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Be Warned, Donald Trump: Ghosts Are Everywhere


Be Warned, Donald Trump: Ghosts Are Everywhere

Michael Winship

“The damned place is haunted, sure as shootin.’”

President Harry Truman wrote that to his wife Bess in 1946. He was talking about the White House. “You and Margie [their daughter Margaret] had better come back and protect me before some of these ghosts carry me off.”


Trump understands how to pander to his fake news addicted base and how to enrich the 1% at the expense of the 99%. He sees no need to understand anything else and never will.


Meaning no pun, or any attempt at humor – This was about as haunting a piece as I’ve ever read. At 75, it brings a lot of history very powerfully forward and I am immersed. And how fitting to quote from David McCullough – there is a book to be read.


Not only is our tiny-fisted prictator retarded, he revels in showing his level of retardation to the entire world! What have our fellow peons done? :scream::cry: