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Battle for Mosul Begins as Aid Groups Warn of 'Massive Civilian Bloodshed'


Battle for Mosul Begins as Aid Groups Warn of 'Massive Civilian Bloodshed'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Iraqi and Kurdish forces on Monday launched an offensive to take back the city of Mosul from Islamic State (ISIS) fighters, as human rights groups warned of the campaign's potentially catastrophic impact.

"The hour has come and the moment of great victory is near," Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said in an early-morning speech, followed by U.S. envoy Brett McGurk tweeting that the U.S.-led coalition was "proud" to support the "historic operation."


Obama should get another Peace Prize to prove he can be tough enough to kill hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children.


"Safe routes" to be used by civilians to escape? This is war and there is no escape.
We all know that 70% of the deaths caused by war are civilian deaths.
Armies kill primarily non-combatants not other soldiers.


The references to statements by the warring powers is instructive. They, like their polar opposite enemies are shadowed, hidden forces of overwhelming ideological blindness of domination as revealed in the dependency on weaponry. This in fact is the crux of the matter as far as I can see. All that is human IS NOT the warring element, but precisely the opposite. Witness the nature of the 'void' in human terms as being central to the constant generation of travesty upon tragedy upon injustice - the void as negation, as secrecy, as hoarding in all possible ways.
The capacity to grow food: voided
The capacity to provide shelter: voided
The capacity to provide medicine: voided
The capacity to provide water: voided
The capacity to feel shame: voided
The capacity to even see that all of the above is inhuman: voided

The result? whooppeee!!!! compounded extraction so that the demonic can strut in the theater of its death dealing. The consequences? violence begets violence for these dehumanized monsters that claim the right to do as they do and call themselves leaders.

I no longer imagine a curse of their rotting in hell. Their rot of hell has been dragged around by them in a perversion so profound that "privilege"- 'first before the law' - is stripped bare to the centuries old neotenized narcissism of their self-created monstrosity. The walking dead is not an imaginary theater piece. It is the technological extension of the deadened into weaponry in the insane belief that this realm of death dealing is part of life.


Civilian deaths while fighting ISIS/ISIS affiliated groups who are embedded in a city they've taken is only bad when Assad does it.

We won't be seeing all the pictures of injured children in Mosul that we see coming from Aleppo. Different messaging. Ditto for the interviews with groups working valiantly to save civilians injured when the government attacked.


" civilians are facing an extreme humanitarian crisis, having reportedly been banned by ISIS from leaving the city and receiving little to no help from the government"

I thought this article was criticizing the Iraqi government for trying to retake control of Mosul but in the quote they are blaming them for not helping those held hostage by ISIS.

This article doesn't seem coherent to me. Maybe someone can help out with what the point is because it wanders far from the topic of the civilians who are suffering and in need and goes into a rather abstract and speculative mode then blames the Iraqi government for not helping. I could imagine the Iraqi government might say, retaking is their way of helping.

Mosul has been under ISIS control for two years but this is the first we are hearing about the suffering of its citizens. These issues are important but I find this report to be very muddled and, given the timing, quite disturbing. What is it that should be happening? What do these NGOs want to see happen and by whom?


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