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Because 'Good Planets Are Hard to Find,' Rebellion for Mother Earth Leads to Mass Arrests in UK

Because 'Good Planets Are Hard to Find,' Rebellion for Mother Earth Leads to Mass Arrests in UK

Jon Queally, staff writer

Mass arrests resulted on Saturday as thousands of people and members of the 'Extinction Rebellion' movement—for "the first time in living memory"—shut down the five main bridges of central London in the name of saving the planet, and those who live upon it, from destructive over-consumption, runaway greenhouse gas emissions, and the ongoing failure of global leaders to address the compounding and intensifying threats.


Gaia bless you all, and thank you for your service.


I’ll second that.
We talk about the predatory activity going after natural resources, but far from being appreciated as broadly and clearly as it should, is the media predation via market research and advertising ginning the gears that prey on the short time we live on this planet. WORK! as the system orders or be derided as _________ (fill in the blank)

Traditional and Indigenous peoples have been collaborating for decades to create records of their oral wisdom and practices. Their traditionally occupied lands are LIVING ENCYCLOPEDIAS with cultivated elders. Yet this equivalent, in many ways, of a virtual Library of Alexandria of our age remains largely unknown and the genocides are carried out by corporations and their political lackeys.

This is emblematic of our challenge. Heavens people can’t even cross the political divides,and we all know how destructive the mass media is about other forms of diversity. If you can give it a name, they go after it like a junkyard dog.

Some sites worth exploring:
Monga Bay environmental and conservation news from around the world
Indigenous Environmental Network

Cultural Survival - There are 370 million Indigenous people, belonging to 5,000 different groups, in 90 countries, speaking 4,000 languages. Indigenous communities have resisted discriminatory colonial powers, extractive industries, and corporate greed with tremendous resilience, courage, and skill, but their protests are too often ignored by governments and corporations.

Survival International


Great to hear these protesters chant, “Exxon Mobil, BP, Shell, take your filth and go to hell!” People are starting to really see what’s going on and what’s going on is terrifying, horrific and genocidal.


I gave up the car ten years ago. It took a little getting used to, but I would never go back from public transport - and I’m in a relatively under-served area. We MUST choose limits and shape lives around them - otherwise we are slaves to a failed model.


That’s great. I live in a big city, so I don’t need a car, but everything I use and touch has its source in fossil fuels. It’s going to be an extremely painful transition to clean energy for the entire world, if we can do it.


BLAH BLAH BLAH>>>> “Humanity finds itself embroiled in an event unprecedented in its history. One which, unless immediately addressed, will catapult us further into the destruction of all we hold dear: this nation, its peoples, our ecosystems and the future of generations to come,”

Heterosexist nonsense. Why do heterosexuals think this is all about them and their damn children?

That is exactly what is causing this problem.

Also the earth is not your mother. The earth is a planet and the ecology of the planet does not care one bit about your children.

Do something for once because it’s rational and spare us the cult of natalism.

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The image of the protester with the “Save Mother Earth” sign is kind of ironic in that he is kneeling on what looks to be a petroleum based mat with his hands in petroleum based plastic pipes.

Nevertheless, it is great to see these people putting their bodies on the line.

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I haven’t owned a car since '08 when I totaled it. I use buses and get a ride, in a car, to the supermarket about twice a month.


Yes, but nothing compared to our painful future world …IF WE DON’T DO IT!!


Stopping ‘business as usual’ is crucial to get the attention of feckless leaders that do nothing to curb GHG’s or toxic chemical use. To be heard will require ‘soldiers’ that don’t mind being arrested and abused(by cops) as a way to get attention of govt leaders. Protest marches look good on news shows and accomplish little else. Stopping Wall Street’s electricity will get their attention pronto. Alas I just don’t see enough happening to save a major collapse of industrial civilization. Whether humans and livable ecosystems survive the collapse is highly speculative at best.


“The Walking Communities of 2040”
The original essay with this title was penned in 1997 to grace the back cover of a multi-purpose transit proposal submitted to a big City Council where it received a formal review and was awarded merit. Twenty years later with significant progress achieved in light rail projects nationally, mass transit still fails to address ever growing traffic woes nor soothe environmental nightmares predicted with global warming. As today’s divestment in fossil fuel movement builds momentum, I remain certain that mass transit must receive redirected investment dollars. I am just as certain that self-driving car technology is a fraudulent ruse meant to distract public attention from actual solutions that include truly modern mass transit as a fundamental travel mode with the most potential to direct development beyond car dependency and traffic havoc.

