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Be Progressive, Democrats, Not Merely Liberal


Be Progressive, Democrats, Not Merely Liberal

Raúl Grijalva

When I was elected to the House of Representatives in 2002, the American left found itself in the wilderness. George W. Bush’s approval ratings topped 80 percent. Republicans controlled both chambers of Congress, and the Clinton administration felt like a distant memory.


It is simple people. You either start fighting back, or continue to be enslaved and impoverished.


Contrary to repeated concern expressed in this article for more banking regulation, Bill Clinton and Obama promoted more banking deregulation and taxpayer funded corporate welfare for “investment banking” (verses commercial banking) than other POTUS…until Trump and the current GOP controlled Congress accelerated slashing and burning of regulation and taxation last year.


We will not achieve progressive values with todays Dem party, it’s that simple. So what are we gonna do ?


From the article:
“It’s no accident that progressives today are at the forefront of campaigns for a higher minimum wage, for stiffer bank regulations and government anti-monopoly crackdowns, and for single-payer health care…”

Nowhere do I see mention of non-Democrat progressive ideas such as overturning Citizens United and Buckley v. Valeo (money is NOT speech and corporations are NOT people), reinstating Glass-Steagall, steeply progressive taxation and confiscatory estate taxes, and, nearest and dearest to my heart, ranked choice voting with hand-counting of paper ballots.

And when even one Democrat stands in favor of ending the “two-party” long con and its privileged domination of our electoral process, that person will have won the right to claim the name “progressive.”


It is time for Grijalva and the progressive caucus to form an active block and exercise their real influence as a block within the Democratic party. Given the numbers, nothing can pass without their support. It’s past time to confront and to replace the DNC.


I respect Grijalva as a long-time true progressive voice in the wilderness.

However, this piece gets one of its main points bass-ackwards describing (accurately) that Democrats figured out how to become a majority in the first two Obama years and then tried to figure out what it means to be a Democrat and what to do with it. That’s what’s wrong with the Dems. They continue to remain a “big tent” made of paper mâché and promises, supported by poles of moon-dust.

Unless/until a truly progressive party and/or coalition is built around an actual progressive program that includes and-militarism, anti-imperialism and anti-capitalism, there will be no progressive electoral relevance in the U.S.

The Dem Progressive Caucus, to which both Grijalva and Sanders belong ,became irrelevant long ago because it refused to adopt those positions in addition to the usual “liberal” ones.

And the Dem Party is now so far beyond relevance (except as an agent of co-optation) that it is impossible to “reform.”


Stick together and vote them out!!!


Grijalva left out the most important instance of settling for a half measure when the now majority-supported policy would have paid off: Passing Romneycare and calling it the best they could do.

Obama wrote single-payer advocates out of the process, neglected the bully pulpit and instead let the tea party dominate media appearances, and let conservadems like Baucus, Nelson, Lieberman, and Stupak control the final product. You know, to pass a ‘there are no red states, there are no blue states’ kinda bill.

Then his party took a butt-whopping in 2010 midterms anyway. I mean, damn, if you’re going to take political heat, at least set the stage for a future in which everyone is covered!


You can’t do it when they manipulate the vote tallies. On march 9 of this year they stole another election in the primaries. A congressional seat in Illinois between Dan Lipinski (DINO) and Marie Newman (progressive). The NYT reported that when about 80% of the vote tallies were in, Newman’s vote tally went from 7112 to 4212 in Will county. You can’t beat vote theft at the ballot box. Time to abandon the sinking, rotting ship.


Let’s go beyond raising the minimum wage to $15.00. The Congressional Progressive Caucus calls for increasing the Earned Income Tax Credit. Now, that’s a solution that recognizes the great wealth imbalance caused by the loss of worker wage bargaining power over the past 40 years.


Time for rank choice voting. There is a movement that is starting for this. I had a call the other night from an organizer.


The Democratic party needs to win back the Blue collar worker. Or just the WORKING MAN! They really didn’t have a platform in 2016. “Don’t vote for that guy” wasn’t enough for me! This is why Trump won (even if he was lying)

“Much of Trump’s rise has been based on angry blue collar voters who have seen their JOBS & wages eroded by decades of globalization.” - domestic and foreign! “What people want to see is their standard of living get better, and that has to be the focus.” (And that’s what too much immigration erodes).

For workers between 2000 and 2014, 16 years old and up, the total change in employment was about 8.8 million. Of that, the number of foreign-born workers grew about 6.2 million and for native-born, the number was only 2.6 million.


If you are making $15 an hour you will make $1,200 a month. I don’t even think that’s enough. We have let this go too long. I don’t know if it can be fixed. Too many small companies will not be able to pay a living wage to their employees. Cheap labor has burned that bridge and destroyed our Standard of Living.


When push comes to shove, these weak willed Progressives, like Raúl Grijalva, will totally buckle and support the “Liberals” who in truth are war mongering Neo-Cons and Wall Street toady Neo-Liberals like Hillary Clinton.

Raúl Grijalva did this in 2016.

Listen, these folk who say the Democratic Party is salvageable and “Progressives” need to just work in it to take it over, need to realize what the right wingers learned in taking over the GOP- there is no power to resist until you refuse to endorse, campaign for, contribute to, and vote for enemies of people, like Hillary Clinton, who are wolves in sheep clothing.

Raúl Grijalva gave his loyalty in the end to the wolf. All his protest now are nothing but empty rhetoric, because in the end he’ll ask all those, to whom he now is admonishing to battle for the party to be progressive, to march in lockstep behind a Cory Booker or Kamala Harris, or my worst nightmare, Hillary Clinton, in 2020.

Empty words, that’s all. Sound and fury signifying nothing.


The only thing that makes any difference is who has the Big Money. Despite occasional small victories for the people, the money-power wins in the end.

Money out of politics!

Direct Democracy


I registered Green Party and am working to helping to build it. When I vote for a Green, I tell the Ds and Rs none of the above. At least it feels good to have an alternative.


Agree, but how is this achieved when the corp. Dems control the party, including the primaries.


Agree, I voted Jill Stein in the last election, I’m done voting LOTE. I still believe the greens got the 5% needed, but of coarse no way to prove it since she wasn’t allowed to do a recount.


The enemy is the Democratic Party establishment, the DNC and DCCC. They are the ones fighting against progressive candidates.