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Battered Voter Syndrome


Battered Voter Syndrome

Donna Smith

Whew. This has been a grueling election season for many of us, and it feels very much like being beaten repeatedly no matter which direction I turn. My organization, Progressive Democrats of America, was the organization that under the leadership of the late, great Tim Carpenter launched a petition in late 2013 to urge Bernie Sanders to run for the p


Unfortunately, fear mongering is also an effective tool...


"If we pay attention to only the Presidential race, we now see a battle between a maniacal, selfish, sexist, racist, very rich, older, white guy and a much classier, wiser, seasoned, very rich, older white woman."

Donna, you were doing great until you described her.


I would love to see a nationwide poll asking the question "If Bernie Sanders was the Democratic candidate instead of Hillary Clinton, who would you vote for, Sanders or Trump?"
I have no doubt that Bernie would poll at least 10% higher than Trump, just as he did back in the primaries.


This takes us to the bigger issue that our liberal bourgeoisie avoid: Those who are not on the political right wing have been divided and subdivided by class and race, pitted against each other. People might recall that Sanders had long been outspoken about US poverty and the need for legitimate poverty relief programs (lessons learned from the Great Depression). In the 1990s, Bill Clinton made it cool to dump the poor. It was necessary for Sanders to revise his political agenda, stepping well to the right to appeal to middle class campaign donors. People noticed.


On Clinton, you forgot "arrogant, elitist war-mongerer. " Class? No. Trump's schtick is to be bombastic, Clinton's schtick is to be sarcastic while dropping the "g" at the end of every "-ing" word to sound downright down-home. What matters with Clinton is her own public record. Clinton's sheer contempt for "the lower class" is so complete that she played the lead role in stripping them of the most basic human rights (UN's UDHR) of food and shelter. In other words, she does not regard the US poor as humans at all, qualified for basic human rights protections.


Amidst the deep lows where we now are, it is good to be reminded about the higher standards and the energy of hope during Bernie's time.

But I revolt to the description of HRC as "a much classier, wiser, seasoned, very rich, older white woman." She is just better polished than Mr. Orange...but classy and wise? Just the opposite. Seasoned? Yes. In ruthlessness, corruption, and scandals of all sorts. Very rich? Yes, on the shoulders of the public.


Donna, I see you posted this as a CD original. That takes guts, what with the democratic loyalist bind that CD has fallen into, and the indignant contempt of us jilted Bernie lovers; but I hear ya'. I just can't make myself hate him the way some do, though I go in to lows of tropical depression strength when I see him stumping for her.

You may be over-the-hill, overweight, and physically impaired, but you're still beautiful. Good luck with the Colorado proposition.


This election has never been about Clinton/Trump. It's about opposing us. I believe the intent of each party is to stifle meaningful progress. Senator Sanders is the true victor of the primary season, beating Clinton handily according to exit polls. We know for a fact the election was stolen from Bernie. This means the election was stolen from the people. All the noise, and absurdity is only a ruse to secure another 'right of center' White House occupant - who of course will be despised by Republicans as being too liberal or whatever. Think they treated President Obama badly? Just wait till HRC becomes commander in chief.

I have within my own family, heard from conservative voters who prefer Sanders to Clinton or Trump. I have also seen ultra wealthy capitalist Republicans say on Fox - "Bernie Sanders economic policy is hands down the best for short and long term growth." The Clinton/Trump show is about creating paralyzing fear for what a Trump presidency might turn loose, forcing us to abandon the causes and issues we understand must be addressed; at least for another eight years.
Well, I admit to succumbing to this "fright" strategy over too many election cycles but, after witnessing the blatant disregard for the collective demand for change by 'we the people', I'm finally alert; they can't scare me anymore. After forty years of voting Democrat, I cannot stomach the thought of being part of the hideous subterfuge killing our representative government. Senator Sanders is absolutely correct by asserting the United States has become an oligarchy. I'm voting for Jill Stein and will not bother to watch the phony election coverage. My conscience will be clear I might even get some sleep.


