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Because Corporate Money 'Poisoning Our Democracy,' Progressives Launch #FixDemocracyNow Campaign


Because Corporate Money 'Poisoning Our Democracy,' Progressives Launch #FixDemocracyNow Campaign

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

More than a dozen progressive groups, led by Every Voice, have launched a nationwide week-long campaign calling on political candidates at all levels of government to "fix democracy by strengthening voting rights, fighting big money through small-donor elections, and ending gerrymandering."


“A new nationwide initiative calls for campaign finance reform, stronger voting rights, and an end to gerrymandering”

How? Buy it from those who “own the place”?



There is ALWAYS turnover. Those who “own the place” are also mortal, and that has an expiration date. It requires everyone who REASONS (instead of just “believing”) to keep the pressure up to restore a REASONABLE government to functional power. Your solution just trades one kind of corruption for another, and that’s NO solution!


I hope you are right. However, history shows that any representative can be corrupted. It can take bribery or threats, but our oligarchy overlords have the money and power to bend people to their will, assassinate or destroy their friends, family and legacy.


The bottom line here is we don’t HAVE democracy to reform it. The Constitution curtailed democracy and created the oligarchy that is now taking full advantage of the power James Madison, the Constitution’s sole author, gave to the “rich and wellborn” - his class. Three out of four of the first US Presidents were slave owners, including George Washington, who also worked big time in the genocide of the First Americans. We’re talking about a SOB who wasn’t worth shooting being propagandized into “Father of our country.”

Who is this “our”?

A while back, a bunch of politically innocent bystanders wanted people to give them money to reverse Citizens United. That effort had NO chance of succeeding, because amending the Constitution will never come out of a Congress controlled by the GOP or a Democratic Party ALSO owned by oligarchs. This is normal, for an oligarchic republic.

We have to GET democracy before we can “reform” it, and if we get a democracy we have to reform right off the bat, it just shows what the oligarchs who run the DNC did with their voice in the discourse, because the Democratic Party is oligarchic, which is far, far from democratic.

God better hurry up with that miracle.

What reality are these folks living in? Sometimes illusions are dangerous, and, now that the people are finally able to talk about climate change (but not global warming, which is completely undeniable - climate change is a result of global warming, but the source of global warming is the oligarchs’s predatory corporations, so we mustn’t connect the dots there) it’s so we don’t learn about the Sixth Mass Extinction, which is now taking out large mammals mainly because humans overshot the carrying capacity of the biosphere by a factor of 4, going on 5. Of five humans on Earth, four of them are no longer ecologically supported. Think about that. Was it democracy that got us here, staring extinction in the face if we happen to look? As “dumbed down” as the oligarchs (like Betsy DeVos) saw as favorable to them, democracy would give them a voice to add to the consensus for the question, “What the fuck are we going to do now?”

We’re not having that discussion, because we don’t have the democracy that would enable it, and we don’t have the community to build democracy from the grassroots - by design. The oligarchs can pay the best lawyers and accountants and economists to tell them how to hold power despite the odds against it, even in an oligarchy.

I favor direct democracy, where those affected by a decision make that decision. Our odds of getting there before human overpopulation takes us all extinct are, in my view, so long they step all over the toes of the impossible. But we have to try, anyway.

Reform won’t make anyone’s dreams come true. Build community and democracy and ecological literacy, and do it in a hurry.

Because no amount of reforming an oligarchy will get us to democracy. Read the history of the Constitution. People chew me up when I write about it. That’s how strong a convincing illusion can be.

Life on this planet is in a helluva shape because oligarchs killed democracy on June 21, 1788, when they ratified the Constitution to save the investment they had in slaves. For that, any hope of regaining democracy dimmed. We haven’t come close.

So don’t buy this pig in a poke. Insist on true democracy, now, in case we have time to get our dumb asses (for allowing oligarchs to get us here) out of the 6ME.

Is God listening?


We need a catchy slogan to encapsule the whole nasty business. Fortunately one already exists. Namely ‘Who Pays the Piper Calls the Tune’. As long as the rich and big business finances the politicians, the politicians will do what they ask. And we must then get over the idea that somehow, by having someone else finance the politicians we are getting a great deal. No, their financing must come from our taxes and the amounts be legislated for each class of politicians. It doesn’t have to cost the obscene amounts now spent. The last step is to legislate severe jail time for anyone breaking this law. Otherwise we may as well sit on a chair with our head between our knees and kiss our fundus goodby. It is not just some conspiracy theory nonsense. We are actually destroying our planet in so far as it is habitable by humans.


Isn’t it just slightly possible that it is the existence of the corporation itself that is doing us in?


The guidelines for this program are so vague that a newborn child could merit surveillance and subsequent tagging as a potential terrorist.