is nothing but a turned cold shoulder from the Administration and our dear legislators. And the fault lies squarely on the heads of the police administration and political regime in BR. There is NO excuse for allowing this not only to continue, but to escalate.

Ironic that the Department of Homeland Security was created specifically to protect citizens domestically and yet we never see them in these situations. Just what in the hell are they doing with our tax dollars?


Well, Lee, now you know how it feels to be arrested and harassed without reason.


Amen to all of your thoughts here. AMEN!