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BBC Journalist Violently Attacked at Texas Rally After Crowd 'Whipped Up Into a Frenzy' by Trump's Anti-Press Rhetoric


Astounding? It would be a blessing.


Great post. I know because that is also what I was going to post. Eight years of hate mongering of Obama wasn’t enough. The right-wing fanatics seem to continue to crawl out of the woodwork and out from under refrigerators.
The law has to be enforced starting two years ago. This is an off the rails lawless regime.


I’m willing to fight the cretinous right wing bass turds any time. I won’t let them destroy my country or my freedom. Look the f-ck out Conservatives: I’m coming for ya!


I have not seen the evidence or read any other reports but this sounds like a crime, looks like a crime, smells like a crime, walks like a crime mmmmmmm must be a crime of inciting violence, I guess it wasn’t just Individual 1 either. Gang violence. I await the investigation demands from the BBC, will it happen?


Since the Orange Cheato thinks only dictators are his REAL FRIENDS, then perhaps the UK ambassador would send a note to our State Dept – “what gives? Shall we send over Scotland Yard to help your FBI investigate these terrorists?”



They are more likely to report that the reporter used his camera against an innocent man.


I have had it with this hate mongering corrupt-criminal-traitor in our Whitehouse. Why is he still there?


Yeh, they’re ‘fake news.’ Looks like Trump got to you.


Because of course that’s the only possible explanation for anything.

Good luck holding that Dungeons and Dragons political universe of yours together.


A bit too cryptic for me. I was just wondering what is the difference in attitude to the press between you and this guy who attacked the cameraman?


Indeed it would be.