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Battle for Senate Leads to 'Precipitous Rise' in Dark Money Spending


Battle for Senate Leads to 'Precipitous Rise' in Dark Money Spending

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

"We have truly crossed a new Rubicon," one campaign finance expert says in response to new data showing record levels of outside spending pouring into high-stakes Senate races this election cycle.


Kochs, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, McConnell, Sheldon Adelson the Zionist & Vice King, Wynne, Evangelical White Christians, Racist Cop Benevolent Orders, NRA, Real Estate Developers.... the Usual Criminal Elites on the Republican side. On the Shill & DLC side Wall St., Hedge Fund Mgrs. Charter School Businesses, Trial Lawyers, Big Pharma, ... Again, The Usual Suspects. Yeah, about 135 million votes should break about 45% for Asshats ( R ) and about 45% for Asshats ( D ). The remaining 10% ( C ) should go to anyone who can save us from A or B. Vote Stein & Green in 2016.


C is looking like 1-2%. Stay away from my donkey.


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You seem to know way too much about fucking a donkey. For myself, I've never touched one. But I can't really judge.


Our Florida ballots don't specify to what party judges belong to and research reveals little. This is another way the oligarchy shoves their "non-partisan" SCOTUS cons up our noses. Like the ones that passed Citizens United that led to the precipitous rise in Dark Money.



The oligarchs who were behind the Citizens United decision were anti-Hillary Clinton funders of the rightwing nonprofit, Citizens United.


Undoubtedly, the citizens united decision is one of the dumbest ever in the long history of the Supreme Court. How Roberts, Scallia, Stevens and the other collective dimwits thought this turkey would fly tells you everything you need to know about this B team of judicial scholars. I have little doubt this will be overturned through public pressure/initiatives and what appears increasingly likely, an appeal to vanity. Roberts realizes his name will be forever attached to this crap decision and he will make the history books. Even someone as bought over as Roberts doesn't want to be remembered as one of the clowns of American history. I guess in these times, one has to rejoice in these little pleasures.


As a state, New Hampshire is ranked 46th in land area and 41st in population. Plopping $70 million down on one race is crazy. For this reason we need to crowdsource a new constitution.


Roberts doesn't care. He's not going to overturn it. Only a court with a new majority will. Around here, that doesn't seem to matter though. Discussing it only gains you accusations that you're telling folks to vote out of fear, as if fear and being pragmatic about how change happens in our system, is wrong.


Once again, an article on obscene levels of campaign spending fails to identify the real culprit -- too much wealth in too few hands.

"We must make our choice. We may have democracy, or we may have wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can't have both." -- Louis Brandeis

I would add that if we do nothing to change our "soak up" economic system, the US will continue its slide toward a government and society totally owned and operated by the rich.


It appears they now love Hilary Clinton, and why not? She's taken more cash form oil and banks than anyone. The illusion of democracy is now shattered. It is time the American took back their country. You will never do it from within the Republicans or the Democrats. Two heads of the same snake.


It is wrong. Clinton is not going to overturn Citizen's United. She will never appoint people left enough to the Senate to make that happen. There is being pragmatic and there is being foolish. It is far past clear the latter applies to Clinton overturning the very gift that keeps on giving.


Every single one of Bill Clinton's appointees voted against the majority in Citizens United. I have no reason to think Hillary would appoint someone who would join it. Do you even know the case's background, what Citizens United is? That it is an anti-Clinton organization? Do you honestly think she wants dark groups funding organizations and influencing elections without disclosure after what she's been dragged through for 30 years?

I get it. The system is controlled by oligarchs and will never change and you're going to make sure it stays that way.


Yes, because dark money is her bread and butter.


Not if she appoints justices who say it's not. And, there is nothing you have to indicate she won't. Every Democratic appointment went against the decision, every Republican appointment went for it.