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'Be Afraid—Be Very Afraid': Methane Ruling Seen as Ominous Sign With Barrett Poised to Join Supreme Court

The judge seems to be saying that BLM can’t even regulate waste unless doing so is results in more profit for the corporations generating the pollution. Of course, that’s the same as saying the BLM doesn’t even have the authoritai to regulate waste (in all likelihood, if eliminating waste were more profitable, then corporations would be doing so already).

The BLM ostensibly works for the public, not for corporations. In a sane world the extreme cost of externalities to the public would be a prime consideration…

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In keeping with AGW, emissions and the dire state of our planet-----a recent post from Great Thunberg-----
(at: Greta Thunberg):
I never engage in party politics. But the upcoming US elections is above and beyond all that. From a climate perspective it’s very far from enough and many of you of course supported other candidates. But, I mean…you know…damn! Just get organized and get everyone to vote Biden

On November 3, Vote to End Attacks on Science
Choosing Donald Trump for president is choosing fiction over fact—a fatal mistake:


Joe Biden’s inexcusable/shameful insistence on fracking may backfire. Not sure how much $$ he is getting from fracking industry or if he (his handlers) think this anti-science push for fracking will get him undecided voters but it is, to say the least, very concerning.
The only consolation I have is that Harris has stated her opposition to fracking and Harris could be POTUS.
And there is enough momentum against fracking for protest and civil disobedience if Biden is elected.


Nevertheless, some recent polling suggests (h-ttps://www.climatepower2020.org/new-survey-pennsylvania/) that a stronger stance on fracking by Biden, as adopted by his running mate, Kamala Harris, would play well with most voters in Pennsylvania, who overwhelmingly support strong climate action and clean energy.

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An interesting ,if basically false, representation of both the new proposed regulation and the religious fanatic Trump nominated to the SC. I think the last thing a good citizen would want is a jurist making decisions based upon the bible and ignoring the principle of Stare Decicis.

Yes, reread and found what I had missed earlier, thanks.

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If the cost-benefit analysis of a proposed land management regulation cannot take into account ancillary benefits from improved air quality, and likewise (for consistency), any proposed regulation by the body responsible for air quality cannot take into account ancillary benefits from land use management, then regulation that provided great benefits when all benefits, direct and ancillary, were taken into account, but insufficient benefits when only one side of the ledger was taken into account, could not be enacted by either (and likely any) regulating body. This is madness: corruption or incompetence, take your pick.

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The Methane Dragon: …a reference to the great frozen methane deposits safely “locked” away in the permafrost and in underground deposits…This is no longer the case, the human family is in great peril because of this…

" It is evident that you are entering into a time of great instability and uncertainty in the world, a time where the " Great Waves of change" are beginning to strike the world: resource depletion, environmental degradation, violent weather, growing economic and political instability and the risk of war and conflict over the world’s remaining resources.

It is a time that will represent the results of humanity’s misuse and overuse of the world. It is a time where there will be so many currents and cross currents that it will be impossible to predict exactly how things will turn out"… This Passage is from the New Teachings for humanity, one of which is called:…“Facing an Uncertain and Difficult World” . Our time is running out in responding to the unfolding global emergency. While the Democrats and Republicans waste our time and tax dollars, we are heading into a most uncertain or certain future… You, fellow reader, it is up to you to prepare for this world, for you are on your own.

Somehow I got the impression that Garland, Obama’s would be pick, was no prize …

Just about all laws need to be implemented - fleshed out via regulations that are promulgated by the various agencies tasked with implementing them - proposed by them with periods for public comment. Those agencies are staffed by “unelected officials” - that’s the way the system works and always has …

I heard he is considered to be a moderate. Obama didn’t think it right to replace such a conservative justice as Scalia with a liberal. He supposedly would be a lot more acceptable to the Republicans and would have no trouble passing the hearing. We saw how that worked out.

The Republicans obviously didn’t reciprocate that consideration with their choice.