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Because 'Americans Need Relief Now' From 'Insane' Drug Costs, Sanders to Join Diabetics on Trip to Canada for Affordable Insulin

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/11/because-americans-need-relief-now-insane-drug-costs-sanders-join-diabetics-trip


Here’s Reason #351 why average citizens want a Sanders presidency—and why Brand D “leadership” will do everything in its power to prevent it, even if it means another four years of Pwesident Twump.


“The pharmaceutical companies brought in $69 billion in profit. That is insane and it is a real threat to the health of every American.”

For this reason, the fact that the oosa healthcare is based on profit only, I refuse to participate in the system any longer.


Remember when progressive stalwarts Obama, Byedone, and Pelosi fought tooth and nail to make negotiating with Big Pharma for lower drug prices a RomneyCare priority?

Yeah, me neither.


When details become available, let those of us in Detroit know. We’d be glad to support Bernie and group at a press conference, send-off, or whatever. – caltman at rocketmail.com


It’s canny of Sanders to hop on that bus! I’m one of those poor slobs who’s experienced getting gouged big-time over insulin (for a dear little diabetic dog, now deceased). For people like me, there are few issues that matter more than the price of insulin. There’s absolutely no reason the USA (or even one of its states or municipalities) couldn’t manufacture insulin at a price less than one twentieth of what we poor slobs have to pay. It really hurts, people. People are perishing in attempts to economize on insulin. In the 21st century, at the gurgling core of the the greatest Empire the world has ever known. Too bad you got diabetes at the wrong time, folks. I guess you’ll just have to die, given the tenor of the times.


Damn, yo, I’ll get on that bus just to get over to Windsor for some medicine called Brador.

See you at the protest outside the Fox Theater debate on the 28th. You can’t miss me – I’ll be the aging long-hair hippie blowing pot smoke at Amy Klobuchar.


The Media only wants to portray Bernie a a crazy old man who is a Socialist Commie Terrorist.

They promote the idea that Health Care provided by Employers and meagerly dispensed by Private Insurance Companies is a Good Thing.

They never seem to do their homework to reveal how we are being ripped off by the Health Care INDUSTRY and the Drug Peddlers.

Pay attention to Bernie Goddammit he has been leading us to the Promised Land with regard to decent Health Care for ALL Americans.

It is time to abandon the Republican philosophy of EVERY MAN FOR THEMSELVES and get a Group Policy that covers ALL Americans, it is called MEDICARE FOR ALL.


The drug companies (manufacturers, brokers, and Pharmacies) should be forced to sell their products at the sane or lower prices than what people pay in Canada, Mexico, and Great Britain. Average the prices out and set a limit on our prices. Why should we pay more than other countries. Neither party has done anything about this but the prices are lot’s worse since Trump was elected.
The current pricing scheme is unmitigated corruption.


And where do Canadians go for drugs? Mexico…same meds but even cheaper!

Algodones, MX !!!

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"Congress needs to do something about this," Sanders added, "and when I am president we will lower the cost of prescription drugs."

First: Remove all patents on drugs
Second: Nationalize the drug companies



Gotta LOVE Bernie!!!

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Me gusta Los Algodones but beware of one insecure shitty man at Border Control.

This is a perfect example to highlight the abuse the American citizens suffer at the hands or their own government.

Whether you support Bernie Sanders or not you have to admire his consistent effort on this issue.

Remember when Dubya Bush said, “But we don’t know for certain that Canadian drugs are safe for Americans.” This was a lie. He knew it was a lie. Bush has also yet to answer for his fake cowboy war crimes, torture and all the rest. He should be reviled by the American people and the world for his duplicity.