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'Be Afraid—Be Very Afraid': Methane Ruling Seen as Ominous Sign With Barrett Poised to Join Supreme Court

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/09/be-afraid-be-very-afraid-methane-ruling-seen-ominous-sign-barrett-poised-join


Methane, OK, Mercury, OK, Flourocarbons, OK, Gutting clean water laws, OK, Gutting clean air laws, OK, and more, anything for the Corpse. And Mr. Pence sat and told absolute lies at the debate. Rescinding 50 years of progress in improving our environment and making people safer. Normal Republican behavior.


This Empire of money where money is insanely more important than humanity has to be stopped.


Wanna bet this guy was appointed by republicans and panders to the oil and gas industry more than he adhered both to law and common decency?


It’s another court ruling that will need to be codified in law so as to eliminate any ambiguity before a 6-3 conservative court.

If the D’s win the whole shot on November 3 (and Nancy Pelosi retires), the next congress will indeed be busy writing laws specific enough to endure court challenges.

Not crossing fingers. Not holding breath.


Pro-life, unless the Life on Earth is concerned. Sick, sick, sick.


She’s not even a Catholic - not from what I have read of her background - nor has she read Laudati Si and the crystal clear message there by her Pope for safeguarding the environment and the people and life on this planet.

Revealed: Amy Coney Barrett lived in home of secretive Christian group’s co-founder

Details of link to Kevin Ranaghan raise fresh questions about supreme court nominee’s involvement with People of Praise



As regards climate - there’s new and as usual troubling information, published in Nature, arguably the world’s most respected and high profile scientific journal:

Emissions of Nitrous Oxide, a Climate Super-Pollutant, Are Rising Fast on a Worst-Case Trajectory

Fertilizer is a leading culprit in nitrous oxide emissions, which are nearly 300 times more potent at warming the planet than carbon dioxide and deplete ozone.


The above is a summary from insideclimate website - the Nature article is paywall protected but the abstract is available:

A comprehensive quantification of global nitrous oxide sources and sinks

Since we have all been focused on the destruction coming from the White House, here is an overview of Greenhouse Gases, which includes Nitrous Oxide in its graphics:

Overview of Greenhouse Gases


I have not had a chance to review your citations (thanks for them), but as an environmental scientist/engineer do know that anthropogenic nitrogen-based fertilizers require substantial amounts of natural gas to produce and have been a disaster ever since the “Green Revolution” began.

I forgot about her connections with the People of the Praise. How forgetful of me with Halloween upcoming!


Well - there was a time I used to blog almost exclusively on climate change - that seems eons ago ~ another world almost.

I don’t know - maybe you can help me out ?

This FBI sting - uncovering that plot to kidnap or kill the Governor of Michigan - Gretchen Whitmer.

Surely there is a proper legal term for this other than kidnapping or domestic terrorism !!

Treason comes to mind - or is it sedition ? Both I would think !!

Permit me a digression ?

How can faith be restored in what were once valued institutions such as the FBI, the CIA and The Pentagon ? Yes - I know - they have always had a dark side - but since JFK it is beyond dark.

And yet - here we are. These armed vigilantes posing as militias - it is quite the step to go from institutional protections such as the FBI and the various police agencies to picking up a gun and defending our turf the old way.

Has it come to that do you think ?

The rampant, accelerating destruction of the biosphere is the program for humanity, and this ruling is just but one of many enablers of that.
We made a terrible mistake in building our world grid on petroleum and other fossil materials that destroy the biosphere in their sourcing and when used as directed.
Barrett believes the the Lord Jeebus will return when humans have ruined the earth to call her and the other pure handmaids to heaven.
So she is likely to vote in favor of biosphere destruction every time she gets the chance.


