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Battling Terrorism Shouldn’t Justify Torture or Mass Surveillance Says U.N. Rights Chief


Battling Terrorism Shouldn’t Justify Torture or Mass Surveillance Says U.N. Rights Chief

The United Nations, which is the legal guardian of scores of human rights treaties banning torture, unlawful imprisonment, degrading treatment of prisoners of war and enforced disappearances, is troubled that an increasing number of countries are justifying violations of U.N. conventions on grounds of fighting terrorism in conflict zones.


Specifically, on the area of leadership, Prince Zeid called for leaders that are ‘driven by a concern for the fundamental freedoms of all people,’ who fully observe international human rights treaties.

This is a nice sentiment but, as many on this site have noted in the past, the political systems in the West - especially in the US and Britain - are designed to weed out anyone who is not willing to prioritize the profits of banks and weapons manufacturers over the well being of the populus, especially children.

In other words, the War on Terror is devastating human rights around the globe because eliminating those rights is the War’s primary purpose.



its about what it has always been about, wealth and power for the few,

keynes showed us how to have a more just society and how it ended up making us all richer and allowed us to have a middle class etc

but there are too many of those at the top of the economic pyramid who just cant stand the idea of sharing, and that results in this situation

all the hate engendered in arab nations toward the us, for example, comes about due to economic exploitation

which the descendents of and current perpetrators of (that economic exploitation), try to blame on “people just being evil” and a religion being “evil”


Welcome to the Orwellian world of Nineteen Eighty-Four! We have known for a long time this was coming, and could have prevented it. But the people we continually elected did not care, having been bought by the rich — most clearly through “Citizens United.” To understand what will happen next, keep your eye on what is happening in Greece. (And in the process, be skeptical of the main-stream media.)