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Battle Covid-19, Not Medicare for All: Doctors Demand Hospital Industry Stop Funding Dark Money Lobby Group

In a reasonable world he would not have been elected to dog catcher. Even the first time.

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50 years here too. 51 with birthday tomorrow. Actually only 30 years. I took a twenty year break beginning in the 80’s. Quit drinking and cigarettes and weed.
Took up golfing, fishing, and Sprite.
Presently no drinking, cigarettes, golfing, fishing, or Sprite.
Mostly water, Pepsi Zero, a little weed with Melatonin for sleep. Still like to eat though.
I get eight hours sleep, have many health conditions, and trying to get more exercise.


I’m 30 minutes early of midnight wishing you a “Happy Birthday” G. Roll one and enjoy the whole thing.

My horticultural experiments with cannabis started in 1970, and culminated in the early 2000’s.

I always found it to be such a rewarding experience, especially those times when it was possible to watch the plants thrive outside under the Sun.

Amazing results were possible this way.

As nature intended, of course.


My theory here was always “the bigger the hole, the bigger the plant”, in the heat and humidity here, with plenty of organic fertilizer, the skies the limit. Not interested in doing it manually anymore, so I wait with my compact tractor w/ backhoe, hoping it’s legalized before I die so I can grow a few more of those 15-18 ft. “trees”.


My first time growing was the summer of 70, in the farther most corner of my Dad’s garden.

Towards summer’s end, I had two 6ft. Christmas trees. Dad saw my friend and I looking at them one day and yelled down to us that he knew what we were growing down there. Said we had to get rid of them, or he would.

Cut them that evening.

They were both males.

It was a disappointing end to an otherwise fun experiment.

Happy Anniversary ReconFire.

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Thanks Ponyboy.
That would suck after all that anticipation. After growing inside, I realized the benefit of cloning and knowing what your going to get for your efforts.

Happy B-Day gandolf.

Happy anniversary ReconFire. And ain’t we got fun? What a country, what a world.