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Battle for the Future: Trump's Dystopian Vision vs. a Brave Green World


Battle for the Future: Trump's Dystopian Vision vs. a Brave Green World

Michael T. Klare

That Donald Trump is a grand disruptor when it comes to international affairs is now a commonplace observation in the establishment media. By snubbing NATO and withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement, we’ve been told, President Trump is dismantling the liberal world order created by Franklin D. Roosevelt at the end of World War II. “Present at the Destruction” is the way Foreign Affairs magazine, the flagship publication of the Council on Foreign Relations, put it on its latest cover.


"New World Order"? Who will be a PART of that Order? It would appear that INSECTS might be--for it surely won't be HUMANS! Our actions are ALREADY causing many extinctions, and OUR OWN is on the near horizon! Klare is about as clueless as they come about the future!


The countries Trump is aligning with are dictatorships and the people have no choice but to go along. But the US is a democracy where people chose their leaders. For Trump to succeed he would have to assume the US is filled with voters who are on a suicidal mission to destroy their won country or are too ignorant or gullible to understand they are voting for their own demise. Given the results of the last election he just might pull it off. It appears that it is rather easy to get people to vote against their best interests.

However, a more likely explanation for what Trump is doing is that he acting without a strategy or a purpose. More likely he is just trying to fake his way through a job that is too big for him. If he were actually trying to align the oil producing countries why would we ever take the side of the Sunnis against the Shiites. Both Iran and Iraq, which are presently dominated by Shiites, have very large oil reserves, probably more oil reserves combined than Saudi Arabia has. To me the most likely explanation of what Trump is doing is he has no strategy but is acting mainly on emotion and the country left to hope that some of the "serious' people around him can hold things together. If Trump has any vision, it is to accumulate wealth and power for himself and his family. I think it would be a mistake to imply anything grander than that.


The Bible did say the weak would inherit the Earth. Unfortunately that weak likely won't include any humans.


The "meek shall inherit" not the weak. Think the anti-war versus the pro-war. Those who live by the sword ... leave behind a lot of vacant apartments!


The carbonites versus the non carbonites! An interesting political battle seems to lie ahead except that it is actually on a battlefield played out in economics. Trump and the fossil fuel giants want to hold back change to put it simply. Easiest to understand are the Saudis. Oil is everything to them and they will exert tremendous effort towards keeping things as they are. Change for the Saudis is catastrophe! The Russians could eventually reorganize their economy to be more competitive but more likely they would prefer to integrate with the approaching Chinese economic dominance - call that a supply side 'manufacturing imperialism'. China by virtue of scale alone will eventually supply the world with manufactured goods. India will be somewhat more insular because India seemingly remains fixated on maintaining class which the chinese overcame for the most part. India has the necessary people but India also has a phenomenal number of abject poor. China's wage slave poor work in factories. India's sleep on the sidewalks.

To maintain fossil fuels is to reduce opportunities for the abject poor. In a cheap energy world, there could be hundreds of millions of new jobs that as yet do not exist. To maintain the fossil fuel status quo is to maintain the status quo ...especially for the poor. Alternative energy is all about a new era of innovation and invention. Contrast that with the fossil fuel based economy of today that retards and stymies change. Roll back fuel efficiency in cars and trucks? Is that innovative or something backward and ultimately non competitive?

It isn't only the battle between the carbonites and the non carbonites. It is the battle between a cheap energy future full of new possibilities and that of our outmoded and very costly fossil fuel energy economy.

Dystopia versus utopia? Not quite but a world with electric cars is a better functioning world than one with fossil fuel based cars.


Are you kidding me??   As seen in 2016, Amerika "chooses" its "leaders" from a pre-selected slate of pro-Korporate stooges, the only slight differences between them being the degree to which they support
or oppose a narrow range of social issues. Anyone attempting to stand up to the Korpocracy on behalf of
the great mass of ordinary people is – like Bernie Sanders – buried by the Korporate-controlled media.


Thank you for correcting me.


Bernie lost by 4 million votes. Had he started earlier, pulled off a southern state or two, things might've been different. But he started too late and failed to connect with core Democratic constituencies. If he runs again (or someone like him does), I bet he won't make the same mistake.

The above being said, the real issue is accountability in the upcoming elections. Right now, this is what is being put out by folks in and related to the administration:

That's pretty interesting for folks in proximity to a president who says the Russia story is a nothing-burger. Focusing on the future, not 2016, is imperative.


Hilliary's stooge, DNC chair Dirty Debbie Duhby-Ass, deliberately sabotaged Bernie's ability to connect with core DamnocRatic constituencies by minimizing the number of debates and hiding them as best she could by scheduling them at odd times or opposite popular sporting events.  Not that this would have mattered much with most of the Stupor-Delegates being party hacks already in Her Highness' pocket before the primary even got started.  Unless the DamnocRatic Party undergoes a THOROUGH house-cleaning, the exact same thing will be done to the next progressive who attempts to unseat the DamnocRatic Establishment.


The debate schedule was set in May 2015. At that point, Biden was still a likely candidate. I don't want to rehash this stuff, I wanted Bernie to win. But he wasn't a god and made some real mistakes. Don't know why it's so hard to admit.


No, Bernie isn't a god - just a basically decent guy with a real record of accomplishments, not just rhetoric - and he did make some mistakes.   But there's no question that the DNC plotted against him (note that the DNC has never denied that the leaked e-mails were real, NOT faked), and that the Establishment-controlled major media gave Hilliary fifteen or twenty times as much free airtime as they did Bernie (not to mention the 100 - 150 times as much free airtime to Tweetle-Dumb vs Krooked Hilliary).

Anyway, the important thing is to take control of Congress and several states away from the RePooplicans in 2018 - even if this means supporting some DamnocRats who are less than pure progressives. If the RePoop- licans retain their hold on state legislatures in 2018, the results in 2020 will be so skewed by gerrymandering and voter suppression that the final nail in democracy's coffin will be hammered home.


And our "leaders" laid the groundwork for him perfectly.


Totally agree !!! I wondered about that comment.