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Because 'Good Planets Are Hard to Find,' Rebellion for Mother Earth Leads to Mass Arrests in UK


what do I think about it?


Spaceship Earth works. It allows for the concept that it is a limited resource. Also, if we mess up, then space and ecology do not care. So plan carefully.

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While we’re at it, can we set a date by which we are no longer burdened with the corporation (and its myriad rights) itself?

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We need to join them here in the US, Canada, and Latin America.


Jaysus, your myopia is really appalling. Blah blah blah back at ya.
Yes, there are too many two leggeds.
Many of us are fighting to save all of what’s left of the non human world, the wingeds, the swimmers, the little bitties(insects), nothing left out of this.
And especially The Water.
If I or others care to frame this fight in terms of Earth as our Mother, I applaud it. Its well past time for a Sacred reframing of what’s truly important.


For those of us where there is no public transportation electric cars to share are one solution.

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You frame everything in heterosexism and religion. How’s that working out for you?

You can’t save the world. The ecology of the world does not care nor is wishing to be saved.

You can however do things to save yourself and your friends. Start by reading the science of climate change.


Once again you resort to snot boy attitude…
Shut up.

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You go to the powers that be and say, “The earth is our mother. We must save her and all that is sacred.”

And the response is the usual, yawn.

Try this. The population of the planet increases at three additional people per second. This is mostly because people live in a daydream cult believing that the only meaning in life is to breed.

This leads to more consumption of finite resources, until we reach the point where we are now. The habitat has been destroyed and more and more people are either dying from habitat collapse, or becoming refugees.

Yet still they breed.

Try this. Hand out condoms at these rallies. Hand out information about vasectomies. Hand out information about habitat overshoot. Hand out information about what happens next as this gets worse, and the stores start closing and famine sets in.

Then watch what happens in the halls of power.


And once again you pout. Someone insulted your fantasy.


Carbon emissions are only one small part of the problem. Greenhouse Gas Emissions are just one of a multitude of ongoing processes that are leading the Globe to destruction.

The production of Plastics and Chemicals , the radioactive byproducts of the Nuclear Industry , ecosystem destructions as Corporations seek to exploit ever more in the way of resources , all of the species that are going extinct due to that habitat destruction and the very UNnature of mass industry are all components of this mass destruction. Even for those that do not believe in AGW (and there some few that post here) and claim the Science all some “Chinese Plot to take over the world” as claimed by the Buffoon in Chief down in the USA , those people surely MUST recognize all the rest that goes on?

90 percent of tested water has microplastics in it. Surely that not a “Chinese Plot” ?


Ah, more myopia.
We are done here snot boy.

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Buzz off.


And you wonder why no one pays any attention to your Sacred Earth Mother drivel.

Get a vasectomy. It’s the coolest trend.


Oh sweetie I am so way past menopause…and I never had children.
Helped raise other people’s children instead.
See how that works?
Glad that you are not having kids.

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Oh sorry to mis gender you. My bad.

Glad you never had kids. That’s nice.

Now, repeat after me. The earth is a planet. Not your mother.


Oh and I am helping other people too. I am reminding them if they have more kids, those kids will probably end up in a refugee camp.


There is no Gaia. The ecology does not care.


But unfortunately, even when a government tries even half-measures to address global warming, this happens:

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But we need radical change immediately, not incremental changes that people learn to accept and adapt to gradually, like the cap and trade system here in California. Everyone will understand the power of the progressive message if we just make fossil fuels completely unaffordable and jettison capitalism while doing so. Allowing private actors to innovate while setting achievable greenhouse limits is weak-tea BS.

Oh, and you know why I know I’m right? Because I’m a “true” progressive, different, not a crowd follower, even though there’s a nice-sized crowd of internet experts that say what I say. We aren’t fooled by the MSM.

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