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Because 'Fossil Fuel Industry Doesn't Care,' Scores Arrested in Attempt to Shut Down New England Coal Plant

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/29/because-fossil-fuel-industry-doesnt-care-scores-arrested-attempt-shut-down-new


Shut it down–that should be our aim. Total, non cooperation.


…Climate, criminal felons cannot be tolerated, this is terrorism by default and the culprits, (CEO’S) need some goddamn JAIL TIME. When is this supposed to happen, phk these twunts…And BTW, where the HELL is everyone, this article has been up here six hours…give us some feedback…

Trumping I think.

Time Magazine has their new issue entirely devoted to Climate -

2050: The Fight for Earth

I’m one third of the way thru it - excellent - every article so far - and wide ranging - an idea generator.

Seems appropriate as these good citizens get arrested ~


Too busy Trumping. Exactly.
Trump is being used, again, as the Pied Piper to take the lemmings off the climate cliff.

Meanwhile the war for “oil” goes on:

Is it promoting the ripping up kf ecosystems to build a massive infrastructure if renewBkes…so we can run …cazi os… and build stadiums a.nd stupid plastic stuff?? I mean…In other words…to continue on with our CAPITALIST …CONSUMER DRIVEN SOCIETY?? .I suppose…we can build some renewables some renewasbkes… for hospitals and such…but…does every one here…k ow…for instance…it takes 53 disiel trucks full of cement to build the foundation kf one windmill?? Just one… I…DO NOT WANT to conti ur with fossil fuels. But neither fmdo I want us to believe we can fix the TWO EXISTENTIAL PREDICAMENTS. of Climate Change and The Zixth Mass Extinction…by build a MASS global renewable infrastructure…we have ramped the Earth enough… she cannot take any more…we need LESS of every thing…not more…

Reminds us that we need to take action for the worlds sake. Our citizens joined the returning Vietnam War veterans to stop any more of us being sent to die for an immoral cause.
“We can do it.”

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WTF I was sure the last word here was going to be the “U.S.A.”

“It’s a political world” Bob Dylan

Given Dylan’s clear voice you may want to review the lyrics first.

Not sure i get your drift.

I think maybe we’re having a Howard Beale Network moment from 1976

So you haven’t read the issue, like Adam - OK - that is your choice.

Looks like. James Kunstler’s post today reproduces a letter to Congress by William J. Clinton in which the Ukraine and the US can do, apparently, exactly what Trump has done. At least that’s the way Kunstler sees it. I am a distant Canadian, and it is difficult for me to grasp the relish you Americans seem to take in endlessly talking politics. So I will simply post a link to Kunstlers blog, and you can judge much better than I:

OK - I’ll try and be more helpful.

No, the Time magazine special is exactly what it says it is, "2050: The Fight for Earth"

It is not impartial, but leans heavily towards ‘this is really bad !’

Greta and George Monbiot made a three minute video recently, the theme being

Protect - Restore - Fund ~

My own mantra is similar: Protect - Restore - Enough and Not More ~

  • Set aside 50% of the planet for Nature
  • Rights for the Environment
  • Breast feed until three - space the children out as nature intended
  • Learn to eat real food
  • Bring CO2 back down to ca 350 ppm asap

If we set out on the road to these five points, we will already have won, because we will again be thinking.

Referring to the link.
“The Saudi prince says oil prices could be unimaginably high unless the the world acts to deter Iran.”
I was ready for it to say, "unless the world acts to deter AMERICA.
That was a surprise for me, that’s all.