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Beating the US ‘Veto’: Palestinians Need Urgent Protection From Israel


Beating the US ‘Veto’: Palestinians Need Urgent Protection From Israel

Ramzy Baroud

What is taking place in Palestine is not a 'conflict'. We readily utilize the term but, in fact, the word 'conflict' is misleading. It equates between oppressed Palestinians and Israel, a military power that stands in violation of numerous United Nations Resolutions.

It is these ambiguous terminologies that allow the likes of United States UN Ambassador, Nikki Haley, to champion Israel's 'right to defend itself', as if the militarily occupied and colonized Palestinians are the ones threatening the security of their occupier and tormentor.


The accusation of “anti-semitism” has been hijacked by Zionists (and by their oh-so-fickle Christian enablers) and is now generally understood exclusively to mean an irrational fear and hatred of Jews. As such it has been deployed to stifle any criticism of the state of Israel, regardless of merit.

It should be explained at every opportunity that Palestinians, whether Muslim, Christian, atheist
or Jew, ARE Semites—while not all Jewish residents of Israel proper, or settlers in the Occupied Territories, can make that claim—and therefore support for them can not, by definition, be anti-semitic.

With that said, Mr. Baroud’s article is spot-on, especially regarding US complicity in war crimes, and I have only one minor quibble: “reign” is what kings and queens do, while “free rein” is what a horse has when the rider gives it its head.


Would love to have a photo of pouting Haley holding her hand up to support her resolution all by herself. Seems she’s in competition with Trump to be this countries biggest embarrassment.


Just as the Allies went to war against the hitler regime’s crimes against humanity and expansionist policy of liebensraum and its annexation of Austria, the taking of territory by force to be for Germans only.

So too the world should not tolerate similar unilateral annexations or Israel’s version of liebensraum - a racist expansionism into the Occupied Territories, taken by force to be for Jews only. There should be a multinational force to secure the rights of Palestinians, end the slaughters of unarmed civilians by Israel, end the expulsions and ethnic cleansing, take-back the lands taken by force, end the Occupation, and institute a settlement to the premeditated theft of Palestine! If the Israeli racist extremists/terrorists don’t like it, too bad!

There cannot be one law for the world and an exception for Israel!

Of course the world was different then, WWII made a statement on International Law that has been intentionally subverted and forgotten; there also were leaders worthy of the name, and a more educated and informed population that clearly had a more principled morality and sense of right and wrong…


While what is going on at the moment can be characterized as a brutal occupation of the West Bank and a brutal blockade (with the assistance of an Arab country, Egypt) in the historical context this is a conflict. The conflict is easily defined as conflict to the rights to the same land. While both sides have people with different views basically it comes down to two groups both claiming Palestine is their land. The Palestinian claims are based on living in Palestine for centuries. Some Jews have also lived in the area for centuries but most Jews lived in Europe. Jews were very accepted into society in Spain for several hundred years but that ended with the Inquisition which began in Spain in 1492. Jews faced discrimination in much of western and eastern Europe for many centuries and were never accepted into the larger societies. After the idea of returning to Palestine started to actually become a reality the Balfour Declaration was signed by Britain and it declared Palestine to be national home for Jews (without adversely affecting the people who lived there). The League of Nations later adopted the Balfour Declaration and many nations agreed to it. However, afterward there was fighting between the Jews who went to Palestine and the Arabs who lived in Palestine. And both groups successfully drove out the British. Then in 1948 the UN divided the land, forming the countries of Israel and Transjordan. The Arab countries in the region did not accept this action and immediately attacked Israel. A war was fought that Israel won. And many Palestinians fled Israel or were forced out and eventually became Palestinian refugees. There is still a disagreement over whose land it is. That is the conflict. All of the awful things that are taking place are occurring as part of this conflict. A peace agreement is needed to finally resolve this dispute.


Palestinians need “urgent protection” from genocidal, corrupt, and violent leaders like Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and the Palestinian authority who use children as human shields, who steals the lion’s share of western aid for their favored cronies, and who preach hate and terror and death.


If the United States truly supports the “original land settlers” as eternal owners-------( remembering that the Jesubites founded Jerusalem---------then perhaps America should sit down with Native Americans and returned their land to them. Because really America, you are saying the Palestinians are not originators----even more Ironic is that Cyrus the Great ( the beginning source of the rise of Persia as first world power) was the one who gave the Jewish people who were taken off to Babylon the right to leave BABYLON----------and Israel has wanted wants to blow Iran up since forever…what a bunch of ingrates, you turned out to be, Israel. If Cyrus hadn’t allowed the Jewish people to leave Babylon-------George Bush in blowing up ancient Babylon ( Iraq) might have bombed a lot of the Jewish people off the map. Irony, irony wow.


“Lebensraum” like returning Sinai to Egypt in the contect of a peace treaty? Is that what you mean?


Haley is a remarkable hateful vicious vile whorish c-word, a term I VERY rarely use. She actually makes my blood boil more than Phuckabee Sanders, Conway, and Nielsen do…and that’s a lot. They and all their fellow swamp dwellers should be drawn and quartered.


V, thank you VERY much for posting this link to the professor. I’m always interested in finding out about Israelis, especially the military members, who vehemently oppose what Nutenyahoo and his goons are doing. I’m beyond sickened at how they’ve turned into the very Nazis they or their families fled or survived…same with our government and its slide into Nazism …ICE, DHS, and the horrors they’re perpetrating on immigrants.