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Battle for Aleppo Ends With Beseiged City in Syrian Government Control


Battle for Aleppo Ends With Beseiged City in Syrian Government Control

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The Syrian government is reportedly in control of eastern Aleppo, according to news reports on Tuesday afternoon, with a deal having been reached to evacuate civilians and opposition fighters.


Climb atop the mound of thousands of dead bodies in a town laid out to total waste and shout out your horrific, pyrhhic and shallow victory.


For the record, it's not, "forces loyal to Assad..". It's the Syrian Army. You know, the military of the recognized sovereign state.

Using this weasel terminology is an attempt, conscious or not, to render the Syrian military on the same moral footing as the invading jihadis.

And while I'm here, hopefully once borders are restored there can be some safety for Syrian civilians. Because it was the only way they were getting any.


Eva Bartlett, Dec 9, Press Conference at the United Nations:



I'd rather have Aleppo & everywhere else in Syria in government control than ISIS, FSA or other terrorist control. There are things I do not like about Russia but agree with them about Syria.The NY Times, BBC & so many Western Media outlets tell lies & 1/2 truths about what goes on in the ME. It's the media's job to inform people but they sometimes misinform people.:slight_frown::skull_crossbones::ghost::scream_cat::cop::eyes::space_invader::alien::disappointed::angry::cry::sob::head_bandage:


There are other "forces loyal to Assad" besides the Syrian Army involved in the fighting and have been involved for years. For your records. The invading jihadis took advantage of the Assad-putin focus on slaughter in Aleppo to retake Palmyra. As informed as you are you probably knew that.


they're still not "forces loyal to Assad", for crying out loud. If you're referring to the Russians, Hezbollah and a few other armed allies of the Syrian state, those are forces loyal to their own command structure, not Assad.

I'll happily give you credit for an intelligence which may or may not be there. You know well that this kind of language is a way or eroding the standing of the armed force in question.

It was the same garbage employed against the Libyan military as well.

The attribution of state affiliation is a matter of legitimacy.

Edit: Oh yeah, Palmyra. Not taken, given. Lavrov claims it was necessary to secure egress from Eastern Aleppo. Unlike American or EU diplomats, I have no reason to believe he's lying at the moment, and the assertion makes some tactical sense. They're racing the clock in Aleppo, as they have been since the end of the American primaries.


Wrong. They were fighting al-Nusra (al-Qaeda affiliate) in Aleppo. it was ISIS which retook Palmyra. And where was the U. S.? The Obama Admin. likes al-Nusra, but supposedly hates ISIS. Where was U. S. air power while ISIS retook the city?


"the UN human rights office said it had reliable evidence that up to 82 civilians were shot on the spot by government and allied forces on Tuesday"

No, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) issued a statement in which they said they have reports claiming 82 civilians were shot--they have no evidence of this. Prince Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein, part of the royal family of Jordanian dictator, King Abdullah II, heads this office. Jordan supports the terrorist "rebels."

Deirdre Fulton, you need to be more precise in your writing.


Also, unfortunately for the 82 dead they were not killed by American forces or allies so nobody gives a flying either way.


Hundreds of thousands of Syrian deaths millions of Syrian homeless and 5 bloody years of ISIS barbaric terror had to pass before the US was finally stopped by Russia. Had the US, Israel, Turkey and US the subsidiary Saudi Arabia + gulf Arab criminals an ounce of conscience, respect for human life and international law or even common human decency non of this would have happened. No but the plan of the elite banksters the Rothschild empire could not have been altered or deviated from no matter what the human or environmental costs or consequences. I salute the Russian authorities for finally punching back and hard. The banksters have to learn to share, their pipe dream of a subservient China and Russia are shattered with two major defeats, Ukraine One, and Syrian Two.


Oh you mean those throat cutting child rapists are behaving now? Didn't they cut the throat of and American Jewish journalist before the cameras for the world to see? Go ahead tell me it was the Syrian army that destroyed their own historic Palmyra and rapped and responsible for genocidal massacre of the Yazidis, Coptic Christians, captured and beheaded Lebanese Shia fighters with American/Israeli weapons and training? The American and Israeli Turkish hired gang of assassins ISIS et al have surpassed Hitler and Genghis Khan in beastly subhuman brutality. The US unfortunately has a long track record of bonding with subhuman cultures all over the globe to perform it's dirty deeds.


Look at all the left wing contrarians celebrating the slaughter of civilians just because an adversary of the US is doing the killing. You truly are not anti-war. You are only anti-Western.

By the way, when Trump takes office you will be on his side of this issue. Better make sure you support his drone strikes otherwise you will be hypocrites.


If they are slaughtering civilians then they are barely any better.

By the way, we used the same comparisons during the Iraq War towards the US army. Why should the Syrian Army be except?


Unfortunately it is very conscious on the same level as that learned from famous Jewish Psychologist Edward Bernays social engineering project for American working class public, you know those of us who carry the burden of taxation without presentation?


They learned it from Edward Bernays.


Well if those "civilians" were the ISIS men dressed as women trying to dodge the Syrian army's snipers then they deserved what they had done to so many others and worse. Otherwise why would a winning army just shoot unarmed civilians whom are willingly running to them for help and away from the American backed sadistic psychopathic rapists and murderers? The UN agencies have been dancing to the US and Israeli tunes lately hence eroding the once somewhat credible organization that could criticize the US and Israel but no more!


Since when has the US or Israel cared about the slaughter of civilians whether in Palestine or Syria, to a fanatic Zionist they are all just Arabs right?


To me there are no half rapists or half killers they are all rapists and killers, period.