Here’s the Catholic Church on its doctrine regarding all life-other-than-human:

“Brute beasts, not having understanding and therefore not being persons, cannot have any rights. The conclusion is clear. They are not autocentric. They are of the number of THINGS, which are another’s: they are chattels, or cattle. We have no duties to them…. Nor are we bound to any anxious care to make [their] pain as little as may be. Brutes are THINGS in our regard: so far as they are useful to use, they exist for us, not for themselves; and we do right in using them unsparingly for our need and convenience….” Jesuit Joseph Rickaby

“…a Neapolitan peasant, having learned from his parish priest that animals are not ‘moral persons,’ can go home after Mass and with a clear conscience give his donkey a thorough taste of the switch.” – “Men, Beasts, and Gods - A History of Cruelty and Kindness to Animals” – G. Carson

From the official Catechism of the Catholic Church:

“It is contrary to human dignity to cause animals to suffer or die needlessly. IT IS LIKEWISE UNWORTHY to spend money on them that should as a priority go to the relief of human misery. One can love animals; one should not direct to them the affection due only to persons.”

I would completely ignore Catholic Church teachings (I was raised Catholic and exposed to catechism indoctrination all throughout grammar and high school). We should not allow organized religion to hijack the moral discourse and dictate to us who matters and who is excluded from being counted as “chosen.” I will never forget the contempt for animals taught in the classroom by the nuns and priests. This is why I post comments like this, hoping people will WAKE UP and challenge their religious indoctrination! Have faith in your love and compassion for animals and stand strong against religious indoctrination!


I don’t know how the Supreme Court could be more corporate friendly. It has had a corporatist majority for nearly 4 decades, & virtually every decision that has any connection to corporations is decided in favor of the corporations.

The article says he was appointed by Obama to my surprise.

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Hmm, gee, well, then any rule that has, offers, additional cost/health benefit to the environment or otherwise by BLM can no longer be implemented. Every time republicans take control they set out to prove that government doesn’t work.

“When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead
And the White Knight is talking backwards
And the Red Queen’s off with her head
Remember what the Dormouse said
Feed your head, feed your head”

Source: LyricFind

Songwriters: Grace Wing Slick

White Rabbit lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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And to paraphrase trump, "We have the cleanest water and air perhaps ever.

I’ll always remember shrubs “Clear Skies Initiative.”

Are there realistic alternatives?

Leftist hysteria erupts yet again over having to live within the law.

This ruling is not about greenhouse gases or even the environment. It is about restricting the authority to write regulations to those chosen by Congress.

The fear of Barrett by the left is quite understandable. She believes that laws are not to be altered or expanded at the will of unelected officials and that deciding the law is solely the province of legislators.

I don’t really know. I was raised by a generation steeped in the hardships of the Great Depression and WWII and they were very grateful for what they had, even though there were no malls and nowhere close to 31 flavors of ice cream. I hold no nostalgia for the cars that often broke down in the middle of the nowhere in inclement weather and me, sans cellphone, well you get the drift–sometimes it was snow. Goodness, though I do miss never having heard the term “road rage”. The Powers That Be have balkanized society so we don’t sharpen our guillotines. These agencies you mention are populated with all sorts of factions themselves. Pick the right agent and you might get satisfaction; pick the wrong one and you might get on a watch list or worst. You are right to be cynical; it is a survival instinct. Don’t remember to have some fun along the way. My prescription for you, if I may be so bold: try listening to James Taylor’s Secret of Life. Best wishes, WO.


Local farmers seem to find manure sources and/or go back to crop rotation where they let fields lie fallow for a year and plant nitrogen-fixing plants (which take N2 from the atmosphere and transfer it into fertilizer form then sequester it in the soil naturally so it can fertilize future crops until spent). It is what I would term a holistic solution.


The new thread is definitely the Australian one.

I think we are in a whole new ballgame now. Germany is warning of a rising tide of antisemitism which is of course just fascism German style. Canada has its own extremist problems.

My wife is upset with me being so focused on bad news, but I am reminded that men have always gone to war, and I think we are there again.

But thank you for the kind words.

Study Urges Australian Leaders to Guard Against ‘Insidious’ Threat of Right-Wing Extremism