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Because 'Corporate Media Ignores Rise of Oligarchy,' Sanders Says Rest of Us Must Fill the Void


Because 'Corporate Media Ignores Rise of Oligarchy,' Sanders Says Rest of Us Must Fill the Void

Jake Johnson, staff writer

How often does the corporate media cover skyrocketing inequality, crippling poverty, and the pernicious influence of corporate cash on the American political system?


Sanders, Warren, and Moore all strongly supported Hillary Clinton in the general election. They should be listened to. And Michael Moore is generally funny. He is probably included to get an audience.


Corporate media do not ignore the rise of oligarchy, they facilitate it. It is part of their business plan.


Sanders did NOT “strongly support” the B**ch! He was coerced is some way we may never know.


Actually his election in the democratic party as we all know was stolen. When you are in the machine of the 2 parties and want to stay in the party you endorse the party even though against your values.


Or to put it another way: when you are in a corrupt party; if you want to stay in a corrupt party… you have to be corrupt too!


Anyone know when this Town Hall will be:

The very fact that Sanders—along with his fellow Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and filmmaker Michael Moore—is hosting the town hall in partnership with organizations like NowThis and The Young Turks rather than one of America’s major television networks is itself a testament to the Vermont senator’s contention that “corporate media has failed to let the American people fully understand the economic forces shaping their lives.”

But while “the corporate media ignores the rise of oligarchy,” Sanders insists that “the rest of us” have a responsibility to keep these issues at the center of American political discourse.

“We need to ask the hard questions that the corporate media fails to ask: who owns America, and who has the political power? Why, in the richest country in the history of the world are so many Americans living in poverty? What are the forces that have caused the American middle class, once the envy of the world, to decline precipitously?” Sanders writes. “We need to hear from struggling Americans whose stories are rarely told in newspapers or television.”

This liberal nation is totally reliant now on ONLY Bernie Sanders to articulate the liberal agenda and the programs which provide the solutions to our many proble3ms … *

We are a LIBERAL nation without a voice to represent us because we are without a free press…

Our CIA/Corporate media is not going to challenge itself – it is up to us to ask how was our free press taken from us and how do we get it back.

See: Operation Mockingbird which was being put in place two years before the end of WWII.
And it’s companion Operations Paperclip and Gladio

There are major issues, as well, of right wing “illegal wars of aggression” carried out by our
US/CIA in its corruption which are no where being challenged – including control of nuclear
weapons and threats of their use.
Americans are 84% anti-war and anti-MIC and internationally numbers are even higher.
Both national parties and Elites very well know this and continue the will of the people.

In further trying to understand how the US has been delivered to fascism, what has long
been suspected of the conclusion of WWII seems to be being confirmed: That is that two
years before the end of WWII, the Pentagon was making deals with higher ups in Germany’s
See: “Hitler: Suicide or Survivor”/History Channel where, as much other research shows,
it is likely that the US/Pentagon made deals to allow Hitler and higher ups to escape, with $$.
The Vatican was also involved in the escape and in securing new passports and protecting them.
Like also involved in transporting $$ for them. And a lot of $$ was required for their plans for the
rise of the Fourth Reich and to produce nuclear weapons. We defeated Germany but not fascism.
Our Elites here in the US were very involved in recruiting Hitler and funding the rise of the Nazis.
Two years before the end of WWII, drafts of programs to destroy our free press, to bring ex-Nazix
into the US to found the CIA, to funnel them into the FBI and other government agencies – and
to “hot spots” around the world were being written. Also (Gladio) to ensure that only right wing
governments would rise in countries over which the US had influence and control at the end of
WWII - Germany, Japan, Italy, France. The US actually resurrected the Mafia in Italy to ensure
that the plans would go forward as they desired them to.

  • The very effective work of Michael Moore must also be acknowledged, of course.


No politician is going to be 100% what you want but this country of course would be way better w Sanders as president. I grew up during Vietnam war and that party has been corrupt my whole life. There are some good ones but Sanders was offered the green party slot but wanted to stay in the corrupt party.


There are people behind the scenes that own the politicians and have for a long time. They are called the owners of the country and they do not include you or me


Bernie is like a man trying to convey a truth he is not allowed to speak. He hints around without ever coming full out and denouncing the Corporate Fascists that now control everything. It’s like they are holding something over him, and while allowed to do a little ranting he is being held at bay by some higher threat. Am I making any sense here???


