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Bayer and Monsanto: A Marriage Made in Hell


Bayer and Monsanto: A Marriage Made in Hell

Martha Rosenberg, Ronnie Cummins

The two multinationals that teamed up during the Vietnam War to poison millions of people with its Agent Orange herbicide—St. Louis, Mo.-based Monsanto and Germany’s Bayer AG—are looking to become one.


There are some very respected erudite figures demanding Disclosure--that is, that the military (and especially private contractors at places like "Skunk Works") come clean on the FACT that our planet has been visited by Intelligent Life for many centuries.

Since it's the military industrial complex that's covered up this fact while keeping the reverse-engineered technologies for itself, many of these Visitors only know human beings through military figures. That's a limited sampling at best.

I'm making this point because I've listened to many hours of interviews and read a few books, and there is debate as to whether the various Visitors have positive intentions for our planet or the contrary.

David Icke has long made the case that the Visitors who have had dealings with the military in our nation (and others) are interested in re-engineering our planet to make it more to THEIR liking.

When I first heard this I thought it was nonsense. However, it's hard to argue that the powers in control of our food, collective financial resources, and media are not promoting an unapologetic ethos of Death.

Their energy policies are killing the natural world. And putting War Profiteers like Monsanto (Agent Orange/Vietnam) and Bayer (German concentration camps: Gas) in control of 30% of the planet's food certainly fits the case I am making.

Dr. Steven Greer is a brilliant man, former surgeon, and proponent of Disclosure. He makes the case that the foremost dis-ease confronting humanity is its reliance on fossil fuels... given their link to a rapidly destabilizing planet, climate-wise.

Greer argues that The Visitors have already shown human beings (those inside the MIC) how to work with fossil fuel free energy systems.

Greer's main argument that the Visitors are benign is the logical premise that IF such advanced beings intended to do us harm, they could do this quite easily.

But other sources (primarily the sources interviewed by Kerry Cassidy on "Project Camelot") argue that human free will is not allowed to be violated; and that less benign Visitors WANT humanity to come to the cusp of despair & massive ecological destruction so that the individuals in charge will willingly forfeit human beings' sovereignty in order to gain the help of these more advanced beings.

As I stand by feeling powerless in the rush to destruction led by elitist interests, I can't help but think that Greer may be naive. That those interested in co-opting this incredible planet might not need to overtly destroy its people... all they need to is hand over certain lethal technologies (like genetic engineering) and watch the Patriarchal Capitalists go to work "culling" the human herd for them.

I don't think there's another explanation. And to those parrots who tout back "capitalism," I'd argue... that the ones behind these anti-life schemes are already richer than 95% of the planet's people. If it were only "about the money," they'd have reached their goal by now.

It's FAR more sinister.


Some years ago I offered the analogy that allowing a War Crimes Corp like Monsanto to control the nation's breakfast cereal foods was like leaving one's beloved children with a known pedophile/serial killer.

From the article:

"In 2008, the German Coalition against Bayer brought a charge against the Bayer Board of Management with the Public Prosecutor in Freiburg (south-western Germany) accusing Bayer of contributing to the mass death of bees all over the world through its aggressive pesticide marketing. Since then, the bee debacle has only grown worse, with thousands of hives collapsing after poisoning by the pesticide clothianidin, producing a worldwide crisis."

Not yet given due attention is the sudden outbreak of Microcephaly precisely where one of Monsanto's anti-mosquito larvae treatment experiments was put underway (in the suburbs of Rio).

Between Big Phama's cover-up of the neurological impairments brought to children as a result of a plethora of vaccines dumped into their bodies right after birth, to the chem. trails, to the cover-up about Fukushima's ongoing radiation, and the link between pesticides/insecticides and Cancer... these corporations whose sole existence is based on Phucking with Mother Nature are guilty of WAR CRIMES & Crimes Against Humanity.

The caveat is that they, like the banks described as "too big to fail" are so big that they can purchase key politicians in major nations and through them, keep the gears of their diabolical business operations turning.

