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BDS Movement and Common Sense Face Threat from UK Government Ban


BDS Movement and Common Sense Face Threat from UK Government Ban

Kate Aronoff

Earlier this week, the British government announced a new Tory-led parliamentary measure that will inflict “severe penalties” onto local governments and public institutions that boycott goods and services on an “ethical” (as opposed to purely financial) basis, including divestment.


If there was ever an example of the subversive power of Zionist Israel to shield their half-century of ethnic cleansing to effect the theft of territory by force of arms it is the pressure to end the BDS movement. It's telling that the UK/Britain was complicit in the original theft via the Balfour Declaration and PM Cameron continues the crime! The UK was responsible for actions in Palestine that disenfranchised the indigenous inhabitants in favor of a foreign usurper, albeit with very good propaganda, control of many news outlets, phony religious mythology and tribal exceptionalism that undermines democracies all over the world.......

Israel's contempt for International Law, numerous war crimes, racist occupation, and illegal colonization, aided by the also illegal "Separation Barrier, AKA Apartheid Wall, are increasingly clear for all the world to see, except lap-dogs to Israeli racism/crimes like Cameron and the US........





BDS works! Israel has been squeaking and shrieking louder and louder. Now it is trying to get its lap dog governments to make it illegal.
* What is really needed now is to expand it. BDS all of the war mongering, profiteering, governments and groups until they decide to rejoin the human race and change their ways.
Put them all in Coventry. No trade, no tourism, no headlines, no phony conferences.
* When their bottom line begins to really fail, they will come to terms. The billionaires that own these countries can't stand to lose money, or power.
* Imagine a world where problems are solved by sitting at a table, discussing the problem, seeking a solution, then implementing it, without drones, black ops, military bases in every country. Actually using money and resources to help the poor, promote education, health, decent food, instead of building new carrier attack groups, or giving dictators billions in weapons to wage war on nations that disagree with the US Fourth Reich.
* What a wonderful world this could become!


Does this mean that the boycott of Russian goods by the government of the UK now illegal?

The BBC as example openly supports the boycott of Russian goods and promotes an application for smart phones that helps to identify whether a product comes from Russia.

Somehow I have doubts this law will be equally applied.


Ms. Aranoff totally misses the point! She seems to be defending the Cameron Government measures by making a contorted argument - like a typical capitalism-loving liberal - which can be distilled down to "an ethical investment is also usually a good, shrewd, gonna-get-fucking-rich investment".


As someone who, based on my moral principles (hatred of Capitalism) has refused to have anything to do with stock-based funds at all (not just oil and Israel ones) in where I allot the paycheck deduction to my retirement thrift plan, I have turned down at least $200,000 to 300,000 of free, but filthy, money over the past 10 years - guaranteeing a pretty lean retirement.

It is called "living by ethical principles."

Sorry to inject some impolite leftist perspective into this, but the real outrage of this measure is that the Cameron's government is trying to impose on my British brothers - through local town councils by the bludgeon of law - the requirement that they all be reduced to inhuman Homo economicus bots. Sorry, dear Cameron - but don't you DARE try to force ANYONE to participate in your happy-horseshit neoliberal capitalist "Free Market"!


This measure goes way beyond just Israel - it is the quintessence of neoliberal capitalism as formulated by Cameron's hero the vile Margaret Ayn Rand Thatcher - requiring under penalty of law - that all concerted human affairs be singularly directed toward capitalist accumulation and ONLY capitalist accumulation!


People will just have to expand the boycott on a personal level. Already no person of conscience travels to or does any business in or with Israel. No one wants to have anything to with insane murdering fascist crazies, why would they? Can you blame them? The list of Israel's crimes against the Palestinians is now longer and approaching in obscenity those against Jews by the Nazi regime. Endless murders of children, women, old people, kids playing soccer, tossing rocks, teenage girls with scissors being mowed down with automatic weapons.

If the Nazis had committed a single one of the outrageous public murders of children that Israel have committed in the last 12 months alone there would 10,000 movies about it, a statue, 4,200 books, and a museum devoted to reminding the world to never forget.


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AIPAC rules congress and evidently the Parliament as well.