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'Be Afraid': Largest Corporations Wealthier Than Most Countries


'Be Afraid': Largest Corporations Wealthier Than Most Countries

Nika Knight, staff writer

Corporations are running the world, according to new figures released Monday from the U.K.-based Global Justice Now.

"As multinationals increasingly dominate areas traditionally considered the primary domain of the state, we should be afraid."
—Aisha Dodwell, Global Justice Now


There are lots of ways to fight a Revolution other then with guns and sticks.

Non-cooperation is one of the best.


We need a global uprising to end this horror.

We need to absolutely end the fiction that "corporations" can own the world, can own political parties, can own democracy, can own life, can own "resources," can own the Earth.

We need to live the truth that we are all sharing time and space here, and no one has the "right" to accumulate "wealth" to the point of owning everything. It is a legal construct, a fictional narrative that we enable by accepting it.

Where did all this "wealth" come from? What are the legal and social roots of this "ownership"?

It is bullshit, but it will be the death of us all if we do not collectively act to end it.


Let's start small with an American uprising.


We've gone beyond "Too Big to Fail" and are nearing "Too Big to Regulate." Teddy Roosevelt was the only president in history who had the guts to break up the big corporations, and impose tough regulation on them, and his face is carved on Mt. Rushmore. The big banks should be broken up first, as Bernie Sanders advocated, and returned to Eisenhower-era regulation. We also need tariffs to protect American industry and jobs. The reason the multinationals are ballooning in size is Free Trade, which sounds good but allows cheap goods from slave labor countries to destroy local industry. No advanced economy can maintain prosperity without tariffs. Americans must wean themselves off the cheap Chinese junk they buy at Walmart.


This quote: "At this rate, within a generation we will be living in a world entirely dominated by giant corporations."

is contradicted by this quote: "Britain doesn’t support the process, and has repeatedly vetoed and opposed such proposal in the past,"

The world is already dominated by giant corporations. Reagan was a former GE lobbyist, and suddenly GE was getting massive amounts of defense contract money, with repeated complaints that they weren't even bothering to meet the terms of those contracts. Cheney was a Haliburton exec and suddenly Iraq was destroyed so Haliburton could rebuild it.

Hillary was on Walmart's BoD. What can we expect to happen now? Oh that's right, the democrats are going to raise the minimum wage to $15. Ha.


" Free trade which sounds good."

Free trade like the TPP and Nafta among others, should be called what they are : The freedom of large corporations to screw the rest of us!


Money is a human creation. It's value is assigned it is not inherent. Capiltalism seeks to place a monetary value on everything, which is wrong. In fact, by recognizing the full range of social, relational, spiritual value of our thoughts and actions, not just economic, we realize that wealth has a much broader meaning and we can break away from the mentality of corporate control.


The advent of the corporate state is becoming a reality. Along with that power to govern will come corporatized citizenship for those employed in the corporate state. Company stores, company schools, company housing, company medical etcetc. Orwell didn't envision that dystopia where political states begin to compete with corporate nations.

Somewhere in the far future special categories of workers will arise who work for the necessities ( like shelter, food and security) instead of a direct salary.

Serfs up!!!

What would a world war look like in a world of corporate nations?


It may be time to understand nations can be corrupted. People need to join together in tribes to be able to work against "them". In the US stop letting the "bad ones" use the people for wars of choice the people fight, pay for and suffer while the "bad ones" park their loot off-shore tax-free. Same for the health cartel who kick the sick to the curb to get more profits for themselves. Same for the trade agreements that pretend to legalize vulture capitalism. Most of all for fossil fuels who are taking massive US land to ship their product to the destroyed Gulf for sale off-shore. No profits remain in the US. Only destroyed land and people.


I wish Vonnegut's "Galapagos" were required high school reading.


Not only are corporations wealthier and more powerful than most countries, they are selected elites whose political input is much stronger and pervasively controlling of governance than voter input. They are the royalty of society, where their private meetings with politicians shape legislation secretly, while voters are kept in the dark, subservient to this fascism. Corporations are not just citizens, they are special "people" who are gifted power and influence that is undemocratic.
This is what they call moderate centrist politics.
Bullshit - this is extremism.


The original 'Rollerball' was incredibly prescient. In case others have not seen that brilliant bit of dystopian science fiction film making, it depicted a future where corporate feudalism is the order of the day.


Most of the largest corporate monstrosities would also be out of business if it were a "free market" i.e. same rules for everyone, crimes treated as crimes with imprisonment, no special tax abatements or allowances for tax havens, banks involved in speculative nonsense that jeopardize everyone's mortgages forced to suffer the consequences of their actions. News about Georgetown U recently came out that it sold slaves in the 19th century to avoid bankruptcy. US taxpayers invest a lot of money to get our aristocrats out of trouble.


Fact 1: There are 540 billionaires in the United States with a combined wealth of $2.4 Trillion.

Fact 2: There are 435 Representatives in Congress, 100 Senators, and 5 elected non-voting members of congress (1 each from Wash DC, Puerto Rico, Guam, Virgin Islands, Samoa) for a total of 540 elected members of congress.

Isn't it neat that they can pair off and have a nice dance?


I said it before. What appears to be the corporations number one vehicle to reach the ordinary person in America with the corporations message, we are here to make your life better? Television! Maybe switch to a college radio music station instead, and discuss ideas on sites such as CD.


Americans now spend more time in mobile apps than watching TV. Do you feel that small screen time does less to push the Corporations' message than the large screen? I'm not sure. (CD excepted of course)


You've struck the precise chord that most Americans completely miss and that is that there are far more of us then there are of them.
Overthrowing them by taking their wealth away should be as easy as pie.


A reasonable tax on wealth (a few % per year) above double the median and excluding some retirement savings would be my suggestion for a nice start on that.


That's a very, very conservative approach. No Leftist would accept it.