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Because Covid-19 Leaving Detention Centers 'On Fire,' Judge Orders Release of Children Held by ICE

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/27/because-covid-19-leaving-detention-centers-fire-judge-orders-release-children-held


"Support Families, Not Fascism."


That photo is a few years old now and I still can’t look at it. way too disturbing.


“we’re hoping that ICE will do the humane thing, and not separate any child from their parents” - Yeah, well, that’s like looking for chicken-lips - that hate-boat has sailed and the trump regime cronies are making profits from the dehumanization and racism they live and breath; they don’t give a shite about children, their parents, the nation or planet! Scum of the Earth victimizing whoever they can, or are ordered-to, to justify their pathetic treasonous existence, kinda like the stasi or gestapo - another arm of trump regime goon squads…


Release the prisoners at the border!

And then the private prisons and ICE can get their share of the stimulus moneys.


‘Detention Centers’ (private prisons) are multi-billion dollar a year sop, run and owned by wall street front companies.

Babies held prisoner for ransom, more than a few are American citizens separated from their parents.


The article gets ahead of me by disputing the headline: Genocide by pandemic proxy in our concentration camps will certainly continue, along with consequent exposure of most all border-guard staff working these hellholes, and their whole communities. Same inherently genocidal (and contagiously backfiring) policy and practice in our prisons, such as San Quentin just across the Bay from where I write. The microbe, lovingly nurtured like a fussy mushroom inside prison walls, will not stay inside – and so Marin County is our latest viral hotspot.

This is who we are, and how we do it: Leading the whole world in per-capita deaths from COVID-19, along with UK & Sweden, at around 2.56 per million, per day:


That works out to 35 COVID-19 deaths per hour, here in USA: one every minute and three-quarters.


Yeah, Trumps S.S. has given them a whole new meaning about protecting the President.


I wonder what it takes for anyone to become an ICE employee? Although I’m not sure what ICE stands for—it must surely be for Insanely Corrupt Employees.
I remember hearing about kids who were taken from their families and sent out to other people’s homes. Who were these,“people,” and were all the children returned?


It’s time for all those endangered guards and staff at those prisons to go on strike. After they release the prisoners, of course. What a capitalistic mess.

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Exactly - cruelty for its own sake isn’t a trait that’s unique to governmental higher-ups like Trump or McConnell.

We need to find out exactly which congress people are tasked with providing oversight and provide civilian oversight. This requires protest, too. Lives have been lost behind these bars.

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That was my first thought also.

Not likely, most prison guards are want-to-be cops.

When I worked in construction on a prison construction project during the 80s the warden told me that after a guard has been on the job for a year, if the guards were not wearing uniforms it is hard to distinguish between them and the inmates. Its the law of the jungle in prison for guards and inmates.

Although Trump claimed during his Tulsa rally that Obama built the cages wherein ICE is imprisoning children, I recall articles in both the mainstream media and CD during the Dubya regime detailing how Dubya’s hit men awarded fast track contracts to their cronies to build those cages at ten times what they should have cost.

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Wasn’t there a huge effort to remove ICE from having any control over this?

And, finally, one JUDGE with a conscience was found?

This is sheer insanity – a situation where racists in government are finding ways to
torture POC by using our government to do so –

and so many involved are children!!!

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Just as I don’t understand where the people released from prison are supposed to go if they don’t have families to return to, and how they’re supposed to survive without jobs, I don’t understand where the released children will go if their parents are not also released, and even if they are released to their parents, where the whole family will go. Is anyone guiding or helping these people? Why do I somehow doubt it?


We don’t know who has those children.
And no, highly unlikely the children were returned to their parents.

What happens to all the teen children taken, who then come of age while in U.S. custody?
Turned out onto streets?
Taken to adult detention center?
Or…is our country now involved in human sex trafficking?
Equal chances it could be ANY of the above under Trump’s Regime of Evil Things! How could the USA fall so far down this hellhole in 4 short years? The sheer magnitude of criminality that has now become (yawn) normalcy under Trump & GOP crooked enablers is shocking, to all but us I guess. It seems the media & so, the public, are rather non-plussed about it all, AS IF it’s “normal”. Never accept this as normal! It is sickeningly abnormal & we must act to ensure this sh*t does NOT repeat itself!!
To that end, we must remove Trump AND his GOP cohorts on Nov. 3rd…& Impeach Barr now ~ he is too dangerous to leave alone! If Senate GPP dares repeat what they did with Trump’s Impeachment, let that be ON THEM & let everyone see them for the filthy scum they really are! Get rid of them ALL! If we leave any in office, like black mold, will quickly spread & infect the rest of Congress! We need a fresh start & to do that we must PURGE the corrupted GOP…ASAP! Next round, we start on any Dems that start acting crooked, or not willing to clean-up the Halls of Congress.

“If they aren’t part of the solution, then they’re part of the problem!”


Hi EcipisingSun:

I wonder what prisons would be !ike if there were NO For PROFIT Prisons in America?
And WHO were the agencies that supposedly took care of the Chi!dren who were moved somewhere else. I wonder if the UN has a group who looks into what happens to chi!dren? Probably not as kids in Pa!estine, Syria, and Yemen seem to have no one looking out for them either. But then—stories of abuse in childcare in America are rampant----maybe the word has tiurned into Madeyn A!bright-----and somehow ki!!ng kids is worth it? : (

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peaceandlove –

And – they’re being released from a system that has TORTURED THEM
for most of the year now –

Will there really be any help expected or coming from any but their families
struggling to help them? Hard to imagine –

This government has turned to stinking rot over a half century of right wing/fascist control.

We’re also beginning to get a clearer look at Trump’s supporters –

What could be clearer than their insanity in regard to MASKS and the VIRUS?

Revolution over a people’s government trying (despite Trump) to keep the nation safe
from widespread disease?

and now –


Isn’t this the issue that’s the center piece of the Trump presidency?

Most notably in regard to reproductive freedom, it is “Christianity’s” obsession with
birth control and abortion – as represented in the interests of the Vatican’s RCC here
and it’s “White male supremacist teachings” – that makes clear its underpinning of
Elite/Patriarchy and its continuing anti-female campaign.

For 2,000 years, “Christianity” has spread its HATRED for Women, Jews, Native people,
Africa and Africans, Homosexuals and many others across the globe.

End the licenses to exploit all Nature on this planet - “Man’s Dominion Over Nature” BS.

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