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Beautiful Sight in Hamburg as Thousands of Students March in Latest Climate Strike

Beautiful Sight in Hamburg as Thousands of Students March in Latest Climate Strike

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Swedish teen activist Greta Thunberg was among the thousands of students marching in Hamburg, Germany on Friday as part of a continuing global wave of weekly climate strikes.

The youth, said Greenpeace Germany, "are fed up with politicians' blah blah and call for #ClimateAction!"

We could have a global cease -fire of war. Spend the savings to help mitigate climate change.
Of course that means us.


100% of the progressives that post here and on this thread probably agree with that quote from Greenpeace Germany but how to stop corrupt politicians like Dianne F. who says we cannot afford the financial, commitment to the Green New Deal? Or Trump who lies and calls it a “Chinese Hoax” ( well maybe not, he is so climate stupid! )

Beautiful sight in Hamburg, but we need this beautiful sight to become worldwide…before it is too late.

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There is no existence or “civilization” except that which cooperates with Nature –

Destroying Nature is destroying all life on the planet – including human life.

We are part of a system being destroyed by Capitalism which is suicidal –
and insanities of greed.


" We are part of the earth and it is part of us…whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons of the earth."
Chief Seattle 1857.


Dear Climate Change Activist Youth in Europe,

Help, we are being held hostage by a violent, far right wing government cult intent on committing mass murder via global warming - in the process killing themselves, as is typical in the U.S.

Worse, a right liberal cult of enablers has already submitted to their rule by ‘seeing their point of view’ and passively acceding to the ‘Final Rapture Purification Judgement’ ceremony they plan to inflict on the planet.

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Probably a lot of FC St. Pauli supporters there. Seriously, the world needs more Hamburgs. Hope this is the first of many (and ever larger) youth marches worldwide to spur governments to action.

baska –

There is NO right wing which is liberal – that would be like saying that “up” is “down.”
There are fake liberals who work for corporations and fascism – that’s all.
And they pocket the money, rewards and power the fascists bestow on them.
“How much are you worth, Pelosi?”