Their job just might well be TO cull the human herd, and they may have the support of certain Visitors (in obtaining that objective).

Check this out before You Tube takes it down:


Once too-big-to-fail companies own the politicians there is no limit to the amount of extortion they can extract from taxpayers. In 2008 when the too-big-to-fail banks that controlled 25% of US bank assets crashed the economy the politicians they own put US taxpayers on the hook for $16 trillion in various bailout schemes...grand extortion in my book.
By next year those banks will control 50% of US bank assets, giving them leverage to extort even more taxpayers' money.

As soon as Obama's ACA was signed the insurance and drug companies started merging so they could hop on the too-big-to-fail gravy train. The Bayer/Monsanto hookup is one in a steady procession of newly minted too-big-to-fail companies.

The gates Foundation is anxious to spread the Bayer/Monsanto footprint to every corner of the globe.


Great Indian King's only son became gravely ill.
The wealthy potentate sent out a call of ones weight in gold if any could cure the son.
Many tired but all failed as the young boys life continued to ebb away.
The king doubled then tripled the reward to no avail.
All the best healers agreed the child was doomed.
Then just before the death angel was about to claim the boy
a small, old, worn sadhu came through the crowd and offered an herbal
potion to the dying boy.
After a few rounds of coughing and wheezing he sat bolt upright smiling at his royal father.
All were stunned and then jubilant as tears of gratitude rolled down the kings cheeks.
After some time when the cheers and celebrations had died down the King called for his gold treasurer to bring forth and give the small sadhu his reward of many times his weight in gold.
But the sadhu proclaimed that he didn't want his weight in gold but just the weight in gold of a tiny bone he had in his pocket.
The king insistent that the sadhu take many times his weight in gold but the sadhu was adamant so the king relented and had his gold and balance scales brought out.
As it transpired no matter how much gold that was put on the balance scale the tiny bone always weighted down the scale in it's favor. So much so until when all the gold in the treasury was placed on the scale it was still out weighed by the tiny bone.
The baffled king exclaimed "what magic is this?"
In the end the sadhu explained that this bone was from the head of a most greedy man and that no matter how much wealth it obtained it was insatiable.

Later the small sadhu quietly wanderd off living the king with his gold and a powerful message of balance in life.

Does this story remind us of the "bulimic billionaires" running this world into oblivion?


One of the most accurate Headlines I've seen in awhile. Now, wouldn't it be great if the lamestream media decided to report all the many details as to why this is so?


This is a merger of two giant consumer-competitor agrochemical/pharmaceutical predator companies, each with their own insidious Dark History.

Monsanto has had a long lawsuit-intensive, controversial business practice of selling some of the deadliest carcinogens, toxic chemicals and pesticides - PCBs, DDT, Agent Orange-Vietnam, warfare chemicals used in agriculture, glyphosate for killing pests and weeds, aspartame used in carbonated beverages, genetically engineered (GMO) seeds for crops that can self-pollinate (no bees or nature needed) and that are tolerant to the poisonous effects of Monsanto's herbecide, Roundup.

From the start, Monsanto's goal has been to fully dominate the world's food supply through unnatural, biotechnology means by forcing farmers to purchase Monsanto's toxic terminator seeds and Roundup. Accordingly, for some time, Monsanto has been on a rampage of wiping out Non-GMO crops, insects (e.g., plant pollinating bees) and farmers who don't buy their products and suing farmers when wind-blown terminator seeds poisoned the farmers' organic farms. These actions plus aggressively buying up competing seed companies have given Monsanto a virtual monopoly in the field of biotechnology crops.

Today in the U.S., there are almost no GMO labeling laws. More than 75% of U.S. processed foods are genetically modified compared to 5% in Europe. It comes down to U.S. scientists and public being totally at odds with each other as to the health threats of GM foods. In contrast, European scientists and the public are both convinced GM foods pose serious health threats. In a recent study, "Public and Scientists' Views on Science and Society," by Pew **Research Center, January 25, 2015** shows that 88% of scientists of the American Association for Advancement of Science say that GMOs are safe while 57% of the public consider GMOs unsafe.