Like George Carlin said: “Its a big club, and you ain’t in it”


Dan we are on the same page-- in fact if bernie had wanted a real movement he could have had Jill Stein’s spot which was offered to him. That would have been something


That I believe is the truth of it my friend. The deep state knows it all…when we eat, what we eat, the friends we have, what we buy…hell they have algorithms that predict what we will do before we actually do it. They have something on everyone…and they use it when they have to. They let Bernie rant and rave…to a point, but he is still shackled by something. .


Representative democracy has led to the present reality.

Life on Earth is about to cease. Representative democracy doesn’t work.

So what will almost 14 billion year-old cosmic powered biology manifest as human do next?


"Because DINO establishment Ignores Rise of Oligarchy, Sanders Says Rest of Us Must Fill the Void
“We need to ask the hard questions why the DINO party fails to reform” YES, we must!

The DINO establishment Clinton/Obama sellout wing undermines and actually sabotages progressive-radical representation and change - as they did with Bernies drive FOR the people - the 99% - and a sustainable egalitarian non wage and interest/debt-slave future. That sellout faction is complicit and part of the scam - the good cop to R’Con trump scum bad (pathological) cop!
As much as Bernie Sanders champions for the little guy, gal, and family, so does the DINO establishment champions for vulture capitalism and big-money usury and status quo, defending their own self interest and positions - they really don’t want all that much change, only window dressing and weak jive.

Bernie is doing what he can in the political wilderness, and there is no great force or public pressure to create a third party, or the potential one can succeed anytime soon under present political, corrupt media, big-money domination of “elections” - so whats a radical revolutionary to do to smash the system?

Smash the DP entrenched quislings, throw-out weak complicit scum like Schumer and the others to give “the most popular politician in America” a chance to effect some real change…if only…


Like I said in defense of some other similar comment about another person in this situation stating that his comments were not totally covering the issue.

Maybe he wants to stay alive and be somewhat effective.


“Our CIA/Corporate media is not going to challenge itself – it is up to us to ask how was our free press taken from us and how do we get it back.”

The world is now in such a state of entropic destruction that efforts to repair our planet and our health will require the masses to start and finish the job.

It is very rare to have any leader who is interested in anything other that power and the riches that power provides and whenever one does come into being that person is assassinated

It does seem that the youth of today are becoming more aware of the state of the world and why we are going downward.


UNLESS, as Dan and I have stated, there is SOMETHING that we don’t know about that is hanging over his head. Threat? In this fucking country? OF COURSE THAT IS A REAL POSSIBILITY!!!

I will NEVER understand why he didn’t go Green, unless caucusing with the corrupt Damnocrats for decades has created a sort of twisted reality in his head.

He ain’t perfect and, personally, I was so pissed at his supporting the corrupt party in general, and Killery, in particular, that I swore I’d never support or defend him again. HOWEVER…look around, people. What are the other choices!!!


Yes, in the land of the blind the one eyed man is king.


Representative democracy has not led to the present reality of fascism.

From the beginning, Our Founders ensured that democracy would fail as they
created an Elite-Patriarchy while proclaiming “All are equal.” They also endowed
it with land grants, gave them huge influence and control over our people’s
government, the nation’s wealth and natural resources. Our Founders supported
an oligarchy from the beginning.

Our Founders continued the Genocide against the native people to steal their land
and natural resources. And that war on the native people continues even today.

Our Founders saved and supported the system of Slavery for Elites like them which
guaranteed the Civil War which further benefitted them by splitting the nation into
two camps of hatred which still echo today, preventing the nation from being united
against them.

If that wasn’t enough Silver Spoons in the mouths of Elites, Our Founders also rigged
our government to ensure that representative government would be under represented
in the USHR where what we have is the equivalent of 1 representative for more than
750,000 voters. In the UK it is 1 representative for every 75,000 voters. The numbers
were protested at the time. To further ensure that the public wouldn’t be sufficiently
represented, Our Founders create an elite chamber in the Senate which is the brakes on
the House. Everything was done to ensure that democracy would not prevail here.

It was a Elite/fascist system from the very beginning in betrayal of the people of the nation.