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Battle for Democratic Party: After the Unity Reform Commission


Battle for Democratic Party: After the Unity Reform Commission

Norman Solomon

DNC Chairman Perez and allied power brokers keep showing that they’re afraid of the party’s progressive base. No amount of appealing rhetoric changes that reality.


Resuscitating a corpse. Let the party’s disdain for the democratic process be it’s epitaph. Long overdue. With voter turnout now so low, a new strong third party is more viable than ever. Remember Ross Perot?


Sorry, Norm, but you’re misinterpreting the events. The Democrats don’t fear progressives. Why should they, when they know they can bully just enough of them into voting Democrat under the mantra, “You have nowhere else to go,” while the rest of the electorate either votes Republican or simply stays home and doesn’t vote at all? As with any corrupt institution, Democrats benefit when voter turnout is low. It’s what helps keep the corrupt officials in power.

So, absent a strong third party showing at the polls, Democrats need never fear progressives, because progressives won’t dare try to build up a viable third party that can compete with the major institutions and drive up voter participation in elections.

There has to be a viable alternative costing Democrats elections such that they have no choice but to cave in to reformers’ demands. The far right understands this, hence the Reform Party of the 1990s and the so-called Tea Party astro-turf “movement” that puts the fear of losing elections into Republicans. You have to break the catch-22. The only way to do that is to support efforts to build up a third political party. If you won’t, then stop wasting people’s time with disingenuous arguments because without that, there is no incentive for the Democrat hierarchy to reform.


The Democratic Party is getting what it deserves, rejection from the very ‘grassroots’ population it was suppose to represent.


For Tom Perez & the Corporatists to pretend, to fain caring about “the People”, has become so disturbing, so outright clear, that it makes me laugh out loud, when he is given air time to make such false claims. You would NEVER destroy the VOICE of one side of a Party, if your goal was to UNITE that entire group of people under one banner. The Clear and Present Danger to the DNC is the very stranglehold that Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and now Tom Perez have over it. They clearly worked behind the scenes, in collusion w/one another, deciding for the entire nation, whom will be given the honor of decision maker for the Democratic Party. This is the Democrats’ form of bullying, their form of removing any power or ideas that would have been helpful from the SANDERS supporters. Zogby was kicked off the Committee. Ray Buckley, Barbara Siperstien, both ousted from the Committee. Alice Germond, kicked out. What is wrong with a little “new blood”? Nothing, so long as you kick off the same number of Perez supporters as it takes to leave a perfect balance of Sanders and Perez supporters on the Executive Committee. Short of that, this is collusion to destroy, to rip apart the Party’s Voices of the People, and deny them inclusion on decisions and on POLICIES. Tom Perez, it turns out, is more of a Poisonous Snake than we were able to “see” ahead of the “force him down your throat approach,” once again handed out by OBAMA. He did it with Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. Now he’s done it again with Perez. When your STATE DEMOCRATS TURN OFF their website where you’re allowed to send them your comments, right before and during the entire week when Perez won his little takeover, you know your State Party is up to Collusion with that Perez faction. It is abundantly clear now on a number of levels, just how conniving and deceitful this Party Leadership has become. IT STINKS - is ROTTEN to its CORE! It is no wonder our young people turn their backs on voting at all. It is no wonder millions have decided the Democratic Party is NOT Democratic in much of any way, shape, or form. STOP PRETENDING, TOM! It’s not working.


Let us be honest. The Democratic Party no more exists for the benefit of the rank and file Democrat than the Republican Party exists for the benefit of the rank and file Republican.

Both parties have an elite, sitting like a bloated tick, atop the membership. And remember, the tick isn’t there for the benefit of the host.


Listen to what these really active Democrats have to say about this Party. Look at whom they are, how they have participated in trying to drive our Party towards “something good”. You’ll see what I mean. They want real change. Unlike Party Leaders who clearly want status quo - Leaders whose own power is more important to them than Real Change is.

The Voice of the Grassroots is going to need to be very, very loud, is going to need to be very threatening as to VOTING or NOT VOTING, conditions need to be placed upon this current Party Leadership, if they are ever going to wake up. For the national VOICE to be BLOCKED, you have to be very stubborn about your greed for CONTROL. If the PEOPLE do not want to get busy voicing their demands to the DNC directly, then a People’s Party is clearly needed now, as I am newly convinced we have no way out of this, no way to make these Money Focused Leaders like Tom, like Barack, like Hillary wake up. Their Bull Headed stances are destroying the Democratic Party, literally. Their greed to hold their own power is over the top. Unrelenting - as you can see from their decisions to literally kick off the Executive Committee ALL Sanders voices. Not one is left on that Committee. NOT ONE!


