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Be Joyful, Though You Have Considered All the Facts

Be Joyful, Though You Have Considered All the Facts

Okay. So we got pretty fired up by a new year and all, but it turns out the jackass-in-chief is still here, with a vengeance: Hours into 2018, he'd boasted his nuclear button is bigger than N. Korea's, blackmailed Dreamers, threatened to jail opponents and taken credit for planes not falling out of the sky. Still, we hold onto our shiny hope. Behold some fiery haikus, the foulest rant ever, a manifesto to resurrection, and small but mighty Maine's year in resistance, and you will too.


Small hands

Is Abby Zimet a pre-teen? Please, CD, hire an adult for this column.

Hoping is no substitute for doing.

I just got off the phone with my rep’s office. I told her I’d be supporting a primary challenge and then an Independent in the general. I’ll be at her public appearances here in town to ask about her vote for increasing the bloated military budget.

From small Vermont to small Maine: our size does not matter but our persistence, commitment to overthrow all the last vestiges of outmoded and harmful policies matters. Time for starting boycotts, leading to General Strikes and culminating in total, rolling non cooperation.

Love from Vermont!