The transit proposal is based on a design concept dubbed LOTi (Loop Oriented Transit Intermodal). Sometimes refered to as a sort of ‘missing link’. Its closest model is Denver’s 16th Street Shuttle. The design application writ broadly is meant to reduce the cost and impact of light rail and transit centers; streamline both light rail and peripheral bus lines by avoiding circuitous routing; provide convenient transfers rail to bus and between bus lines with the least number of any suitable transit vehicle; and, to offer much more potential for transit-oriented infill mixed-use development.

The basic flaws of self-driving cars are simple enough: Their technological hurdles are plainly unsurmountable, they will never be completely safe. They won’t decrease traffic congestion, fuel/energy consumption nor emissions sufficient to prevent worst harm from catastrophic climate change. They are most unlikely to reduce travel-related cost of living. They won’t take full advantage of the benefits EVs offer, and the technology is supported for all the wrong reasons; to bust transit operator and teamster unions; to give freeway planners an excuse to predict worsening traffic can be managed with reckless tailgating; to maintain most profitable but least resilient regional utility grids despite how decentralized EV+PV household backup power systems are proven complementary.

The most telling aspect of self-driving car folly is eliminating ownership whereupon all cars are kept in central garage locations and dispatched on demand. Never mind that in a grid failure, every household with an EV in the garage gains a backup power supply. Never mind any emergency where a car is needed immediately, not one that may arrive too late. Self-driving car tech completely denies those safety features and pretends “mass tailgating” won’t produce horrific multi-car pileups. Self-driving tech in many ways puts safety dead last.

A household EV offers the means to more closely monitor and reduce energy consumption overall, both for driving and household use. Rooftop PV solar arrays are thee perfect match to EV battery packs. Perhaps most important, a household EV is an incentive to drive less, whereby more trips become possible without having to drive, whereby local economies grow and alternate modes of travel - mass transit, walking and bicycling - all more energy efficient than EVs alone - may serve more travel needs in this vision of walking communities in 2040. (and ah thanke yew…)

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In studies of common sense as well as common knowledge.
Tigard Mayor had a cow last Thursday at the Council meeting.
Public cable aired version available somewheres. It’s hilarious. And I’m on his side.
Next question: Why is Ford cancelling C-Max & Fusion hybrids? Big mistake.

“# Because ‘Good Planets Are Hard to Find,’ Extinction Rebellion Shuts Down London Bridges to Save Mother Earth”

Why I cherish every moment!

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HI discover: But even the headline says MOTHER EARTH. I like that…so what do you think about FATHER TIME? : )

And Good Job London Bridge Blockers!
Her’es a chant for you:
Hey, Hey, Teresa May—Get out of Fossil Fuels today! : )

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Well, hey, why not think in the context of “Spaceship Earth” ?
Bucky wrote a manual for ya.

or maybe Critical Path

Point being that when you try to move forward by looking in a rear-view mirror - as this system is doing - the way ahead tends to get screwed. If the hole is too deep - stop digging.

Well here we are spinning our wheels, and the Londoners are providing us with a dose of real awareness. Others can start a revolution and do the same. How about shutting down all of our military equipment twice as often. Use our personal transportation 25%less. You know the rest.

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Absolutely. There’s no doubt about that.

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Both USA and Britain ultimately are ruled by uncaring and impersonal corporations that direct and control politicians - some to a greater degree than others, but always in the background with influence far greater than the electorate. Effective climate action has to be demanded by people who are negatively impacted which is all of us whether those in power can see it or not. The kind of action shown here is where we are now as nothing else will work. Either we shut the centers of power down, demand attention and action or nothing will happen until way too late if we are not at that point already.

Thank you Rebellion For Mother Earth. It is my hope that this will spread worldwide and immediately.

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One part of the equation that is often overlooked is how global dimming will affect the climate when/if we manage to reduce our carbon emissions. The whole thing starts to get more complicated. It’s a catch-22 scenario. This is why the Extinction Rebellion put “We’re fucked” on their banner across the bridge.