Ah USA. Just find someone you can appoint as King or Queen, set up for breeding Royals, give them a nice house and a few servants, provide them with a good education, teach them to speak nicely, to ride horses and to have good manners, give to your Senate and Congress the sole power of taxation and payment of your armed forces whilst allowing your King or Queen to be C-in-C, allow the King or Queen the power to sack Ministers of the Crown and all your troubles will be over.Think of the money saved; you could afford a decent health service.We tried a republic back in 1649-1660. They don't work. Presidents are ALWAYS corruptible.


And we easily and too often say and believe we are a "democracy." We are a republic per the Constitution.. The delegates elect the candidates of our duopoly and the electors ultimately select the President, also per the Constitution. The electors have overturned the popular vote 4 times, the latest Gore v Bush.

And then look at the composition of Congress. They are dominated by rich, white lawyers so in essence only the rich or those financed by the rich can run. This is at best indirectly controlled by the people and far from a direct democracy in my view.

If you want a true representative democracy, you have to become a citizen of Germany. To change this and move beyond incremental methods of some progressives being elected towards a majority of our law making body Congress, Constitutional amendments are necessary. This is possible, but not easy.


With Trump appearing more like a plant intended to assure Clinton's election each day, there is so little chance of him winning that every voter needs to stop voting AGAINST who they perceive is the worst candidate and vote FOR the candidate that they believe will best represent their values and not be influenced by polls or other distractions.

The oligarchy wants you to be in a permanent voting against mindset that will negatively impact your health and the survival of all living things,


You feel battered??? How abosolutions to jobs, clean green energy, peace (no ned for oil & rssource wasut all of us who are supporters of Dr Jill Stein & Jaramu Baracka and THe Green New Deal SOLUTIONS of the Green Party! The BLACKOUT is a disgrace to a so-called democracy.The Hillary coronation is a done-deal...Trump is a straw man that Hillary should thank her lucky stars for, but he has NO CHANCE of "winning'. Hillary is the best candidate the system has, and the system is all-in for her. Jill Stein SHOULD BE ON TV, SHOULD BE ON THE DEBATE...but the corporations don't want anyone to hear the Green New Deal solutions, reasonable & intelligent AND DOABLE. VOTE GREEN, vote for democracy.


Sorry for snafus! The first sentence should begin :" You feel battered?? How about those of us..." and edit the ones posted in error..


WELL SAID MURPH! Voting for Hillary is a wasted progressive vote....No Bernie? VOTE JILL! VOTE FOR PEOPLE< PEACE AND PLANET OVER PROFIT...VOTE GREEN PARTY....the movement builder.


Thank you Murph..I tried adding a 'like' to your comment but wasn't permitted,,..,but it was excellent & well said. Vote Green New Deal, vote Jill Stein, vote Green for the future of our children & grandchildren!


Love that your comment has so far elicited the highest number of likes, Tom.
I am thoroughly depressed that Stein & Baracka have been so arrogantly blacked-out by the media, not SURPRISED but disappointed, deeply disappointed. But revolutionary or evolutionary changes-with-a-deeper-vision-than-reform ALWAYS take time...our goal in the Green Party is long-term, it is not about 'winning one election' it is about building a movement. Don't lose heart "Sandermistas'! Vote Jill Stein & Jaramu Baracka and the Green New Deal program of the Green Party. WE ARE THE FUTURE,,(the duopoly is the past, but like zi=ombies, not ready to declare they're dead).


Instead of Bernie we now have Dr. Jill Stein .... Stein is rational but not triangulating. Smart, clear speaking and clear thinking with similar stands as Bernie on most issues but goes one better with her balanced view on the middle east .. Not bought ...and not an oligarchic wannabe.

The good news is that most Republicans have fled the Trump (except for those less than moral Christians ) ...leaving Hillary in the lead enough so that voters can once again vote for the best choice: Jill Stein without fear of throwing it to Trump. Rejoice, rise up and vote for People, Planet and Peace without fear.. .


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Chelsea Clinton can divorce her current Husband and marry George Prescott Bush.

The Child of this partnership would be deemed the next King or Queen !