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'Because Business as Usual Is a Death Sentence': Youth Climate Strikers in Their Own Words

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/20/because-business-usual-death-sentence-youth-climate-strikers-their-own-words

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I have a feeling inside–it’s not exactly uncomfortable, but definitely unfamiliar–I’ve got it! It’s hope!

(And, unlike the period between Obama’s election and his first cabinet picks, I think this is going to last!)

Bless you all, young people, and may you have long, happy lives on a healthy and peaceful planet.


A one day strike is less than useless. A worldwide strike with no end until…
MIGHT… probably not, but MIGHT have some small impact… but probably not.


Excellent side effects to this Strike. Civics 101
Some of the best things about this are that these kids - at a very early age - are learning how to STRIKE and learning that a STRIKE can be a good thing. They will remember this and be proud of this all of their lives. It will be easier for them next time!
Bet we see them striking for this and other reasons more often in the future.

It was easier to participate in subsequent anti-Vietnam war protests - after the first one!
Go kids!

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‘Because Business as Usual Is a Death Sentence’

Good reason to NOT support Status Quo Joe ByeDone or any of the Wall Street supported crowd


I also have some hope as the young people under 30 are woke. This is why they support Bernie in large numbers. There is also a group spreading across the country of elders taking up climate action.


It’s coming…


Wikileaks is helping:



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I could not agree…MORE! Bernie is the only choice for progressives, but unfortunately, Biden is the only choice of Wall Street and the DNC.

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Corporations are not people.
Money is not speech .

We have corporations that are literally killing us and having our lives irrevocably damaged for short term profit .
Humans must go long and just observe what serves us .
It’s so simple.

Your assessment …in completely…ON POINT …

…and Biden has the Super Delegates, so…

However, it ain’t over till it’s over

I like your positive attitude! Believe me, I never wanted to be more wrong.

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We would need this kind of action everyday all day. Shutting down all commerce to get this done. This is nothing to the oligarchs. Hedge funds,bankers and CEO’s of oil companies don’t care until you squeeze those bastards profits. The politicians world wide would need crowds outside of their mansions. One need only look at the yellow vest movement in France. Out in the streets every weekend and I don’t see anything that has changed.