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Battle for Democratic Party: After the Unity Reform Commission

Very well put. The Democratic Party is dying. Let it go.


We already have the GOP, we don’t need two GOPs.

A faux opposition party has proven to be more damaging than no opposition party. A half century of lesser evil politics has served only to make both parties more evil with each passing election. Its not surprising that Trump won in 2016. It IS surprising that he didn’t win sooner.

Perhaps the Dims will find a 12 step program enabling them to kick corporate money addiction and become a real opposition party.


They’ll ignore us until we actively work to, and proudly lay claim to, electorally tarring and feathering the Ds.

We tried the LOTE thing…it’s clearly nothing more than a counterproductive enabling of the move rightward.


Why don’t you try reading Reeves’s piece? He was a Bernie supporter and tweeted the URC meetings live. It may be you learn about some of the adopted proposals, their weaknesses and strengths. Or, we could all just jump to conclusions and make assumptions. It may be that some of the adopted proposals aren’t good, after all.

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They can have their unity when we have our justice.

Until then, yeah, kick progressives out of party office. That will convince progressives to vote for you.

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“[K]icking Sanders supporters off of key DNC committees is the [True] underside of an ongoing dual discourse [since the Perez Coup].”

“In short, the DNC went out of its way to suppress public turnout rather than facilitate it.”

“Meanwhile, corporate forces will do all they can to prevent the Democratic Party from [Recovering) its [Ruined] name.”

“The DNC picked a bunch of sleazy lobbyists as superdelegates, can’t figure out why no one is donating.”

And, though posted before, the following two summaries are warranted – as ongoing:

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In the comments section of your link, I noted Armando’s statement that his views on the URC proceedings couldn’t be stated at Daily Kos because they were “too hot.” In other words, straying too far from the party line still gets you banned over there. He stated his views on Twitter instead.

I’m sure you’re in no danger of saying anything bannable there. Not a good foot soldier like you.

Meanwhile, your party is no where near reforming its corporate-dependent, corporate-enabling position. My city and district are straight blue, but my state just swung from Obama to Trump. The state Dem party and Dems in the Republican controlled state houses couldn’t possibly be more useless, and they have the electoral losing streak to prove it. The Dem mayor of Detroit balances the budget on the backs of homeowners who have their $4000 houses auctioned out from under them for delinquent $20,000 tax bills.

But hey, why not stay the course?

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The Dem elite don’t give a good goddamn about losing yet another election to right-wing destroyers trump & Co, being instead complicit supporters, continuing to sabotage and betray the progressive base and American people! The Dem elite isn’t “scared of the base” per se, they just care more about their power! They must be rooted-out and their mechanisms of power destroyed!

The elite clinton/obama/DNC/DLC camps refusal to reform to any meaningful degree - actually sabotaging and eliminating progressives - or be a true opposition to the trump regime. Under the Dem elite/corporatist faction & DNC houseboy perez, the Dem establishment are part of trumps dismantling/selling of America.

This time the independent/progressive/Dem base will not crawl back to vote for the elite self-serving LOTE scam as they apparently believe…although with the personal pathology of trump and his criminal wrecking-crew cabinet and putting profits and the Uber Wealthy before the 99% who knows?..people just can’t, and hopefully won’t, take this shite anymore!

Bernie Sanders is trying to lead but is impeded by the quisling Dem sellout wing - the duopoly being so strong. If he and we cannot prevail in a true DP reform effort - and that looks slim to none - progressives and at-risk Americans who see the writing must take measures into their own hands - either a party revolution, or a new party is attempted, win or lose - Sanders, independents and progressives somehow must take steps…


Don’t feel left out by the Dems. Their active and stated plan to bypass working class voters for moderate Republicans is picking up steam. Then you and those wealthy folks in the leafy suburbs can all play nice in that big tent.

As long, that is, as you STFU.

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Why are you assuming I commented on that article at all—I did not. My only point is to offer folks a good summary of the propositions considered and what actually happened. People might be interested to know, for example, that the URC wants to sanction states over registration deadlines, but did very little to reform caucuses, which leave way too many voters out.

I didn’t assume you commented. I assumed that if/when you do, it’s commentary that falls within the safe boundaries of DKos sanctioned speech. Armando has been banned there before, but reinstated. Fearing another banning, he’s forced to share his true feelings in other forums, contributing to DKos being an echo chamber.

To be clear, DKos literally enforces unity. That may be an effective way to fill the big tent. Or it might send a signal to lefties about how welcome they aren’t.

I respectfully repeat: Stay the course, KC. I’m sure the reason your party is on a losing streak is that you haven’t moved far enough to the right yet.

Whatever. If you don’t want to read Reeves’s very balanced and informed article, don’t.

I read it. I read Armando’s tweets, too. I watched a 10-minute interview with a hopeful, but unconvinced, James Zogby, on this topic that appeared within his Twitter feed. I read the article we’re commenting on. I watched the linked video from RenewHope above, I’d seen it before, but watched again. Did you watch it? I’m also aware of:

Haim Saban dictating the election of Perez over Ellison.
The reinstatement of corporate donations.
Overall DNC fund-raising plummeting nonetheless.
Hillary owning the DNC during the 2016 election, by buying out its debts.
Resignations by top DNC leadership during the 2016 elections.

Your party is perceived as corrupt and out of touch. Gee, I wonder why.


Time for organizing the “American Grass Roots Party.”


Looks like another four years for Trump (or President for life) and the 1000 year Republican Reich. Neoliberal Democrats will clean their toilets.

Direct Democracy

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There’s at least 6 different minor parties within the Duopoly structure of the Republicans and Democrats. And, whose Uniparty Congressional leadership functions as a brokerage house for the Center-Right Permanent Ruling Party. Robert Reich and many other analysts have pointed this fairly obvious truth out. We have a Corporatocracy running both parties from behind all the doors; Door #1, Door #2 or Door #3. ( And does anyone think that Ross Perot’s Presidency would have really shaken up this Corporate dominated overlay? Please explain how? )
Unfortunately, the Democratic Party has 4 of these subsets and they can’t agree on much except that POTUS Trump and Roy Moore shouldn’t be on any parent’s babysitter short list. Yet, breaking one leg of this rickety old table means a permanent minority governing status, pretty much, in the Rust Belt and Old Southern border states. Those folks simply aren’t going to budge much on non-economic things.
Cooperating with these so-called " traditional values voters " may just be acknowledging, that on most national issues, we just agree to disagree. And then, just moving on and away from them for the most part. Worst things could happen, really. Like surrendering to their racist dogwhistling ( law and order ) and Faux-Christian double-speak nonsense.
That’s the role of Steyer and Bloomberg in this current political quagmire. Thes two have the $$$ to break the Democratic Party stalemate, currently mucking things up. It may be the best we can hope for.

Announce the birth of the reform baby in full view of the public then hand it off to the Rules Committee and allow them to quietly drown it in the bathtub.

Did Reeves cover the budget?

C-Span did:

She’s a self-righteous quack, sorry.

Daily Kos is a joke. Go back over there and play with the hilbots and quit bringing your tainted bs here!