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BB King, Legendary Blues Musician, Dies at 89


BB King, Legendary Blues Musician, Dies at 89

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

B.B. King, the legendary blues musician whose unmatched sound changed the face of music, died Thursday in Las Vegas. He was 89.

King passed away peacefully in his sleep at his home, his lawyer, Brent Bryson, told the Associated Press. His daughter, Patty King, confirmed.


Whenever I hear of another giant gone, I feel saddened. The world has too few of them, and they often don’t last as long as B.B. and Pete did. So we were lucky, but they still didn’t last long enough.


I have never understood the genre. I do understand how music transcends boundaries and BB was more unifying than those that came from pop, because of the genre.

I am grateful for the mans presence. I hope it lives forever.
Alabama shakes are his rightful heir


Keep on singing the Blues for us down here, just for a while, since now you’ve moved on. Thanks BB, for sharing your unique beautiful magic. Your music and your spirit live on forever.


My first genuine blues record was BB’s 1965 Confessin’ the Blues. It was his vocals, more than his fretwork, that mesmerized me at that time. It didn’t take long to acquire a loving appreciation for his signature guitar style.

The Blues will never die. And BB will always be The King.

Thanks BB.


The best definition of the blues I’ve heard is: " black country music for white urbanites from the working classes. " Think about how many millionaire musicians there are who never picked one ball of cotton? It is so full of an entire spectrum of emotions and hard times shared, by all types now; but especially for those who live paycheck to paycheck and have too much month at the end of the money. The blues was always a " spiritual release " without ties to a formalized religious practice or deity. When you’re shakin’ your moneymaker, laughing and enjoying a cold beer in a juke joint or roadhouse on a weekend night, smoke rising from a backyard ‘cue; does life get much better for the most of us? " Sharing the pain and sharin’ the gain " was what B.B. King sang about the several times I was fortunate enough to see him perform. He was a great ambassador for the working class American, regardless of color, the world doesn’t see enough of. In the end, that’s the best thing about " The King ". Vaya Con Dios, Sir.


Lovely. And it doesn’t get much better, true words.


Why I Sing the Blues

in some pretty good company…


You didn’t have to be working class to love the Blues, or for that matter Blue Grass. Growing up middle class in DC in the sixties, I loved both. BB King was the best bluesman for me, but Charlie Waller and the Country Gentlemen were pretty damn good too. Thanks BB and Charlie. You made our lives richer.


WOW! Thank you OG!


I first saw BB in concert in Guzman Center in Miami in the eighties and he made me a big blues fan. Funny how music that comes “from people’s problems” can make one feel so happy. I think that’s why he sang the blues. Thank you BB and rest in peace King of the Blues.


I remember watching A documentary about Wavy Gravy, and when asked how he got the nick-name, Wavy recalled setting up A stage at A show in 60’s Texas and while scurrying about this Black Blues player, while fine tuning his guitar, said to him: “Man, I can work around you, you are like wavy gravy”- And the name stuck…
I had the pleasure of watching BB King perform in A small place in Nashville named the “Exit Inn” back in the mid 70s- Also there was Doc Watson and his son Merle- The Exit Inn was so small, it was like having these great performers in your own living room-One of the very best shows I have ever experienced- BB King lit that place on fire-
Ya gotta suffer to sing the Blues-


Old Goat, that was great. It reminded me of my days in Chicago when Mick Jagger showed up at Mississippi Muddy Waters’ place on the South Side. Stars know the seminal stars, BB and Muddy, RIP.


Rock on B.B. King! Lucille, too!


Amen to that.

The inimitable Buddy Guy is still with us too, and still performing.


Yeah, Wavy just had his 79th b’day, the 15th, TODAY! TODAY! TODAY! TODAY! - The day after B. B. died - Holy Some-olies! He still rocks out in Laytonville, CA. He puts on "The Kate Wolfe Memorial Music Festival "On around every late June, there [http://www.katewolfmusicfestival.com/]


Thanks for the memories! I should have known, I guess, that we would have a love of the blues, in common, based upon reading your comments here, over the years! I’m sure that we would become fast friends, were we ever to meet!


Thanks for the info.about Mr. WG Bob- So happy to hear he is still kicking!
Wavy is one true hero of mine and there is nothing to not like about this guy- We need many more like him- Surely one of the most joyful and selfless people that ever lived! What A sharp contrast his life has been to the Vulture Plutocrats of today…They could learn a lot form Wavy Gravy :slight_smile:
I will send him A belated “Happy Birthday”-