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Battle for Amulsar: UK Mining Giant Using Corporate Courts to Attack Community Opposed to Massive Gold Mine

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/30/battle-amulsar-uk-mining-giant-using-corporate-courts-attack-community-opposed

Wherever there is gold deposit worth exploiting this is being done because a return to the gold standard is the predator fail-safe. First they have to make sure that certain portion of the global population is subjected to (ahem) “austerity”. Wiggly fingered chaos spikes and genocide.

Why do folks think that there is no effective removal of the war criminals down-shifting and gunning the engine of the MIC? These are systemic ‘problems’ fomented by long-cultivated system puppets and consequences of hundreds if not thousands of years of distortions.

Will humanity make it through the birth canal of this stage of evolution? We’re being wheeled into the proverbial delivery room. Stay healthy, focused and loving folks. Natural birth can get awfully messy before it completes its process.