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Battle Over Dakota Access Pipeline Should Be the Most Important of the Year


Battle Over Dakota Access Pipeline Should Be the Most Important of the Year

Sonali Kolhatkar

More than a million people around the U.S. have “checked in” via Facebook to Standing Rock Indian Reservation in Cannon Ball, N.D. While this began as an attempt to confuse Morton County Sheriff’s Department officials thought to be digitally surveilling activists, the check-ins morphed into a collective gesture of solidarity.


excellent article, sonali! your observation that the mainstream media's obsession over poll numbers while pretty much ignoring this most important fight to protect the land and water not only for ourselves but for future generations, "feeds a feeling that there are two parallel universes, one in which a very real set of issues are playing out, and the other dominated by an obsession with poll numbers and email scandals," says so much about the insanity of the power elite. remember poster, 'bartleby's dog'? this morning he posted, "I just got banned from commenting on ABC's website for speaking out against the DAPL." i feel thrilled to see so many voices--known and unknown--speaking out and standing against the status quo! i keep hearing the pundits suggest "pipelines" are safer than rail-lines!" no! obviously, this corrosive sludge is highly volatile--:unsafe at any speed." i'm glad that ms. kolhatkar brought other problem areas into the discussion.

"But the activists in North Dakota are on the right side of history. Their concerns about short-term pollution were emphasized in two recent, high-profile pipeline accidents: In Pennsylvania, a ruptured pipeline spilled 55,000 gallons of oil into the Susquehanna River when there was flooding from rain; and a gas pipeline in Alabama exploded, killing one worker and injuring five others. It is not a matter of “if” but rather “when” pipelines spill or burst."

the media claims the alabama explosion has raised gasoline prices along the east coast. i don't understand that because the sludge is traveling to oil refineries in houston. i mean it's not like service station in alabama take delivery direct from the colonial pipeline. am i missing something?


You nailed it Ms. Kolhatkar! Thank you for this article that connects the myriad of issues in play: treaty rights, atrocious and on-going treatment of Native Americans, complicity of politicians and regulators and the MSM. All deemed unimportant by TPTB that want us to be obsessed with the corruption and filth associated with the god-awful candidates they put forth for president.

Fortunately, millions of 'we the people' are waking up and speaking up. Will it be enough to stop DAPL? Maybe, maybe not. But those PTB are hereby put on notice: You can not ignore the will of the people and the health of the planet indefinitely. We ARE waking up, we ARE speaking up, and we WILL put a stop to your avaricious rape and destruction of everything you see. Enough!


i feel saddened to see that only three of us care enough to comment on what "Should Be the Most Important of the Year."


YES, world-wide, and even along the banks of the River Denial, where many deluded amerikans live; the People are Rising! Some, and there will be more, are bonding with our Sacred Mother Earth! The Power of the People will grow. Together, with Mother Earth, We will Triumph!


Stand Fast, Standing Rock!