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Because 'Everything Is on Fire,' Nearly 1,000 Amazon Workers Pledge to Walk Out and Join Global Climate Strike on Sept. 20

Great stardust, I commend that.

I never said she did it alone. That is false. But ignoring or minimizing her role is absurd.

Nope. If all business was conducted in concert with the public good, and all governance reflected that, there’d be little (possibly, no) need for “charity”, now, would there?

I didn’t imply therefore, that Bezos should have created a charity.

Your claim that he’s improved the lives of millions/billions of people and global prosperity is simple hogwash.

There is no way to evaluate such a sweeping statement, taken as is out of the context of the big picture in which Amazon Bezos operates. Is monopolization a good thing - even if in the short term it makes more products more easily available? What about the effects on local/smaller businesses and the communities of which they’re part? Is horizontal consolidation also good? Is it good for notions of an independent, free press and democratic ideals that oligarchy controls the flow of information?
And oh how easily you dismiss the well-documented complaints of so many of Amazon’s workers!

I have an idea: why don’t you go to work in one of their warehouses and then report back about just how wonderful he is to work for?

Huh? That’s literally what you said. “One woman…,” which is factually incorrect.

“But ignoring or minimizing her role is absurd.”

Did I do that? Who minimized her role? My only goal here, is to point out that the actual history seems to be more impactful, than our propagandized history. My point is that a group effort is more likely to be successful, but this false history keeps us from organizing in successful, meaningful ways.

I say nothing about working for Amazon. I hear it’s horrible. But unlike in your communist paradise in which a benevolent dictator, like our friendly leaders Stalin and Mao, gets to decide for us by force what is and isn’t the public good, in a free market a worker has the right to either strike if he doesn’t like where he works or simply work somewhere else.

Your world in which the entire economy is supposedly run for the “public good” is simply communism. Sorry but when you go to the extremes I’m forced to remind you of the 100 million deaths due to communism.

Hi Ditton: oh I think he and Trump focus on something lost in their childhoods—kind of like that Citizen Kane movie when the only thing that really mattered was a sled named Rosebud.
I think that weirdly— both Trump and Amazon man Bezos are focusing back on something which none of us can see----and so their eyes are open but clouded and what they think they aim for, they really can’t see. They are 2 very sad men who see value only in power, but their true eyes are clouded with regret. : (

Ah, I see. The same old reductionist lie, that one who points out the deficiencies and harms of a capitalist or of the system that the capitalists have ginned up must be a communist, and in love with Stalin, et al.

Get over it: the world isn’t black and white. Choices aren’t merely binary in scope. Not one progressive I know (and that’s a large number) idealizes any communist regime or totalitarian system of any kind. We believe in democracy and will continue fighting those whose greed has led them to its dismantling.

Further, re.

: that’s funny because you had just said that Bezos

[quote=“trftctvor, post:19, topic:67680”]
improved the lives of millions, if not billions of people,
[/quote] .
So I guess it’s just fine that hundreds of thousands of people live miserable lives …as long as you & others can save a few bucks and a bit of time shopping.

I don’t know but it is rather odd.

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It’s that old hedonistic calculus - if 100,000 people increase they misery by “x”, but 1,000,000 people decrease their misery by 0.11x, net misery is decreased, and everyone wins!

The flaw of Utilitarianism is that it all depends on which group you’re in.