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Because 'GoFundMe Becoming One of the Most Popular Insurance Plans' in US, Jayapal Introduces Medicare for All Bill


Because 'GoFundMe Becoming One of the Most Popular Insurance Plans' in US, Jayapal Introduces Medicare for All Bill

Jon Queally, staff writer

Surrounded by fellow co-sponsors and scores of supporters, Rep. Pramila Jayapal officially introduced the 'Medicare for All Act of 2019' on Tuesday, arguing that the nation's for-profit system has failed its people and the time for a more affordable and universal



GoFundMe has been my GOP-loving in laws’ defacto insurance for at least the past three years and they think its wonderful even though they don’t always get much money out of it.

Although I have been anxiously awaiting the “wonderful health care” Trump has been promising since the 2016 primaries, perhaps I should have assumed that he meant that GoFundMe IS the GOP plan ?



Ask your conservative friends if they have done their taxes yet. Ask them about that Republican middle-class “tax cut” that just turned out to be “tax deferment”?

Each time a Republican voter is reminded that they were swindled by their own party, an angel gets it’s wings.



Too many of those “Republican voters” keep falling for the GOP accusing Democrats for perpetrating the GOP’s atrocities ever since Saint Ron serially blamed Democrats for enacting his regressive agenda.

Seeing how most of those voters don’t know the difference between tax withholding and actual taxation I would not expect many of them will drill down for facts any more than they ever have.

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The irony of Right Wingers mocking Sanders comments on breadlines in Nicaragua even as US Citizens line up at Food Banks for food or use Gofundme to pay for medical procedures resonates.



The most important election is not the one in November next year, but the one within the Democratic Party. Card carrying members will soon find out if the Party will elect someone who represents them, or if it will be another corporate sponsored candidate that represents Wall Street. If it is the latter, the election in November becomes meaningless. In fact I would have to say that more war is more likely under a Clinton/Pelosi/Biden presidency than under a Trump presidency. That is indeed a truly scary conclusion!
Everybody who reads Common Dreams must join the Democratic Party just to make sure that we have a chance to end the endless stream of failed, corporate candidates that the Party has been pumping out for generations. With States across the country enacting legislation to either ban or severely restrict third party candidates, the duopoly is digging its heels in for the final coup de grace to permanently deny Americans a populist candidate that represents the needs and aspirations of the 99%.
The waffling by mainstream Blue Dog Democrats such as Pelosi or Clinton for their acceptance of a Medicare-for-all bill is an excellent opportunity for everyone to see where their allegiance lies. Card carrying members may be able to overcome the rigged system (super delegates is an excellent example of the ‘rigged system’) and actually put a Progressive candidate on the 2019 ticket. If we can’t force the Democratic party to accept the will of the people, then we might as well accept that the U.S. is no longer a democracy and that maybe violent revolution will be the only alternative available for us to be free ourselves from corporate enslavement.
I will join the Party today and keep my progress (or lack of!) posted on CD as I try to join the throngs of people committed to establishing a functioning democracy through non-violence. Wish me luck because honestly… I have no idea if this is feasible or not!



Just got over a bout of cancer myself. Single payer is real for people like myself in ways it isn’t for empty people on TV. For a number of reasons, many of them are so distant from those outside of their bubble that they have lost a good amount of humanity and empathy. I am simply road kill for private insurance companies. I am one election away from being thrown to the wolves, and my only protection is pathetic and corrupt Democrats, which gives me no comfort. In Canada, it next to impossible to openly call for the dismantling of Medicare and to call for a system like ours. The same is true of systems like the NHS systems in the UK, which have problems of a different kind (like the right wing underfunding the system and there being a real funding gap that they refuse to address). If politicians started to push for the dismantling of the NHS and for a system like ours, there would be revolts. The right has been undermining the NHS, but the result is moving from what is essentially a fully socialized system to something like the Canadian system. The same would happen here. Once we got single payer, it would work infinitely better than what exists and it would be impossible to call to reverse it. Medicare has not been undermined like the ACA has. Privatized and inferior portions of what is called Medicare have been created, but the idea of just dismantling the thing is far more difficult than doing the same to the ACA, although portions of the ACA are also very popular. Like the pre-existing conditions, which the right is now challenging too in court anyway.