Two-thirds of the U.S. public and much more of the European public, which fiercely opposes genetically altered crops, have been saying that scientists have no clear understanding of the health effects of GMO products nor is there any proof that GMOs outperform, i.e., have higher yields, than organic crops.

The potential merger of these two firms appears like a duopoly of corporate 'evil intentions incarnate ' when one examines the Dark History of their business strategies on the health of consumers, farmers, insects, and environment. As usual, the problem is that Monsanto's destructive business paradigm has been subsidized by our government for years.

A typical example of making matters worse is HR 933 Continuing Resolution, aka Monsanto Protection Act which was signed by President Obama. Under this law, federal courts cannot prevent Monsanto's GMO crops from being planted anywhere desired irregardless of how harmful or destructive they are to a country. Incredibly, Obama signed a law that in effect puts Monsanto above the law.

here's hoping this European


If this is your own creation, it should be published as a children's fable... and if not, do you recall the source?

Either way, thank you for posting it. A most welcome and creative addition to the comment threads.


I think it's important to add to your otherwise excellent post that these sorts of outcomes are hardly accidental:

"In a recent study, "Public and Scientists' Views on Science and Society," by Pew Research Center, January 25, 2015 shows that 88% of scientists of the American Association for Advancement of Science say that GMOs are safe while 57% of the public consider GMOs unsafe."

Currently, You Tube is the place where truth tellers who contradict official stories (along with the official narratives that corporations repeat) go to expose THEIR findings.

There are MANY doctors and scientists who now challenge:

  1. The purported safety of the bevy of vaccines thrown into babies' bodies in spite of lots of evidence of HARM.
  2. The purported safety of Genetically modified "foods" when most scientists require grants to do research, and a deep pocket entity like Monsanto (and its partners in Crimes against Nature) will withhold grants to those skeptical of its products.
  3. The purported nonexistence of Chem Trails
  4. The purported safety of nuclear power/plants
  5. The purported safety of U.S. municipal drinking waters
  6. The purported safety of Fracking Gas chemicals and their detritus


ALL of these interests are compromised either by direct payments, the nature of their job security, or the conformist tendencies of group-think, i.e. the herd mind.

Have you seen the footage showing how Big Pharma came down on The Tribeca Film Festival to make sure that the new expose, "Vaxxed" would not be shown?

How about the BANNED "Ted Talk" where Rupert Sheldrake takes on the conformist tendencies that turn science into a boys' club, rather than an open forum of rigorous inquiry?

How about the doctors reporting on the vaccine problem?

Monsanto is a WAR CRIMES corps. but because the U.S. military (which effectively runs this country) relies on them for chemicals used in wars, they are given a pass.

It's different in Europe because for one thing, Monsanto isn't based there, and Europe is not as invested in militarism as is the U.S.

If you want to make the case that by in large, Europeans are better educated, I'd agree. However, gigantic global corporations that now command more income than entire nations have enormous political clout and it buys a lot of endorsements and also a lot of silencing... of dissenting opinions and those who dare to utter them.


Siouxrose 11

It's nice to be in touch with you from The Hague, Netherlands. Astrology aside, I have come to enjoy and value your out-of-the-box, cogent, enlightening remarks on Common Dreams. I would like first to respond, if I may, with some general thoughts to some of your questions and later more specifically (as it is 11:00 PM - bedtime for this 7-decade man).

Having lived and worked 35 years in Europe, it has long been impressed upon me how media, interpersonal contacts, formal and informal discussions of all types, newspapers and other communication media are generally rational, calm, objective, open-hearted, cross-critical, self-critical, engaging processes with a minimum of haste, hyperbole, erratic emotion or self-promotion. It's just a wholly different, diverse, cultural "WE" based interactive communication world compared to America.

