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Because God Brought Us Here


Because God Brought Us Here

Up to 6,000 refugees fenced and hunkered in at the quagmire that is Calais' Jungle will spend Friday's International Migrants Day much like any other - mightily striving to maintain their hope and will and families amidst muddy uncertainty. With help from Banksy, aid groups and newly created "postcards to the future" wryly dubbed "Wish We Weren't Here" - and despite growing hostility from locals and police - they vow, "We are going to pass."


This is the future people, this is it for ALL OF US.. EVENTUALLY.... They did nothing in Paris... they will do nothing in the future... ask Hansen, ask McPherson... ask any REAL CLIMATE SCIENTIST OR PHYSICIST OR BIOLOGIST ETC... THEY DID N O T H I N G.... I am angry.... I am very ANGRY.... we all have been EXTRMELY MANIPULATED.... for a long time now... the top will survive for a good while and will do all sorts of things to try to make it beyond that.... I listened to NPR and they we "critiquing" GAMES ... (ha) ....saying that there were Apocalyptic scenarios etc... genetic engineering to help humans survive in the post Apocalypse... First of all I do not agree with human genetic engineering... but, they will only do it for two groups.. .the rich will get to do it ....AFTER they experiment on the poor... because they will be trying to engineer the "perfect" soldier.... we know ... they are probably doing it already... once they hone the process then the rich will PAY ... their children will be SUPERHUMAN ... and ... well they THINK they will survive... I doubt it.... AND JUST THINK OF THE MONSTERS THAT WILL BE CREATED IN THAT WHOLE PROCESS....
many of you here will poopoo what I have described... IT IS ONLY ONE SCENARIO.... but, I do believe NOW that this type of future is what we are looking at .... NOW THAT THIS COP21 IS FINISHED... they probably won't even have any more and it is TOO LATE ANYWAY...


The UK - where up to 15% of the present population were born abroad, and 25% of births in England &Wales are to mothers born abroad.
The mood here is increasingly hostile to further in-migration whether it's from EU countries (the vast majority over past 10 or so years) or further afield. Witness the huge share of the vote (which thankfully didn't translate to MPs) that went to UKIP in the May General Election. Because of treaties the government can't prevent EU migration (tho Cameron et al are trying to change things) so are being harsh over migrants and refugees so as to be seen as 'tough' on the issue.
After years of austerity policies imposed on most British citizens (as per US, the exact opposite for those already wealthy), people have seen their incomes fall, resources thinly spread (especially affordable housing, healthcare, school places, etc) and no honest policies from either major political party. Too many of them are willing to protest vote for further right wing parties.


It's quite surprising (to me) that so few Really Smart People in England are even talking about what's being done to them.


Are you saying Corbyn is dishonest? He has the policies, he just doesn't have the support, and also, unfortunately, all the media, including the disgraceful anti-Corbyn put-the-boot-in-at-any-opportunity BBC, against him.


Eh? Who do you mean?


Not anyone you'll have heard of, just ordinary smart people like those found around here. Not anyone famous.


Corbyn wasn't the leader of Labour back in May when all the disillusioned fools voted for the KIPpers and the Eton front. IMO Miliband was also a victim of the press barons (tho he was weaker in many areas - captured by so-called 'Progress'?).


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Sorry, thought you were speaking of the present situation. I agree Milliband was also a victim of bad press, though I also thought he was a bit too spin-doctored, Tory lite, in the 'dishonest' (calculated) way you mentioned to appeal to many. I'd rather have a refreshing honesty, like Corbyn where you know what is what. People are sick of focus group politics. I think the way the press & BBC attack Corbyn is almost comically extreme. It got so absurd I emailed the BBC saying good reporting of the floods in Cumbria but I look forward with interest to how they will manage to blame them on Jeremy.


You only have to consider how the bbc reports on Saudi, China, Israel/Palestine and Corbyn to see that whatever their charter might say someone/thing else is pulling the strings. Some kind of ideological capture has happened - more so than in the past.


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The fact that BBC news has, since 2013, been controlled by former Murdoch employee and part time Tory spin doctor James Harding might have something to do with it.


Don't forget also former spin doctor Purnell! He and Harding being ardent zionists. And the Middle East desk has Israeli Rafi Berg. There'll be a bunch of others thinking more of future rewards (maybe honours in the form of titles?) than they do of their responsibility to accuracy and honesty in news product.


And even the newsreaders and so-called 'journalists' (snigger) are suspect. Ultra biased Joanna Gosling, for example, is married to Craig Oliver, who is British Prime Minister David Cameron's Head of Communications. BBC news has being quietly inflitrated by a Tory mafia.