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space –

Good to see this going forward – and as some may recall Clinton proposed putting
57 year olds in Medicare. The most threatened ages (like children) should be put in
first. And, we must certainly fight for a system based in prevention not cure.
And minus any middlemen between the citizen and our health care professionals.
Insurance companies must be eliminated from the health care system.

What we have to remember is while citizens actually have been harmed, no matter
who wins this time around, Elites will win again –

When Elites get large tax cuts, so do our Elites in Congress.
How much did Pelosi and Feinstein “win” with Trump’s tax cuts?

PS: Think we can also expect AARP to be against this as a new system should be
FULL COVERAGE for all health care. Including Dental, Eyeglasses, whatever.
And whatever incidentals such as crutches or walkers might be required.
Plus, home care. I’d love to see care offered to assist any mother at home with a
newborn who may need it – and of course a return to midwifery.
And that Medicare would FULLY cover any lenses recommended by an ophthalmologist
where patients need cataract removal.



By the way, the profit motive is of course a huge issue. But we on the left have to pay more attention to complexity. One of the problems with all privatized systems is complexity. With a multi-payer system, there are multiple companies, each offering their own plans. That means that healthcare providers and companies have to set aside money just to manage the complexity. More administrative staff to manage paperwork, more time on the phone talking with insurance companies, more time spent by consumers going over this or that plan, more time by accountants managing the complexity, more money spent on lawyers to make sense of the system. Single payer simplifies the system. Governments can lessen some of that with price controls, but that is difficult in a system like ours, especially with a legal system stacked with right wing lunatics. So, regardless of the government’s role in price controls, complexity means money has to be set aside to manage the complexity. In our system, as much as a third of all expenditures deal with managing the complexity of the system, which is a big reason why this system is so inefficient.

An example of this was given by the recent governor of Illinois, Rauner, a right wing billionaire asshole. He was talking about Medicaid in the state, which is actually a privatized managed care thing more than single payer. He said that one of the problems was the large number of plans, and he recommended lessening the options. Less options meant less complexity, and less system-wide inefficiencies. This was a right winger, mind you, and he didn’t say that with single payer in mind. But the point stands. More complexity at the system level equals more inefficiencies, and there are inefficiencies at the institutional level as well that make the system inefficient (profits, marketing and lobbying costs, high executive pay, high administrative overhead, etc.). A 2010 WHO study showed that the administrative overhead in private healthcare systems was, worldwide, three times higher than in public systems, for these reasons. It is why the privatized Chilean pension system is far more inefficient than our own Social Security administration.

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Not an overall reply to your comments —

But with so many nations having health care systems, there should be plenty of examples
out there for us to follow as guidelines. And to profit from their mistakes, if there were or
are any. And, imo, all of the national systems should be studied and we would use the
best of their benefits.

Right now Americans are paying for a luxury health care system such as Switzerland’s …
but the care isn’t be delivered.



Yeah, there are a multitude of examples in other countries. All single payer systems cost less, have less overhead, don’t have our social costs, job lock, etc. There are multi-payer systems in other countries like the Netherlands, Switzerland and Singapore that achieve universal access. All have their own problems, complexity again, and I think the idea of going once again through negotiations in order to set up some complex public-private system similar to the ACA gives me the chills. Why go through that again to set up an overly complex system that will be vulnerable to a wide range of legal challenges? The Swiss systems is largely privatized, which is why the right likes it, but it involves the state doing lots of things the right doesn’t. So, they would likely undermine the stuff they don’t like, support the rest, and we are then back to where we started. We already have Medicare, the VA and Medicaid. We could simply expand already existing public systems, which are far less complex and not liable to the same type of legal challenges as some complicated public-private ACA like hybrid system.



Right – it should absolutely be Medicare4All, presume Medicaid would go?
And whatever positive things in the VA system should be adopted for Medicare4All.

But there are also a lot of things the French do for citizens which would be worthwhile.

Keep in mind they will fear bringing the children with Autism into the system because
it will demand an honest look at vaccines.

We’re destroying the herd immunity we once had here because parents cannot pass
on to their children an alleged immunity they gain from vaccines.

Dammit – those alleged “immunities” don’t even last very long for them for those
getting the shot – boosters of every kind are required over and again.