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Battle Lines Form in California Over Ambitious Climate Change Bills



Jerry Brown: Bernie's running mate!


Regarding Bernie selecting a running mate. Not within the traditional calendar of events, to be sure. But why not? If Bernie could anoint someone to be his future and prospective running mate, it might do even more to create interest and belief in his chances. Why not!


And, they both can keep all of their Social Security monies, too! grinning Pretty early but I'm thinking more along the lines of Sen. Tammy Baldwin (Wisconsin) or Sen. Warren ( Massachusetts ) or Sen. Franken ( Minnahsotah ). Certainly guessin'.


really! what a fate: americans planning their use of fossil fuel equipment like cars and mowers....that implies/suggests THINKING....ouch!....in advance...oooh!....maybe they will have to go as far as supporting+buying into mass transit....whoa!.....or even....can it be said?......NON fossil fuels like....solar power? oh EEEEK! the pain the torture the uhh, potential to save the planet for our children?


Ya' know, I wonder where you people live, how old you are ... do you have kids.... do you have your house paid off... etc... I.... am.... for getting rid of fossil fuels.... However, .... there is a very real problem here.... first of all....people who live in rural areas.... what... are they suppose to do.... everyone move to the city.... not on your life.... or mine.... been there done that.... secondly..... as for purchasing a new electric or hybrid vehicle... is just as bad as driving an old combustion engine.... it still takes an extractive economy to build one... there fore still producing co2...and other green house gases.... especially for TIRES AND PAVEMENT.... then... there is the whole scaling up issue.... in time to stop CATASTROPHIC CLIMATE CHANGE.... which is about to hit... if not already... with in about 10 years or not much more... good luck with that scaling up....CAUSE.... where to hell is anyone going to come up with the money to buy one.... unless you are RICH ... but then again... the government is not really serious about stopping climate change... or else they would make it mandatory for RICH PEOPLE TO PURCHASE THEM NOW... AND TO PUT RENWEABLE EQUIPMENT ON THEIR HOMES.....
I find it disgusting that you all do not think about people who ALREADY had homes in rural places before they knew about the seriousness of climate change... and who work far from home and there is nothing else for them closer to home... and they are not of the age to really START OVER.... ...
I mean... there is going to BE A GAP ...... people who ... ONCE FOSSIL FUELS DIMINISH ... and get expensive again.... there will be many who loose their homes.... etc... UNLESS programs were put in place to help.... there IS ABSOLUTELY no reason... hard working people should loose their homes... myself... I grow my own food... hang out my clothes... been a pescetarian since 1980 .... etc...
I explain all this because people like you two ... seem to think that this whole problem of climate change transition will be just some tweaking and needed discipline from the jo smoe's... I'd like to see you talking
about limiting rich people ....and coming up with a whole new way to live.... so that rural people would not have to worry about going far to work... to pay off their homes... etc.. .these are real scenarios... or aren't you real people...?


If Warren agreed to run as Bernie's VP you almost figure that Hillary would concede the race! Lol.

Well maybe not but she'd be thinking about it.

Bernie and Warren would win the White House in a landslide.upset.

Maybe for that to happen Bernie has to win the nomination. Maybe these spoilers better start supporting the progressive candidate instead of this fatalism and discouragement. The Green Party didn't even get 1% of the vote last time. Why these phonies never talk about that is showing just how little credibility they have.

Bernie and Warren... it would be the most exciting election imaginable.


Another way of looking at the age issue is that those of us "too old to start over" have had a good run for our money. Now's payback time. We've had a lifetime of subsidized cheap energy that has brought us to this brink of catastrophe. It may be time now for us to shrink our lifestyles to a mere shadow of what we're used to.

As for rural living, that may be a luxury that will become unaffordable for most and a destructive, anti-social lifestyle choice. With the size of the world's population, living in cities reduces per-capita carbon footprint significantly. Contrary to popular myth, maintaining a high standard of living while living in the country is a luxury that many current rural residents may not be able to afford much longer.


Your piece was simply impossible to read without punctuation. You put ,,, before and after single words! If you want people to read what you write then help them follow your thoughts they way people read words.

That said I caught this actual sentence

Yeah well climate change is happening to everyone. In any case, rural people are lucky (well home owners are) because they can have alternative energy installed. Solar roofs, solar water heaters which are extremely popular and inexpensive all around the world and naturally little known in America., Wind power as well. By going with alternatives a rural household can actually sell back excess energy it generates back to the grid. As years go by you can imagine owning an electric vehicle, recharging it yourself for free and using it for most your transport needs.


