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Battlelines Drawn as GOP Readies 'To Take Away Your Health Insurance'


Battlelines Drawn as GOP Readies 'To Take Away Your Health Insurance'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Republicans, "beside themselves" with excitement over their new power in Congress and, in three weeks, the White House, announced on Wednesday their plans for a swift attack on the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or Obamacare.


The Family Values Party, doing what they do best.


What is it with piggy-eyed gremlins having so damn much hubris? Sessions and Pence are particularly porcine in their appearances and rat-like in their demeanor. What the F--- do they or any of their GOP peers care about 20 to 30 million Americans (including children, disabled, elderly, etc) losing any and all access to affordable let alone any health care? Yeah, family values... Reprehensible and mean-spirited.


Well, you got this all wrong. I think they are rat-like in both appearance and demeanor; though many Rs do match the porcine description in both appearance and demeanor. Damn -- it can get so confusing trying to keep it all straight!


Things would of been so much better if he and Barney Frank would not even allow single payer to come up. Things would be so much better if Obama would not of colluded with big pharma and insurance in writing the laws to benefit them.

What comes around goes around and we the people always loose in the last 40 years by the neocons in both parties.


I love all animals, including pigs, so that's an insult to my porcine friends! I agree though, that those guys are grotesque in their appearances and cruelty.


Well, I disagree with many of you on this,

I think Obamacare is crap and it needs to be repealed. After all, the ACA is actually the original Repuke plan that Obama stamped his name on. The problem is that these Repukes are not going to replace it with anything better since they hate the poor.

This Obama totalitarian idea that you will be punished for not buying a private insurance product is intolerable. What if you're homeless? Are you now a criminal? If you can't pay the IRS for it, the penalty is jail. This is very unAmerican, and the whole ACA law should be chit-canned.

Expanding the well-run Medicare and Social Security is the only way to go (per Bernie Sanders.) But the scumbag doctors and big pharma drug pushers can't charge exorbitant fees in an expanded Medicare plan, since the government caps their fees and negotiates with suppliers for the best prices.

Social Security is an extremely popular and healthy Federal program since it has never borrowed a single penny (unlike the wars do.) It didn't have a shortfall problem until Wall Street shipped all our jobs overseas with Robert Reich's NAFTA and WTO stabs in the back.

Just leave SS alone you scumbag Repukes! It won't have a shortfall problem until 2037. Since when do Repukes care about that far in the future? If we just leave it alone, it will still pay out 80 cents on the dollar. That's safer than letting Wall Street gamble with it!


Saved me the trouble of saying it!!


Golly gee, it sure woulda been nice if the democrats had thought of having "single payer" or Medicare for All. juju, it's certainly a pity that you didn't think to send a democrat an email advising them...


It's sort of amusing to watch Republican's do the pee pee dance they are so excited. This of course will blow up in their faces like everything else they touch because it is based on BS not a real care for the American people.
Ah, the hubris! Just saw Mich McConnell warn the Dems that the American people won't stand for leaving the SCOTUS seat open, (like they did). What planet are these idiots from?


Don't forget the Turtle Man, McConnell.


TJ, I see you got your facts wrong (golly, what a surprise?) I guess there are no more homeless because they are all in jail for not paying the "penalty." Gadfree, anyway, IF we are to have a private insurance system (yes, it doesn't really make any sense, but getting rid of such an entrenched system is far easier said that done), then mandatory participation is needed otherwise no one participates until they get sick.


Riddle Me This. They fight tooth and nail to take things we care about away from us but they fight equally hard for each of us to own guns?
Now that's forward thinking.


A private insurance system can never work wiith greedy CEOs who pay themselves 100 million a year in stock options via stock buy-back capers. For-profit schemes always cut cost centers. The biggest cost center is the patient. Only the non-profit government Medicare has any prayer of working.

Every single privatized scheme has gone sour. It always leads to mergers, monopolies and tyranny.


No, they figure if you're rich you must worship g-d.


Maybe they can do battle at the new ok corral.


From the planet of ME ME ME


I do not understand this fetish with Wall Street- they crashed the economy. Did they think we forgot?


Obama is a puppet. Dance Dance Dance


And they hate women also. They must hate their own mothers unless they were hatched.