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Because 'Everything Is on Fire,' Nearly 1,000 Amazon Workers Pledge to Walk Out and Join Global Climate Strike on Sept. 20

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/09/because-everything-fire-nearly-1000-amazon-workers-pledge-walk-out-and-join-global

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This is why amazon is holding that job fair…he does not intend to let those employees come back the next day. None of their badges will work. Fight on people!!!
Bernie 2020. The only real climate plan.


The richest man in the world has me worried. Look at photo’s of him, his eyes do not focus together. He has the knowledge and skills to make life better for all of us but instead his greed consumes him. He is one scary dude. Let’s hope enough people walk out to shut him and amazon down. I realize people need a pay check but what good is it when there is no life worth living?


Let’s put things in perspective. 940 of 647,000 employees. 0.14% of employees are walking out. This won’t even be a blip, given than on average, 2% of employees call in sick on a given day.


Tonight, Sept. 9, 7pm ET:

That is “benevolent billionaires” in general. When you amass that much money you become completely detached from normal people. There is no such thing as a “moral billionaire”. To amass that much wealth is inherently immoral.


Let’s put things in perspective. One woman, Rosa Parks, set in train the Montgomery Bus Boycott.


FDR managed to turn some folk’s inside out. I have not lost hope.

Almost everyone of them in top tech positions has sold their sole to become rich, whether it’s our climate or the Security State, they don’t seem to have a moral compass.

Hi Ditton:
I have never bought anything from Amazon, although sadly my friends have and that’s where they often get my birthday and holiday presents—: ( And I do use the presents----but then, when I look at a picture of him, I see something completely different and rude. His eyes bother me also, but —he has a very long neck and his ears and bald head make him look like a real dick----and that’s what I see— dick that is screwing the People and the Planet. : (

Bezos hasn’t gotten where he is because of any principles related to the public good.

And let’s see just how much Wash Post covers this strike. Any bets? They’re doing their damndest to torpedo that upstart radical, Sanders again, just like in 2016.

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I look at that statement and winch. I am of the age that should claim responsibility for such a thing. Teach your children well, well, we didn’t. Did we?

giggle giggle choke on my cookie :-))) Yes, he is that also but seriously, look at his eyes and where they focus. trump has the same problem. What is it?

Wealth is neither moral nor immoral. What you do with it is what matters.

“well, we didn’t. Did we?”
I believe most of the common people of the world have. I’m reminded of the story here at CD last week about the young man helping his classmate through a scary first day at school. Or the story I read today, about a young man (7-8 years old) who used the money he had saved for a trip to Disney World, to buy food for the survivors of Dorian in the Bahamas, because he couldn’t stand the thought of these people going hungry. These are the stories that make me believe there is hope for mankind yet.
The people of the 1% (tech industries included), IMHO don’t seem to be wired the same as the rest of us. The injustices of the world doesn’t, for what ever reason, give them pause. I suppose that’s why they are at the top of the financial world, they will lie, cheat, and steal to get there, actions that most of us wont do, except when we are desperate.

Checked out your website a couple of weeks ago, very awesome Gilbert, you’ve done an amazing job with it. You may have already thought of this, but as I was looking at it, I thought you should send this information to every member of congress. Just a thought.

I have seen studies concerning this left right divide and there is a biological difference in how the brain works. It is hard wired, these polar opposites. I’m not clear on whether education makes a difference either. Show 2 people the same picture and they will see a difference image. This may be one of the biggest reasons why we are so divided as a country today. I’ll have to do some digging for these studies and I may have some on my Hate page already. Thank you for your kind words concerning my blog. I have sent links to pages to some in government and I am looked at in an odd light because I don’t practice politics, I live it, it’s genetic, it’s in my DNA and I don’t have a choice. So I never get a direct reply from anyone but I see what pages were read and where they came from. :-))) it’s odd to be an artifact from a museum :-)))

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This is not correct, and minimizes the many people who fought for civil rights. Rosa Parks is the one who goes down in history, but she was not by any means a standalone figure. There were many heroes lost to history. This is the danger with the Superman Theory, that one person can save the world. It’s part of the same propaganda that creates a divide and conquer strategy. Why work together when one person can do it all?

A more in-depth look at the Montgomery Bus Boycott and some others who helped…


And Amazon should have complete authority to fire all of them tomorrow for their ridiculous demands.

Bezos didn’t create a charity with Amazon (which your idea of supporting the “public good” entails). The reality, which is the beauty of a market economy, is that he created Amazon to make money and yet he’s improved the lives of millions, if not billions of people, through what his company provides. Amazon has improved global prosperity more than possibly any other company of the last 50 years except for maybe Microsoft.

The system let’s him,our cultural stories are the problem.
We must have a maximum wage ,until we are sufficiently evolved to share our abundance.
Some laws are necessary at this time .