After witnessing these past 7 years the relative powerlessness of the Executive Branch in the face of the power of an unelected global corporate executive elite to ensure the world operates in their favor, regardless of the consequences to the rest of us, I find it difficult to imagine getting excited about any US Presidential election again. In your best case scenario, we'd simply get to watch Bernie and Warren shackled in a cage struggling in vain to break free as we've watched Obama for 7 years. Granted, Obama certainly deserves a break from playing that role but ....... excited about a shift change in the White House? I wish I could muster the energy )-:


Unless the Republicans get in, I think the next few years will see big changes in this country in reference to global warming. Hillary talks of 500 million solar roofs. One can only assume that there will be a economic incentive prgram attached to the idea. That will help people like theinitiate. Bernie would be even better and would make solar affordable for everyone I think.


I do not share your excusing Obama for complicity. I do not believe Obama tried to do much of anything. He allowed republicans to rehabilitate their party after the Bush debacle and then he appointed the same people to his administration and did exactly as Bush had done. Obama was a republican except in name.

Bernie has a record that Obama did not, Obama made promises he NEVER intended to keep imo. Bernie has his record to show that he has always meant what he says. That is the difference. Not promises but a record that proves what he says.

Bernie did not take the oligarchy pac money while all the others including Hillary did so. That is the difference. Obama raised more corporate money than had GW BUSH.

Bernie is the real deal ... I hope he makes it because if he doesn't I believe oligarchy will cement their control over our democracy.


I don't "excuse Obama for complicity" as I have no basis for knowing if he has been complicit with the oligarchic agenda or not. 4 or 5 years ago, I feared that he was and now I've come to the conclusion that it's something that may be impossible to know. I don't know what Obama's intentions were or are as I dont' have a window into his thought processes. With public figures and media hype, I generally just look at behavior and pay little attention to what candidates promise. Willingness to lie - or at least deceive - appears to be a prerequisite for the office of President since at least the 1970s. Bernie has a long progressive record but the point that I was trying to make was that it appears to me that the office of the Presidency has little power so Bernie's past record in Congress/Senate may not reveal much of anything about what he could accomplish as President. I'm happy that Bernie has gotten the attention that he has without PAC money BUT I don't share the view of many that candidates who decry the power of money in elections and claim to want to have all elections publicly-funded or whatever are being hypocritical by taking PAC money. They're simply being pragmatic by working in the system NOW (as it is, which generally requires MASSIVE amounts of money for a voice even to be heard) to change it once in office. We've yet to see anybody actually do this yet -- that could be duplicity or it could simply mean that once in the WH, it's clear that changing the system is impossible or would result in the immediate assassination of one's loved ones .... or some other tragedy.

Bernie may be the real deal. Obama may have been the real deal ...... My point was simply that being the real deal or a snake may make little difference to what actually is achieved by the Executive Branch ....


A powerful President such as Reagan could do nothing huh? Is that so? Even Bush/Cheney did what they wanted. Obama supporters may excuse his seeming powerlessness and claim what can one man do but I've lived long enough to know exactly what a president can do... but he has to want to do it. Onama appointing the same people from the Bush administration (particularly in economics) does not suggest he attempted to change much if anything.

To excuse Obama's compliant weak willed presidency as if all presidents can't do anything is incorrect.

Presidents do have a lot of power but they have to fight for it competently. Obama's promises upon promises ultimately prove he never intended to follow through on them. He didn't even try if you notice. Bernie would appoint progressive judges and most likely Supreme Court justices as one or more are expected to retire. Big thing that which Obama failed to do much with.

Bernie will also have the public as his base and not owe favors to the oligarchy...that is the biggest disctinction possible between him and the other candidates.

You can suggest that a president can't do much but they do as FDR showed, As Lincoln showed, As LBJ's great society showed, As Reagan showed

Bernie will in my opinion shoot for the place in history that Obama should have shot for but didn't. That place where history books say important changes happened because of this or that president's leadership.


Spoken like a true Petro-Terrorist expressing a hatred of any environmentalist at all. You know what? You can shove your overpriced poison up you azz. We lived for millions of years without any petro, but we can't live with temps 140 degrees in the shade, which is where you motorheads are taking us.

Ban all private automobiles and set up light rail everywhere. Just walk the rest of the way. This will solve the Cheeseburger heathcare crisis from no exercise at the same time.


