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Battle Lines Drawn as GOP Moves Closer to 'Greatest Transfer of Wealth to the Super-Rich in Modern American History'


Battle Lines Drawn as GOP Moves Closer to 'Greatest Transfer of Wealth to the Super-Rich in Modern American History'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"If we are going to stop Republicans from taking healthcare from millions and slashing Medicare to give tax cuts to the wealthy and large corporations, now is the time to stand up and fight back."


Let’s make, ‘Burn it down’ our mantra. Otherwise, it’s going to get worse and worse until it become violent.


As there seem to be a few Republican senators that are retiring in 2018, perhaps some may be swayed to do the right thing rather than the rightwing thing.


If this passes, against the interests of most Americans, that is the signal to begin the revolution.


Let’s hope it starts as a non-violent revolution. I think Burn it down is a good mantra to start.


If not now, when?


This gift to the wealthiest people ever known is egregious enough but the even bigger gift to corporations is absolutely appalling. I’ve yet to find a synopsis of the new tax scam to trust and I certainly don’t have the time or education to go through thousands of pages of tax code but looking at the broad strokes it becomes clear it’s the biggest grift since ol’ Reagan buddy started it in the 80’s. Neoliberal economics doesn’t work and never will. I don’t care how they sanitize it for the poor masses it just doesn’t work except of course for the top tiers of wealth brackets. Not mentioned are the other sneaky parts giving churches ability to endorse candidates without losing their non-tax status or that part of the ACA provisions will be disappeared for the individuals. Yeah, real f**kin sneaky. The large corporation’s CEO’s are all planning lavish vacations to the choicest spots because this new scam will see the greatest windfalls in history. Crash of '29 ring any bells? This is truly outrageous and because of the theocrat Pence holding the majority in the Senate I’m afraid this just might pass. They want to cut Medicaid, welfare nets, healthcare provisions but their buddies in the boardrooms will be ecstatic and will reward their lapdogs in Congress with all sorts of secret perks, just make sure they’re off the books. I do believe this is the final fork in America’s people because this will make them well done for sure.


Republican politicians are not a party; they are a plague.


It’s already violent. It’s just that the violence is all one-sided for the moment.


One of the ironies is that they promised to ‘simplify’ the tax code to keep returns to the’ size of a postcard’. No attempts to close the offshoring loopholes, not to mention that they now want to codify tax exempt status for churches involved in political speech. Phones on speed dial…


Good heavens–are we going to wait for that?


I don’t know. I think we’ve been getting that signal for a good while now.


This comes as no surprise at all. I, too, can only skim the details and simply don;t have the time to search through hundreds and hundreds of pages of this tax bill; leave it to reason, and my trust in articles like this one in “Common Dreams”, that this bill is simply a fast ride to Hell for the vast majority of poor, working class, and most middle class (what little is left). I will keep trying to get thru to my two Senators, Rubio and Bill Nelson, to at least say what I can to let them know how horrendously lethal this billionaire giveaway tax bill is.
ANd a good question is being asked by many of my fellow CD’rs: what in the heck are we waiting for? The revolution should have long ago begun on the Oligarchs.


How not to fight back is by trying to outspend or out bribe the oligarchy. That’s how they rigged the system.


The cons with the guns would like things violent. Liberals would be easy to kill.


More than ready! Onward!


I suspect they added the Obamacare portion, simply to show they are willing to ‘compromise’ when, under the intense pressures they expect, the heat gets too hot to handle. But then again, why should they give up anything they want? I mean, who’s going to stop them?


regrettably they don’t give a rat’s behind what progressive activists - or anybody else - thinks of their grand theft of the people. they only care about their own greed


Borrow money to pay tax credits to the rich.

Repay loans with peon taxes, no sweat.


If the price per barrel of sweet crude oil jumps from $51.45 to $200 plus per barrel as many in the international market place predict soon will happen. The American economy will crash. So all those laughs and giggles faces from Ryan and company, will soon turn to tar, and feathers, and frowns. Ouch!