It isn’t difficult to wrest political control from the Dems.

Punish them or destroy them by voting for someone else.


This article is pure “trigger” messaging and nothing more. If anyone actually cares about what went down, Chris Reeves has a great write up at DKos and tweeted the proceedings live. Here’s his formal writeup:


Shame with that the corporate media who are in the pockets of the politicians will demonize you and everyone else who dare not fall in line. Or at worst will completely ignore that you exist. Still people should vote their conscience because people have to think beyond one election cycle.


It’s simple. If the DNC doesn’t change dramatically and eliminate their corruptible practices, progressives should stay home in the 2018 unless their is a suitable progressive candidate. Make them hurt every step of the way. Either change or die.

Norman Soloman is right, corporate democrats are close to losing everything and that does scare them. People are pissed and they are watching very carefully. Just look at Perez’s boneheaded move of removing Bernie supporters. He didn’t think people were watching but they were. He dug the hole deeper and now he has to work even harder to convince progressives to stay.

So my advice to Perez is this. The rubber better hit the road because a huge portion of the democratic base has no loyalty to you or the party.


The corporate Dems don’t care. This Unity Reform Commission was just another demand from them to either fall in line with their corporate neoliberal agenda or shut up. Unless if many of these corporate Dems get primaried in 2018 they will lose even more seats to the Repubs, which is exactly what they will deserve. Shame it will cause the people to suffer even more.


Daily Kos? A mouthpiece for your party?

A website who banned BernieBros who didn’t toe the party line?

That’s the Dems to a T: Unity ENFORCEMENT…leading people to walk away.

The only thing resuscitating the moribund D-Party is Donald Trump.


Very well put. The Democratic Party is dying. Let it go.


We already have the GOP, we don’t need two GOPs.

A faux opposition party has proven to be more damaging than no opposition party. A half century of lesser evil politics has served only to make both parties more evil with each passing election. Its not surprising that Trump won in 2016. It IS surprising that he didn’t win sooner.

Perhaps the Dims will find a 12 step program enabling them to kick corporate money addiction and become a real opposition party.


They’ll ignore us until we actively work to, and proudly lay claim to, electorally tarring and feathering the Ds.

We tried the LOTE thing…it’s clearly nothing more than a counterproductive enabling of the move rightward.


Why don’t you try reading Reeves’s piece? He was a Bernie supporter and tweeted the URC meetings live. It may be you learn about some of the adopted proposals, their weaknesses and strengths. Or, we could all just jump to conclusions and make assumptions. It may be that some of the adopted proposals aren’t good, after all.


They can have their unity when we have our justice.

Until then, yeah, kick progressives out of party office. That will convince progressives to vote for you.


“[K]icking Sanders supporters off of key DNC committees is the [True] underside of an ongoing dual discourse [since the Perez Coup].”

“In short, the DNC went out of its way to suppress public turnout rather than facilitate it.”

“Meanwhile, corporate forces will do all they can to prevent the Democratic Party from [Recovering) its [Ruined] name.”

“The DNC picked a bunch of sleazy lobbyists as superdelegates, can’t figure out why no one is donating.”

And, though posted before, the following two summaries are warranted – as ongoing:


In the comments section of your link, I noted Armando’s statement that his views on the URC proceedings couldn’t be stated at Daily Kos because they were “too hot.” In other words, straying too far from the party line still gets you banned over there. He stated his views on Twitter instead.

I’m sure you’re in no danger of saying anything bannable there. Not a good foot soldier like you.

Meanwhile, your party is no where near reforming its corporate-dependent, corporate-enabling position. My city and district are straight blue, but my state just swung from Obama to Trump. The state Dem party and Dems in the Republican controlled state houses couldn’t possibly be more useless, and they have the electoral losing streak to prove it. The Dem mayor of Detroit balances the budget on the backs of homeowners who have their $4000 houses auctioned out from under them for delinquent $20,000 tax bills.

But hey, why not stay the course?