Sorry initiate,
I'm afraid you just don't get it. Your children will roast and starve to death if we worry about your rural situation.
We have to outlaw your private auto. That's what is causing the lion's share of greenhouse gases. I agree it needs to be coupled with a year of Jubilee where all debts by private individuals are forgiven, so you'd own your own house. But the Scrooge Republicans are never going to go for that unless we have a General Strike and default on everything at the same time/stay home/non-cooperation like Gandhi successfully used.

But let's try to stay alive first and worry about the details later. If you want to live out there you're going to have to sit in a crowded ride-share and finally get to know your neighbors instead of all passing each other in a mad race of hostility and individual fumes like is the current model.

Sorry, your argument against efficient transit is bogus. We need you on a train and you'll just have to walk the rest of the way, if we are going to forestall the extinction of your children (forget about your grandchildren; they can't be saved from the Sixth Great Global Extinction that's underway.)



These bills represent the kinds of bold legislative actions that need to take place. Once again, California leads the way. Leadership won't come from the Obama admin.


I knew YOU wouldn't get it.... I don't WANT MY PRIVATE CAR...... How many times have I explained on this site... my ideas?....... So, what is your Plan for rural people.... I ask because, you see... around here... we can barely get a bus running for people with disabilities.... and we do have a regular bus that runs and if you used it... it would take you to work, too early too late...It only travels on 17c ...does not go up into the hills.... it has one run in and one run out of Endicott, ny... .and then you pick up a city bus for Binghamton....Then, my job, requires a car.... we take people with disabilities to interviews, we go out in to rural areas for appts to practice interviewing, take them to job sites... take them to volunteer sites.... etc... some of my co workers... go out to other counties.... far ...away... I say that is a waste... there should be other resources for those people.... and I could go on... have you ever lived in a rural area?... for a long time?... tried to get to work?.... So, what is your PLAN....
If it is to BUILD RAIL TRANSPORT.... well, I have train that goes right by my house... There are OIL TRAINS THAT TRAVEL ON THAT RAIL... I hate that....
Again, what is your plan... to use that rail for passsengers?... gee that would be a good idea... to some extent... I agree.... Now, let me tell you a story. Yesterday... on NPR... on Susan Arbeter's show... she had some idiot on ...didn't hear who it was.... He wants upstate NY to succeed and join Penn..... Ha!! mainly so we can frack here.... he says there is growing support for this... Ha!!!
The idea... that we are going to PROVIDE PUBLIC TRANSIT FOR RURAL LIVING PEOPLE... is a great one... but, it won't happen.... there is so much conflict .....
MY PLAN .... IS TO CHANGE OUR CULTURE... AND LIFE STYLES.... so that people who live in rural places... do not HAVE TO GO OUT TO WORK....... I have almost two acres and grow my own food... I could grow more, if I didn't have to leave my house every day.... I could also do other things for my community.... someone could have sheep for wool... someone could spin... We already have an organic dairy farmer here... across the river...

You see I think people like you think this is going to be easy and we are not going to have to change much.... the amount of TIME we have left to fix this is really NIL.... why are we NOT WORKING ON THE DEMAND SIDE of this problem.... WE ONLY WORK ON THE SUPPLY SIDE.... get an electric car... take public transit.... BUT NO ONE WANTS TO CHANGE OUR SYSTEM....
If the government handed out land grants to people to stay home and grow food AND GET RID OF AGRIBUSINESS.... how are you going to get rid of agribusiness if everyone is going all over the place to go to work....instead of growing food?.... People have to have a way to pay for their homes... so the land grant and a mortgage forgivenes.... Now, actually, even though that is my plan, my idea.... I am pretty sure, that is not going to happen... I think that what is going to happen, is we are all just going to keep talking.... and nothing will happen... instead of LAWS FOR RICH PEOPLE TO PUT RENEWABLES ON THEIR HOMES... and no more casinos, no more NASCAR no more PROFESSIONAL SPORTS... EXTREMELY LIMITED FLYING.... we focus on families who have to pay for their homes... to give up their car..... WITH NO SOLUTION IN PLACE FOR THEM....
Tweaking, the way you want to tweak.... is going to do nothing....
Please do not respond to my posts unless you have read them carefully.


So, I hope you read my post to Thomas Jefferson.... and then you'll see, I do not sit at a desk.


So, I guess you WANT to continue to rely on AGIBUSINESS for you food.... look, I lived in a city for 23 years... I now have land which I grow a lot of my own food, hang out my clothes almost all year... etc. etc... so, your solution is for every one and his brother to live in a city... please... think.