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Be Best: Put Up A Parking Lot. Or Even Bester, A Cemetery!

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/08/22/be-best-put-parking-lot-or-even-bester-cemetery

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Twitter has grim fun with aerial shots of after

One of those gawdamned headstones had better be for presidunce covidiot!

Stiletto crew for the tennis pavilion

The perfect day for her to put him in that grave she’s digging would be Samhein (Halloween) – it’s too late for the reptardicons to run a different idiot for president, and early enough for him to miss the election!


Oh Come on
There’s a whole slew we should reserve
Give a discount for “Early Occupancy”

Damn straight – like his entire cabinet + appointees + every phuquing elected reptardicon … ooh-ooh, we’re going to need more space – like the tennis pavilion that melantoinette is digging the presidunce’s grave in! If we still need more space let’s just grind them up and spread them on that frigid garden!

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I agree with the “neo-Fascist” look of the garden description. It was exactly what I thought when I saw it. Sterile modernity, like the architecture of Fascist Rome. The only thing missing was a banner of Trumpolini’s face.

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One would’ve expected be best from the Epstein Visa recipient. I’m sorry. I meant Einstein visa.


Hope someone looks into who received this 50 million.


There is most likely a statue being made as we write of the sociopathic stable genius to be installed in the garden.


I am surprised that Melania hasn’t turned the White House into a Whore House yet considering that she is nothing but a gold digging whore herself. And we All know Donald would be just fine with that happening as well. Actually in a sense the Covid Caring Couple have already done so.


We had a TillaTrump rally here in the Port Huron MI area on Saturday. Lots of superspreaders on both water and land. Several of the Trump fans said the same thing, over and over, about small towns and cities. “Oh, I just love them. They’re all full of like-kind people, just like us.” Man, my blood chilled. Then I went to one of my go-to books when I need some help, Thomas Moore’s The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life, the chapter The Particularity of Place.Quote-The collective emotional complex that drives us to homogenize the planet, to make every place comfortably predictable and controllable, seems to derive from a deep insecurity, the kind that motivates us to demand everyone share our precise and narrowly defined beliefs…end of quote.
Since Dr Moore is a Jungian psychologist, and this book was written in the mid-90’s, he didn’t pick up on two extremely important themes. One is racism. Man, those small pure white sunset towns scattered from sea to shining sea are petri dishes breeding racism from generation to generation, along with the push to convert everybody in the world to Christianity. The other theme is American exceptionalism, which demands we ALL be the same, in some dreary uniform world. Kill off the wildlife, pave over and develop all the wild areas, and we all shuffle to the Massa’s tune, all creativity dead.
Melenia is the product of such a culture-Tito’s Yugoslavia. Her dad was a big deal in the party, able to wangle a chain migration to America, only because they were not dark Mittel Europans but nice pale blond ones.
And the folks at our local Trump rally…yup, all Caucasian with the Trump love look.


The one family in the U.S. that truly needs to be evicted!


Wow, all the beautiful colors of the garden are gone. Too much white too. Maybe they should put up a statue of Kermot the Frog. A really big frog statue , with a sign around his neck" It’s not easy being green/"

Trump and his wall-----but he totally failed at keeping a deadly virus out-----and then he has a wife who cannot speak english ??? Who supports this clown??? And their is Trumps sidekick taking millions from the wall and his other sidekick with 7 felonies who just got off. I wonder why people are getting angry. The people in DC are clueless----they think they are safe------there is a lot of anger out here --and what is amazing is that the two corrupt parties brought us here with all there corruption.

I would not dishonor the ground with his carcass.When trump passes he deserves the same consideration that was given to Hermann Goring, cremated and dumped in a muddy ditch.

My thought exactly. I have a large property and have had landscaping done but it didn’t cost even a fraction of $50 million!!!

You are undoubtedly right – if he was buried in the ground nothing would grow there for the rest of time; we should grind him up and dump him in your “muddy ditch!” Or maybe we should repeat what they did to Mussolini – I like the idea of being able to spit on and kick his humongous carcass before they either cremate or grind it up! :-}}}

Well we knew already that she didn’t have good taste.

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