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Beating Trump, Clinton, the Pope, and Adele... Sanders Leads All for TIME 'Person of the Year'


Beating Trump, Clinton, the Pope, and Adele... Sanders Leads All for TIME 'Person of the Year'

Jon Queally, staff writer

Though the announcement of TIME magazine's 'Person of the Year' designation isn't until next month, it was reported on Monday that the leading contender—at least among the magazine's readership—is Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), the Democratic presidential candidate calling for a 'political revolution' with his grassroots-driven campaign against establishment candidate Hillary Clinton.

According to the magazine:


Go Bernie!

I just sent Team Sanders $100 bucks. You should send him what you can, say $30 since he won't take any money from Wall Street.

He's got a real shot at this thing. The DNC chairwoman Shultz is trying to limit debates from the 26 norm to just a handful to favor Clinton's existing lead. Bern's not allowed to debate outside the DNC by her rules!

Hillary and the Dem Political Machine are trying every dirty trick in the book to marginalize Sanders, but I have a feeling it's going to backfire on them.



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"will announce the winner on December 7".

An interesting anniversary.......................Will Bernie Sanders be Madam Clinton's Pearl Harbour?


Senator Sanders is truly a "breath of fresh air" on both sides of the political campaign. No one comes close to representing THE PEOPLE than he does, bar none! I cast my vote with TIME, have contributed to his campaign and will do all I can to see he gets the Dem nomination and then wins the election! He and E. Warren would make one superb combo!!!


Despite the fact that I vowed never to vote for another Democrat for President after the way Obama has betrayed so many of us, I will vote for Bernie if he can manage to steal the nomination from HRC at the convention ... and steal it is just what he will have to do, given HRC's lock on the party machine. Give them hell, Bernie!


Go Bernie. Voted. :O)


Well, since Bernie won EVERY SINGLE ONLINE POLL after both debates, and media pundits still declared Clinton the winner, if Time follows the rest of MSM they'll ignore the polls and say someone else won.


Good for you. I also send his campaign a monthly contribution and just voted in Time's online reader poll. Sanders was leading Clinton 86 - 14 percent. There is far more support out here for Bernie than the corporate media will ever report.


This really makes me suspect that the CIA Main-Stream Media is faking polls that show Clinton at over 50 percent consistently, and Bernie stuck at only 30 percent. But then again, I suppose I have a suspicious mind ever since they claimed Iraq had WMD's and that turned out to be a conspiratorial fabrication by them.

Read this to see what I'm talking about:

Also there is firm documentation that none of the exit polls matched the actual voting in the 2000 and 2004 elections. So, something isn't adding up...


Bernie can win if progressives turn out to vote.


I am also very suspicious about the validity of these polls, and yes, I do recall the vast discrepancy between the exit polls and the vote counts. And it's incredibly telling that in the most recent poll matchup of Clinton versus any GOP candidate, Clinton loses to ALL OF THEM, except Carly Fiorina, and she's just tried with her. Yet, Bernie Sanders beats every one of them in the same poll. But that doesn't get reported. And the manipulation continues...


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I just watched Bernie's rally in Atlanta online from the Fox theater and the energy from the full house of 4600 was unbelievable. Killer Mike gave a passionate introduction quoting his song about never trusting a preacher or politician but, after spending 5 hours with Bernie earlier in the day, he said he completely trusts Bernie Sanders. When a rapper like Killer Mike--one of the most socially conscious musicians we have--endorses Bernie, it's worth more than the endorsements of 30 Senators who are really just stamping their meal tickets.

All the energy is with Bernie right now and he is becoming more comfortable with his stump speeches by the day, more and more speaking from his heart rather than the script. Last Thursday's democratic socialism speech at Georgetown was easily the most memorable speech of the campaign and may be chronicled as the point in time that Bernie Sanders won the Democratic nomination.


HOPE the computer will let me say hope soooo!


They are doing the same thing they did to Obama in 2008. Until Bernie starts winning votes, they will keep trying to scare us into voting for Hillary. With her history they are sure she will start another war, she advocated for going to war against Syria in 2013. Beat the drums for attacking Serbs in 1999.

You only need to google 2007 presidential polls to see how far she supposedly led Obama by. Debbie Wasserman Schultz didn't want debates, realizing Obama was burying Hillary. She is at it again with Bernie. Dumb Debbie, can't win for losing. Lol

Funny thing is, individual diners have given him almost as much as Hillary's super pacs and individual donors, together. Strange that the 'poll' don't notice that. Luckily, super pacs still can't vote. But the math just doesn't add up. Same thing happened with Obama, but then he let them in and left her in the dust.


Obama did Not betray us. Voters betrayed him by voting for GOP for Senate. That he still managed to accomplish all he got done, is simply amazing.
Hopefully everyone will vote straight Democratic ticket with Bernie. He can't do what he wants to do, all alone.


He was crowing that they were thinking about him at some of his rallies. He has a rather exaggerated opinion of his own importance. Bernie is leading in the polls on there.


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