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Because 'BP Fueling Climate Emergency': Greenpeace Blockades London HQ With Massive Metal Containers

Because 'BP Fueling Climate Emergency': Greenpeace Blockades London HQ With Massive Metal Containers

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In an effort to pressure the multinational fossil fuel giant BP to stop oil and gas exploration that is "fueling a climate emergency," Greenpeace activists early Monday blockaded the company's London headquarters with massive metal containers weighing several tons each.


Great action greenpeace!! It’s not only b.p.:


Some doubting progressives should take note that nonviolent protest and civil disobedience is gearing up around the world as actions like these and other protests show people just how serious the fight to save our climate really is.

A great number of people who are as yet taken in by the Fox Newses of the world still do not realize the gravity and the immediacy of the situation. All blessings and kudos to Greenpeace for bringing the issue of climate change into the evening news! Bravo and Brava Greenpeace!


Interesting to see that Common Dreams is the only news outlet I could find to report this. The Guardian, Yahoo, our corrupt networks of NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox are too corporate friendly.



Maybe this needs to be taken to the so-called press so they might just have to report on it.

Just more proof that what we need is an all out non-violent war on the greedy, and devastating to our planet fossil, fuel industries… because they own the MSM!

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Fox Noise keeping viewers in the dark about the realities of climate changes is like not preparing for the worst when it come to contagious diseases. Or mismanaging our forests and other natural resources.
It looks like the profiteers refuse to be wise.

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Yes. Nigeria has been plagued by Royal Dutch Shell for decades. But for its malign influence, Ken Saro-Wiwa and many others might still be alive.

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Sickening, isn’t it.

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Literally as well as figuratively.

But it says in the article that this is taken from The Guardian, right near the beginning.

sorry…skipped over that.

Barton is right. I cannot find any mention of this on bbc, guardian or independent. I did a search and came up with this:


The Guardian has the article buried. You won’t find it under UK news nor under Environmental news. And you won’t find it anywhere else where it would be expected to be found. If you bring up the linked article from The Guardian you will see that they stuck it in the Business section. It doesn’t look like business news. It absolutely looks like front page environmental news to me.

With successful protest and striking comes another era of the Pinkertons.
Another reason we might want to keep our guns for a while.

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Just follow the link in the CD article, it will take you to the item in the Guardian.

I wouldn;t say the article is ‘buried’ because it’s in the business section. That’s as valid, well read and important a section as any of the others. CD staff found it and based this article around it. It’s also on the BBC viz:

And ITV viz:

Plus many other UK news oulets. maybe the problem is you’re based in the US so google/search engines give differently screened results…