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Be Best, My Ass

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2019/12/05/be-best-my-ass


Now, contrast her to Eleanor Roosevelt.


Sadly I see no more of which to approve in any White House inhabitant since Reagan. They’ve been self-serving citizen-disdaining, constitution-abusing hypocritical war-criminal bs-ers consistently and exclusively for 40 years.

Lets not pretend that removing only Trump from office in 2020 is what is required either. Congress has sold Our interests out for those same 40 years.


Abby, thank you for saying what I don’t have the energy to say. I am worn smooth and have defaulted to silence.


Mel is dreaming of a “white” Christmas…


As oblivious to cognitive dissonance as to suffering children, Melania touts it as a “beautiful exhibit of patriotism” and then stiffly wanders through the icy landscape like a fading, misplaced soap opera star, occasionally stopping to straighten a bow on a replica of the house she’s about to be evicted from or to sprinkle a fake branch with what viewers deemed either cocaine or “a fresh dusting of crushed marrow of poors.” from second paragraph

Wonderful writing.


But this opening line tops them all:

OK, we are now and truly done with the con man and his vile hooker squatting in the White House

Now tell us what you really think Abby! lol It’s about time someone called out the wicked witch of the White House for what she really is. Some will condemn you for using the ‘H’ word, but simply ignore them, for they are idiots and fools.

I can’t help but think this must be how the majority of German people felt as they slowly watched the Nazis take over their country. Not Here, Not Now.


Evicted your hilarious. They are not going anywhere except in liberal fantasyland. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

TROLL ALERT! Oh and by the way, you are not welcome here. Just go away you spineless rump cultist.


Keep sucking up if you want to, but there’s no way you’re ever getting within sniffing distance of that mess.


Amen my friend, cannot fathom where these like shawn drake come from, other than out of the ass of a fascist. madam trump is nothing to be proud of, no comparison can be made of her against any former first lady, especially Michelle Obama, Laura Bush(she was cool and gracious-not her husband), and most others. So to shawn drake; how about shutting the fuck up and going elsewhere, like back up your favorite fascists ass, which is more than likely the useless djt!


“Today’s first lady is elegant smart and most beautiful”. And also soulless. She been around a very soulless person for too long and it rubbed off on her.I doubt Mrs Obama ever thought it was a good idea to separate kids from their parents.


Given the boor that Trump is I can not think of a single thing that would have attracted Melania to him, other then his money.

So having married the boor for the love of money she is now thrust in the Public eye as “the First Lady” and scrambles to give the impression that she cares for something other than the money. It is not working out so well.


ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ha

this is meant for ellsworthless

WELCOME “them” to our community? You must be kidding! I don’t even know what some of those vile insults mean; some are all too stupidly obvious.

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And early on she stated that she didn’t understand why the family couldn’t make money from the prestige of the wh. What a dope, another worthless, soleless being to pollute that earth and give nothing back


be gone you bottom feeder, you dreg, you waste of space, STFU

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Just in time for another Disney extravaganza based on lots of ice, we have a first lady who’s channeling The Others(from Game of Thrones). Or Elsa off her meds. Waiting for that cape to go sailing off into the ether as she mutters, “I never liked warmth anyway.”


Ok I spit out my coffee on that one. You owe me a screen cleaning! :slight_smile:


i think you are replying oddly to EW. His posts seem to be in agreement with yours.