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Because 'Another World Is Possible,' Tens of Thousands of Activists Stage Climate Mobilizations in Germany

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/21/because-another-world-possible-tens-thousands-activists-stage-climate-mobilizations

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Possible, but not LIKELY! https://www.academia.edu/38670281/Why_We_Are_Doomed_and_Why_Thats_a_Good_Thing_

“This is a first,” 350 said, “and it sends a powerful message to the German government—if leaders don’t act with urgency required by the climate crisis, we’re prepared to take the future into our own hands!”

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Been thinking lately -

The ‘collapse’ of societies, civilizations, countries, whatever -

Wrong word.

Better, in my own mind at least - ‘implosion’.

One country or perhaps region will implode first, followed by others, a domino type effect.

We don’t know who will be first, or the timing.

Maybe it has already happened, and only in hindsight will the fog clear.

Perhaps Venezuela has already imploded?

Certainly India, parts of South America (Sao Paulo…), parts of China, pieces of the USA, sections of Europe, etc… - are high on the list as climate change gathers force.

The Gulf Stream is slowing apparently, threatening a minor version of the Younger Dryas - or is it a minor version.

It may not depress temperatures in the Greenland area as dramatically or by as much, but then thirteen thousand years ago there were no civilizations to disrupt - no supply lines to affect - no seven and a half billion people almost totally dependent on agriculture, falling water tables and disappearing mountain water towers.

No - this will be epic, by any standards one wishes to use.

Unless these young people can actually ‘take matters into their own hands’ - epic will happen.

An ‘implosion’ implies a failure of the center - an energy vacuum - that sounds about right politically.

We have now the technology to bring CO2 down immediately -

We lack the will, just now at any rate.


If you want no more fossil fuel “peaker” stations covering for the times when photovoltaic power and wind power aren’t generating, then you must do the following:

A. Demand it!

B. Whenever a politician says “The technology isn’t there”, de-elect that particular politician, right out the door. That particular politician simply has gum on her shoe so that she can’t move very fast. That particular politician is directly sandbagging the research and development needed to replace the peak demand fossil fuel plants.

If they wanted to replace peaking plants, #1 on my list would be a variant of solar power towers that never kills any birds. It’s quite straightforward to get rid of the bird kill problem. Simply focus no more than five or ten suns at a time into mirrored tunnels where the sunlight can be piped directly to solar heat storage, for evening electric generation. No bird can possibly fly through more than five or ten reflected suns at a time, and so the bird population is pretty safe.

I have my own patented direct competitor to this system. Whatever.


Kudos to all of the Counties overseas. They are far ahead of us on Rallies and Protests. Here we’re to busy stuffing our faces with Fast Food and playing video games.


Mmmm Doughnuts Mmmm

That’s right… Lots of doughnuts for everyone.

Hi manysummits:
I read that 100 million people in India are in danger of NO water being available because the monsoon season that is usually there is not there, and will it even get there?
Since the breadbasket of the U.S. had 500 tornadoes this year—I’m wondering where the food will come from?
As bees are disappearing, will we all be in fields trying to hand pollinate?
Maybe wars and bombs and planes spewing fuel need to ratchet down to see if that will improve things. And too, as the planet heats, more unknown diseases will come to America-----if the wars don’t get us then the warring will. This is probably not a good time to live in a congested city.: (

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And yet now, for the first time in history, more than half the race live in cities - many so big as to be bulls-eye targets for supply disruptions.

On a climbing trip down to southern Mexico back in '03, I looked at the map, and tried to avoid Mexico City in my car, passing some 20 km north of it.

Didn’t work, and we were ensnared in the worst traffic jam of my life. It was so bad we were running out of gas and I was actually thinking of making camp beside the highway before that happened, when a Mexican police car pulled someone over for a ticket. I took the opportunity to convey in my paltry Spanish that we were ‘perdido’, lost. The police escorted us personally out of the maze so that we could continue our journey. Never forgot that act of kindness.

But the point is, these megacities are a pox on humankind and the human spirit and desire to be free.

And they represent something I think - the total loss of any ability to control growth.

Since I read with horror and foreboding, and I like to think, scientific acumen, the “Limits to Growth” when it was published in 1972, and have since seen virtually every one of their graphs on track for the almost fifty years since - well - “stupid is as stupid does”, just like Forrest says.

The breadbasket of the USA is overly and increasingly dependent upon the Ogallala aquifer, which is fast depleting, never to return in any meaningful human and societal timeframe.

Tokyo is not that far from nuclear Fukushima, where can they go ?

There are four hundred plus nuclear plants running, most of them ancient and effectively, we will not be able to afford to shut them down and decommission them, and look after their waste for the long term that is required - and there is no plan.

Built on credit, for the few in control, our so called economic system is a massive Ponzi sheme, a casino, only the House are too ignorant and self-centered, effectively immature and irresponsible, to know that they and theirs will go down too.

And the voting public?

What public>

Is that a meaningful phrase?

Abused, traumatized, ignorant and religious, the public lives in a fantasy world, increasingly a ‘Matrix’ like horror show world, and seems incapable of change - just like the Easter Islanders, and this despite our vaunted internet and forums like this, where self-proclaimed ‘progressives’ are just that -self-proclaimed, and utterly non-progressive - just scared.

