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Because He "Won't Let Go of His Corporate Polluter Past," EPA Chief Andrew Wheeler Already Facing Lawsuit and Call for Ethics Probe


Because He "Won't Let Go of His Corporate Polluter Past," EPA Chief Andrew Wheeler Already Facing Lawsuit and Call for Ethics Probe

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Acting Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) chief Andrew Wheeler hasn't even been on the job for a full month, and he's already facing a lawsuit from one of the nation's most prominent environmental groups and a call for an ethics probe


Par for the trump regimes course of environmental rape, pollution, and astonishing ignorance - all considered the cost of “doing business”. Massive species extinction, air and water quality protection roll-backs that will impact millions of American families, and general depraved and ignorant contempt for the environment…our ONLY environment! Destruction rather than protection?..you know, the “P” in EPA…all to service private corporate greed, exploitation of natural resources regardless the real costs to America…all for short-term greed! Profits above all else from these depraved scum! These depraved corrupt people should all be in prison!

The thing is, when all the actual costs of such reckless and corrupt roll-backs and exploitation and pollution are counted up, trumps collusion with the fossil-fuel and other polluting industries will cost the nation and people billions more than the short-term profits for the connected few…the co-conspirators with the trump regime! Isn’t all that a crime? Aren’t serious conflicts of interest, abuse of power to benefit campaign contributor bribery, and cronyism, felony crimes? Why isn’t the ginger pig and his entire corrupt regime in the fuckin slammer???



Yawn, this is getting boring… move on to the next bs news topic.


WTF does that BS comment even mean Louis? Environmental pollution, corporate domination of the EPA, and species extinctions don’t matter to you boy? What, are you 12, just stupid or a trump troll? Get a freakin clue!


And we see this

High levels of toxic chemicals found in drinking water of west Michigan community
By Carlos Delgado
28 July 2018 https://www.wsws.org/


Of course, Emphyrio is righteously right. But I just have to ask an irreverent question re Wheeler’s hairstyle, and the Trumpster’s. What is it with these guys? Is having weirdly manicured hair a tough guy’s badge of honor??


With this acid-induced Gomer Pyle in charge of the EPA, we’ve actually (and not surprisingly to me) gone from bad (Scott Pruitt) to worse,


They can probe for ethics all they want, but they wont find any in Washington DC.