This has taught me how and why TRUTH and FAIRNESS are so alive here and are relatively easy given the small sizes and basic cultural solidarity of each EU country. Lies, misinformation, manipulation, overt or hidden abuse of common interests, factual exaggerations generally have short lives here before being detected and corrected. This applies to any subject including the Monsanto-Bayer potential merger. The German people, in addition to farmers, food specialists, doctors, politicians, monopoly controllers, etc., will have a lot to say on whether or not the merger goes and in what form, irrespective of the size of Bayer or Monsanto.

The multi-party coalition political systems with proportional representation insure that social and economic choice options are well represented, discussed, studied, modified or eliminated to reach fair, equitable, balanced results. That decision sharing process sits deep in peoples' genes here after hundreds of years of continental wars and massive killings. As you well know, this social choice dynamic is being severely compromised in the U.S. because BIG MONEY in a "winner takes all" societal framework (that took off during Reagan's presidency) has been systemically corrupting electoral systems, political legislative decision making, and our constitutional separation of powers. This "insider-special interest" money influence pervades all aspects of our society to the benefit of a few as the middle and lower classes get increasingly marginalized and impoverished. Finally, it appears we have reached an extreme breaking point in both parties. The result? A hugely serious insurgent voter group evolution in both parties that is utterly fed up with the political-economic system and its leaders.

I would say Europeans from top to bottom are driven by two core values that profoundly affect policies and priorities regarding wealth redistribution, social equity, economic and foreign policies, and a decent lifestyle for everyone: (1) Europeans know their limitations, and (2) Europeans have an inherited sense that "we are all in this life together." These key values create space for reflection, cool argumentation, and stimulate comparative, critical thinking for the common good. Also helping is the fact Europeans have a 4 week vacation allowance that most people take advantage of by going somewhere outside their country, learning other languages and lifestyles. This yearly tradition also expands vision and social-cultural awareness for families at all income, education, and age levels. In this regard, yes, Europeans are indeed better educated than Americans. You may know that one in six Americans have a passport. We are essentially a rather provincial nation which leaves lots of space for politicians (especially on the right) to misrepresent how Europe really works.

Unfortunately, if one examines the international PISA tests given every two years for fifteen year olds in mixed-level classes, American chilldren don't do so well. Most of the top ten country performances out of 32 advanced countries are European and, of course, Asian countries. It's been long apparent European countries better educate a broader spectrum of their children at pre-elementary, grades 1-6, and grades 7-9. This means a much broader spectrum of high school students are also better educated than in the states. In other words, the U.S. does very well for the top 35% and exceptionally well for the top 10%, but not so well for the bottom 65%. I believe this factor plays a huge role in societal critical thinking skills in general.

To be continued ....


I've met a lot of those top 10% educated americans and many couldn't think their way out of a paper Ayn Rand comic book!


Siouxrose, I'm not really sure that I've had an original creative thought since I skipped school in the forth grade. So it's not original to me and I'm not sure where or when it entered my head.
Some background though: I was a hippie in the late 60's, did a lot of psychedelics, became a vegetarian, and dove into occult and mystical books and practices.
Since the late 70's I have been to India about 25 times (usually for a month) mostly at ashrams. So I have been to hundreds of satsangs along with spiritual readings and practice. So this fable was introduced somewhere along this path.

Siouxrose, I must say that I agree with much of what FT says about you above, only I differ in that I appreciate your astrology musings as it shakes up many of the super head based rationalists and fundamentalist atheists found on CD comments section.
I think if they ever have a CD bloggers "reunion cruse" to the Caribbean or Hawaii (my home) you will have the largest group of courtiers composed of both your admirers and detractors.



I should clarify that my phrase, 'Astrology aside,' was not meant as a negative inference towards Siouxrose's keen knowledge and occasional use of the philosophy and metaphysics of astrology in her comments but rather of my own very limited knowledge of this field. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.