Detached from the land as much as the elite - wrong almost always.

I can never figure out how Lincoln maintained his faith in humanity, nor JFK.

I admire both men - their courage.

We assassinated them both - we - the people.

I watch the jet stream every day like a hawk circling high overhead, and have for some twenty five years and counting. Something has noticeably changed/

It looks like ‘critical slowing down’ to me, a pilot as well as a mountaineer.

It feels just like the awful feeling you get just before your wing stalls, and you change state.

Let’s hope a Neil Armstrong is at the controls when this happens at the planetary scale, because these yahoo politicians are not up to the task, nor is the populace.

I think the various National Academies of the Sciences needs to take over - worldwide.

What are the chances - do you think - of that happening ?


Just found this - basically -

Where will the water come from?

In his 2011 book Bird on Fire, the New York University sociologist Andrew Ross branded Phoenix the least sustainable city in the world.

  • from this article:

Phoenix, Arizona -

Scientists are just people. Just as likely to be religiously driven, politically one-sided, money-hunngry as the next person.
May the best candidate lead us. Greta talks big picture and ideals. I’d like to see action items from someone with the where-with-all to make it happen.
Where i am, tidy veggie gardens are replacing lawns and landscape in many places. China will withstand any trade deals and be ready to deal with climate problems. I’d like to suggest to them to plant coconuts and bananas here, but who would believe me that it is gonna be that hot.

Guess what? This part of China has bees. Several hives are hanging from trees from my campus and along the road to Chengdu. Honey is for sale but ive heard that pesticide is in honey heavily so i dont buy any. A bee just came in my window and licked my Coke bottle. Honest. If the flowers are toxic feed em Coke?

Scientists would believe you, for the most part, which is what counts.

Others would believe you, people who could be scientists, but aren’t, for life reasons.

So you are in China, ‘on the road to Chengdu’ !

Sounds like a movie title from the past (Hope & Crosby…)

And at a campus.

Hmm ?

I think for me a scientist is a representational person - a type of caricature - one who has chosen to study the natural world out of some deep instinct.

Undoubtedly a scientist is a human being - needs to eat and feed his or her family - is subject to some of the same pressures as non-scientists, money, security, fame and glory…

But in my longish life - they and the professional military are the ones I relate to most closely. Especially the field grade scientists and soldiers.

That’s an interesting combination !

And science is the only academic pursuit which has never let me down, so far.

Grounded in the natural world, subject to immediate feedbacks, but mostly it’s that initial choice thing -

In choosing science or the military - well - actions do speak louder than words I believe.

The Vedic peoples of India seem to me to have had a science bent, unlike their devolved descendants, the Hindus.

From the Aitareya Brahmana, Rig Veda VII.18.12.30 (I think?)

"There is no happiness for the man who does not travel,

Living in the society of men, the best man becomes a sinner,

For Indra is the friend of the traveler, therefore wander."

Hmm ?

Maybe that’s the real touchstone - the lone traveler?

As to the theme of this thread - "Another World is Possible"

Maybe Fridtjof Nansen (1861-1930), the polar explorer and Nobel Peace Prize winner had it right?

"deliverance will not come from the rushing, noisy centers of civilization;
it will come from the lonely places."

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Hi manysummits:
Thank you for the Phoenix article …and sigh— and I feel sad for all the people moving to the desert and all that water that’s not going to last.
I was shocked when I read that the Colorado river doesn’t empty into the Pacific anymore—and that it hasn’t done that for a long time. I also read today that the Mr Bernhardt , now of the Interior and , a prior lobbyist for Cadiz, got Cadiz an exemption with BLM ----but the court intervened and Cadiz is not allowed to drain 16 billion gallons of water from the Mojave because that would kill the Mojave , it’s animal life and the Joshua trees too. The insanity and greed of bought government won’t helping any of us : ( Water==== we will live like the Rime of the Ancient Mariner------“water water everywhere—and not a drop to drink-”----because it’s all been polluted by fracking! : ( I wonder if people will end up cutting all the saguaro cacti down—because they have water—but maybe they are suffering too!

“Another world is possible”
The solution is not always in the opposite direction of every facet of the problem. Some of the best scientists the US has now are Hindus.
And not all scientists work in the direction of progress. Many scientists in the current period work for Monsanto, big pharma, and the Department of Defense-related work–perhaps the majority, and may be required to provide certain outcomes. My brother was contracted to do the statistical work for a sea turtle study and was told to use whichever formulaic method which would provide a specific conclusion.

Travel? It is good to know what is out there, I guess, makes you appreciate home more. I traveveled to several cities and outside countries last year looking for work, but at my age the visas are very hard to get, plus friends and acquaintances are very good to have. So i came back home to my little Chinese city.

Another CD article talks about converting a military shipbuilder into an environmental-protection machine workshop.

Yes, there are different kinds of suffering, aren’t there ?
Thank you for reminding me of that !

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Yes - of course you are right.

I had forgotten that.

I suppose I am fixated on the few scientists of like temperament & interest.

I wish you well in your “little Chinese city”.